My Christmas Vacation With An Alolan Ninetails

For this year’s Valentine’s Day special, I realized there was a Solo RPG that everyone seems to be raving about that seems almost perfect for this kind of day. However, the premise actually turns me off. Well, the game admits that it is unsettling…

Fortunately, I found an alternate to The Beast: Holidays. It’s basically The Beast, but instead of boning some sort of alien creature, you’re instead spending the holidays with a partner. It’s nicer, lighter, and softer than The Beast, so that’s my compromise.

Who’s the lucky partner? Well, I figured I’d pick out a character and have vacation with them. The problem is deciding who. Do I use a fictional character from a comic book or cartoon? Do I make one on the spot or use one of my old characters? Eventually, I compromised with creating a Kitsune.

Long story short, Pathfinder Generals on 4chan have a tendency to use fox-girls as their opening image. So I figured the story would be that I would be alone on Christmas until I came across…

Eh, screw it. I’ll come across Alolan Ninetails.

Day 1

  • I am the Voyager. I explore vast worlds and record the stories that unfold for posterity. Recently, I’ve taken a vacation before I continue chronicling the events of a grand war that began in November of 2016.
  • Over the Christmas vacation in Alola, I ended up coming across an Alolan Ninetails. She seems to be wise, dutiful, and calm. She really likes the ice, but seems to despise rowdy trouble makers like Team Skull. She comes with the nickname of Shiroko.
  • I’ve decided to stay in a small resort over at Malie City. Shiroko joins me, though hiding her ears and tail so as to not arouse suspicion.
  • Customizing the holiday, I remove the two sex-related events and then removed the last event. Events 63-66 will be wild cards.

The rest of the game is played throughout twelve days, each day randomly generated via the D66 system.

Day 2 (46)

  • Today I discovered Shiroko is actually a Ninetails taking a human form and not some sort of cosplayer.
  • She’s a little shocked with this, but I promised to keep it a secret so long as she helps me relax for the vacation.

Day 3 (53)

  • I met up with a group of friends in my spare time. We hung out by playing video games.
  • [Q: Do any of them find out about Shiroko’s true form? A: 2, No]
  • The day went by pretty smoothly.

Day 4 (35)

  • Shiroko and I went out exploring the mountain where I met Shiroko, but circumstances (namely feral Alolan Sandslashes) caused us to take refuge in a cave.
  • [Q: Is it occupied? A: 2, No]
  • I was pretty cold, but Shiroko kept me warm throughout the night. Rather rough, but at the very least it was pleasant.

Day 5 (55)

  • After the incident with the Sandslashes, I figured I need to get a bunch of supplies. We’re definitely gonna be heading on revisit next week, and I want to be prepared.
  • Unfortunately, it was the Christmas rush and I was stuck with a bunch of people who wanted nothing more than to buy that last gift or two for their kids.
  • [Q: Did Shiroko save me? A: 4, Yes But]
  • Shiroko managed to pull me out from the crowd before I was crushed by them but she revealed her true form in the process.
  • Now me and Shiroko have to run out of Malie City before people decide to catch her. It’s one thing for a Trainer to be with a Pokémon, it’s another for some guy to hang out with a Pokémon who has the rare power to take human form.

Day 6 (54)

  • During our run from the city, we came across two people, a Trainer and a girl, both the same age of early teens.
  • I asked the trainer if he could stall a group of people who were chasing us, or more importantly, Shiroko.
  • She complied and challenged them to a Pokémon battle.
  • While she did that, we bolted. If I ever meet them again, I’ll thank them.

Day 7 (15)

  • During the rush, Shiroko managed to lose a stone.
  • As it turned out, this stone was the one thing that kept Shiroko human.
  • She transformed into a Ninetails again and I had to go and find where her stone went.
  • [Q: Do I find it? A: 5, Yes]
  • Fortunately, I found it in time and had her become human once again.
  • She was pretty thankful for it.

Day 8 (54)

  • We ran across those kids again. I gave them some money as thanks for saving our butts.
  • We sat down for coffee and learned a bit about each other.
  • The trainer seemed to be going on a Trial run. I had to remember how Alola lacked a Pokémon League.
  • The girl next to her seemed rather timid. She was beautiful though, but my eyes seemed to wander over to Shiroko.
  • We parted ways and I continued our journey. The idea is to seek refuge in one of the three other islands, at least until the heat dies down.

Day 9 (11)

  • [Q: Team Skull? A: 3, No But]
  • We came across a guy who seemed to look similar to the timid girl we came across yesterday.
  • He didn’t seem to want to fight, rather, he wanted to secure our escape.
  • He didn’t seem trustworthy though…
  • I passed on his offer, but I did point him in the direction of someone who might help him out, namely the trainer.

Day 10 (43)

  • Sometime before we arrived on the docks, I discovered a strange cube on the ground. I have no idea what it is.
  • [Q: Does Shiroko know? A: 6, Yes, and]
  • She knows who can help us…
  • Unfortunately, we have to backtrack.
  • She doesn’t explain what exactly the cube is, just that she knows who can help us.

Day 11 (52)

  • We met up with the two kids along with the untrustworthy guy.
  • As it turns out, Shiroko sensed that the Trainer had a bunch more cubes and handed ours to them.
  • We finally took some time to fully find out what the hell’s going on with the dude.
  • Turns out he’s a pretty chill guy all things considered.
  • With our new friends made, we decided to bust out.

Day 12 (66)

  • Unfortunately, we didn’t get far and we came across some poachers who wanted Shiroko.
  • I refused and fought with both myself and my Pokémon.
  • Thankfully, our friends came by to help us out.
  • In no time, we finally beaten them.

Day 13 (22)

  • We arrived at the docks, now finally able to leave the island and go to another place.
  • We said our goodbyes to our friends and thanked them for saving us.
  • We sailed off, ending our vacation.

And now the final day, where I’m to sum up what had happened and answer the questions I’m given.

Day 14

  • I guess I can say I had fun. A good chunk of our vacation was spent being on the run. That said, it was hell of a lot funner than what I had in mind.
  • I learned that, when it comes to protecting the people I love, I will go all out in fighting.
  • Shiroko may be mysterious and sometimes she doesn’t properly explain herself, but give her time, and she’ll warm up to you.

And thus, the Voyager and Shiroko go off into the sunset.

I actually like this game. It’s a good writing exercise and can be pretty relaxing. Unfortunately, I drove up a conflict, but it ended up being a very fun game of cat and mouse. The last two results turned up to be wild cards that I decided to give a full on closure. All and all, a pretty quick but creative game to play.

Bon voyage, gamers, and happy Valentine’s Day!

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