Kan Colle Knights 2: The Standoff

Once again we’ll dive into the world of Kantai Collection, or rather, the noir setting that I have somehow made. It’s been a long while since I last went to Kantai Collection, but now I have more of a foothold into the lore to work with.

When we last left off our… er… thug, he bit off more than he can chew and is now licking his wounds as one of his Kongou class battleships was sunk. Not only that, but now he has to shore up for a police raid. Fortunately, he’s prepared. Realizing how Bauxite’s only use is to be food for the Carriers, he sold them to other Admirals for a bunch of money and used that to replenish his fleet.

Now he has a new Battleship to complement the Kongous. Replacing Kirishima is Hiei and added to the cast are two Destroyers, Kisaragi and Mutsuki.

  • Hiei
    • Fashion
    • Fame
    • Competitive
    • Sleeping (Defect)
    • Communications
    • Artillery (Defect)
  • Kisaragi
    • Lewd
    • Romance
    • Anti-Aircraft (Defect)
  • Mutsuki
    • Energetic
    • Gentle
    • Mindful
    • Anti-Submarine (Defect)

And we know who the Kongou sisters are. However, I have discovered that there is a recovery check that can be made, so perhaps Kirishima could also be saved as well. The thing is that the trait used to save her must be determined by the Admiral… And since I’m the Admiral, I’d probably set it to a fair level. However, I want to challenge myself.

I’m randomly determining the trait and having Kongou save her.

[And it’s… Detection]

I’m not risking using Communications, which is a defect, and instead use Assault, making it’s DC of 9.

[Roll: 9]

Hey! Kirishima’s back! Okay, so we now have a full party! So now, let’s begin with the session.

It’s morning. No doubt the cops will come for my base now. I gotta strengthen it. Luckily, I have the fleet girls all repaired, equipped, and ready to fight.

We’ll start with Kongou doing an Everyday Scene.

[Scene is… Daily Exercises]

It was Kongou’s idea to start the day with exercises. I can’t exactly blame her. After the embarrassing fight we had the other night, I think it’s more than necessary to train.

Unfortunately, Kongou’s traits are so far apart from the trait needed to roll, making the DC of 10.

[Roll: 5]

Kongou, however, failed to tell me just how she’d do excersizes, and the end result is that she pulled her leg muscles doing some crazy yoga stretch, thus she’s inoperative. Just great. After risking her butt to save Kirishima, she ends up being unable to even help us fight the police.

I really hate Kongou sometimes.

Alright, so Kongou’s out of energy (I used a Defected trait which caused me to roll on the Accident Table, which ended up in me losing more energy) so she’s unable to work now. However, I can resupply Kongou and give her energy back. I’ll have her consume two fuel to recover her energy up to 1.

Next, Haruna will have a Social Event.

[Roll: 9]

Haruna is doing some training of her own. Emotional training. She’s trying to get Kirishima to recover from her PTSD obtained from sinking.

This is a Considerate trait she has to make. The DC is 9 because she has honesty as a trait.

[Roll: 6]

Unfortunately for her, her blunt honesty is what caused Kirishima to get even worse PTSD. For effective combat ladies, they’re pretty ineffective in communication.

They lose five energy each. I’m gonna have Haruna spend three Bauxite to develop something cool.

[And she develops… Type 52 Zero Fighter]

SWEET! Kirishima’s turn. She’s gonna try some recreation.

[Roll: 10]

I decided that I was gonna handle Kirishima instead. I took her out on a ‘date’, showing her the concert of a fellow Fleet Girl, Naka.

DC is a 9, but the trait she uses is a defect.

[Roll: 10]

[Defect is… Making Conversation a Merit!]

CRAP! That’s good!

It went really well. Like… really well. Naka took us backstage and I ended up listening to an entire conversation between her and Kirishima. It seemed Kirishima really enjoyed the concert and she was really happy with how the ‘date’ turned out. She thanked me and… I felt something warm and fuzzy inside. I’m not sure what it is.

Well, now I’m gonna refit her and give her the Zero (okay, she’s a Battleship, not a Carrier, though…) as some sort of gift. Tying it to her Conversation skill. Hiei’s up next.

[Roll: 7]

Hiei, meanwhile, was doing some actual training in target practice.

So Hiei’s DC is 9, but is using a Defect.

[Roll: 9]

[Defect: Her defect of Communications also becomes a Merit.]

And she managed to do pretty well with the target practice. Didn’t even manage to waste the gunpowder supply. Good on her. I’ll be sure to give her extra credit.

She’ll also attempt to do a Discovery. This means she can get an additional trait. I’m going to have her get Artillery.

[Roll: 4]

And she gains that as a Defect. Well, it’s balanced out, at least. Mutsuki is up next, and her scene will be Expedition.

[Roll: 6]

I assigned Mutsuki to escort some oil tankers. Destroyers are weird. They’re more akin to little kids than full grown adults. I can never understand that. It may seem stupid to send a little kid to escort some tankers, but she’s a Destroyer. Hopefully things can work out well.

Now, Destroyers, as you can see, start off with less traits, but they make up for it in their boundless energy, meaning that I can give her a new trait once this event’s done. This asks for a Mindful check. Fortunately, Mutsuki is energetic, and thus the DC is 7.

[Roll: 8]

And just for fun…

In the middle of the escort, Mutsuki managed to encounter just one Abyssal. An I-Class Destroyer.

In a few rounds, Mutsuki managed to destroy the Destroyer, though taking one damage in the process. As a result though, we gain 7 fuel! Also, I’m gonna have Mutsuki discover Mindful.

[Roll: 5]

This results in her getting Mindful as a Merit.

Mutsuki returned, a little scathed, but pretty well off. She even got herself another gun for her spare arm. That’s cool.

Last up is Kisaragi, who is planning a strategy.

[Roll: 3]

Kisaragi was also assigned to dive a little deep into Abyssal fighting. She was asked to guard the area in case of any Abyssal bombings.

Kisaragi’s bad at air combat. Especially anti-aircraft as her death in the anime has shown.

[Roll: 2]

And she critically failed as well, which means she gets two accidents.

[Roll: 2 and 1]

Accidents are supposed to be a bad thing, but these detriments have actually become merits by accident.

On the battlefield, Kisaragi was able to learn more about aerial combat and by extension, anti-aircraft combat. This was made significant when she had to face an Abyssal aircraft and thus she was able to create her own AA-Gun.

It seems the new girls managed to pick up their slack. The Kongous, however, are just as broken as when I bought them. God help me as we fight off the coppers.

And with that, the cycle ends and combat begins. I’m gonna go in a different direction and instead have them fight fellow Fleet Girls.

Cops came with their own Fleet Girls, Nagato and Warspite. Despite being Battleships, we easily outnumber 3-1. I hid out in my bunker while the girls handled the rest.

Alright, so now we begin the encounter proper. I’m gonna do something different and go for directly shelling.

The girls managed to land a volley on the enemy fleet, with Warspite looking worse for the wear. The Zero managed to take out Warspite, though it took itself with her. A noble sacrifice for a noble ship.

Nagato’s piiiiiiiiiissed. She fires at everyone, though only manages to hit Mutsuki (sinking her in the process), Hiei, Kirishima (triggering her PTSD), and Kongou. Kongou is also angered by Mutsuki’s fall and wildly fires at Nagato, taking her out.

After a long barrage of shells, the smoke cleared and the two cop-allied Fleet Girls were no more. I came out, only to see that one of my Destroyers, Mutsuki, took a fatal blow and that none of the girls were able to save her. Kirishima is probably the most affected by this death, considering her own close brush with it.

For some reason, despite not knowing her all that much and hiring her for the explicit purpose of defending me from these cops, I felt a twinge of remorse for her.

Perhaps I’ll get out of the crime business. Especially since I might end up putting more people in the way of getting hurt, like Mutsuki. I returned to my HQ and I decided to close up shop.

And that was the second session for Kantai Collection, the RPG. The rules of combat had to be abbreviated for easier play. I still love the task resolution system and wish I know more RPGs that can do this exact system.

This game can be a really good writing exercise-style game, but it does get clunky in the combat phase of the game. That said, there were some real moments that have genuine feels for me. Mutsuki’s death and Kirishima breaking out of her sinking-induced funk were these moments.

Well, that’s one game down. Say… Halloween’s coming around the corner… I guess I’m gonna have to play something absolutely dreadful, now won’t I?

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