Fairly Odd Tale

I really hate to do a random SRV in-between the already delayed sessions for last year’s Solo Gaming Appreciation Month, but considering how the inspiration for this site, the Once upon a Time card game, has a new expansion, I decided to do a game around it. With this, we have the Fairy Tales expansion. So let’s just begin!

My selected ending card is “If all your children believe in elves, I shall visit you each Midsummer’s Eve”, she promised. So… Elves are definitely confirmed for this game. Speaking of, who am I? Well, I’m a Goblin. My aspect is that I never grow old, which is an interrupt so if I want to negate some event, I will end up being old. My items are some toys, flowers, and, for some reason, frost, which is also an interrupt.

My interpretation is that this Goblin is a Snowblin, a special kind of Goblin that is where the Christmas Elves come from. The current event and place is a Spring, where someone is laughing.

[Q: Is this someone me? Odds: 50/50. A: 3]

Yes, it’s definitely me. I’m laughing my jolly ass off. For whatever reason… Hmm… What is the reason?

[Work Hard Vehicle]

Okay, so I’m trolling some peasants, freezing their cart and pretty much torturing their cattle/livelihood. So two Once upon a Mythic Times in a row, I’m a jackass villain. Well, I’m trolling these guys. They’re probably gonna be pissed with me and will try to attack me.

[Q: Do they hit? Odds: 50/50. A: 9]

Yes, they do. And they cripple me.

[Damage: 9]


[Q: Am I dead? Odds: Very Likely. A: 22]

… Okay, so my character’s dead. And there’s an event interrupt.

  • Event Focus: 16, NPC Action (Obviously the peasants.)
  • Event Meaning: 63 + 81, Ambush Victory.

Oh, of course they ambush my victory… THEY KILLED ME! Okay, so now I’m gonna jump into the body of a random peasant. The peasant who killed my goblin is a kid. He picks up the goblin’s toys and flowers.

[Q: Does he inherit the frost powers? Odds: Very Unlikely. A: 99]

Nope! He does not! In fact, he gets an interrupt!

  • Event Focus: 77, Ambiguous event (In this case, it’s Bargain)
  • Event Meaning: 72 + 19, Arrive New Ideas.

So… I guess his father realized they can freeze their cattle to preserve their meat? Okay… So… Now we’ve pretty much take the Snowblin’s corpse to see if we can dissect him, since we need to harness his frost powers. Ending the scene and increasing chaos.

[Scene Roll: 3, Altered Scene.]

So the new scene is a bargain being made at a waterfall. Pretty sure that the peasant is wanting to have this dude dissect the Snowblin.

[Q: Will he be able to do it? Odds: 50/50 A: 37]

Oh yeah, definitely. It’ll take him an hour, but we’ll be able to have the frost powers. Until then, we wait. Something will come at us, though.

It’s a butterfly. … Oh Crap.

So a butterfly comes at us holding something flammable and we’ll hide from it.

Scene ends with chaos increased.

[Scene Roll: 9, nothing happens]

[Q: Does an hour pass? Odds: 50/50. A: 44]

Welp, time for a random event.

  • Event Focus: 51, Move away from a thread.
    • Thread Focus: 2, Create A Means To Freeze Beef
  • Event Meaning: 69, 7 = Ruin Allies

[Q: Are the allies other Peasants? Odds: Likely. A: 98]

Nope, it’s the dissector. The Butterfly goes over and burns his shop. And with that, I finally figured out how the ending will come into play somehow. The Butterfly is associated with the Elf. Now the puzzle is how to get from A to B. Well, let’s capture the Butterfly.

[Q: Do we succeed? Odds: 50/50. A: 32]

Yes, we do. We catch the Butterfly, but because some peasants are pissed that they prevented their only means of preserving food from being actualized, some of them propose to kill the Butterfly.

I’m at a crux here. I want to spare the Butterfly because it will lead me to the Elf, but that’s Metagaming. However, I remembered some advice of how to prevent Metagaming. My character has to know the Butterfly is associated with the Elf.

[Q: Does he know? Odds: 50/50. A: 85]

Nope. We kill the Butterfly. Coincidental considering how Move Away From A Thread meant moving away from the ending and how that was one way to move towards it. One hour passes as Chaos increases.

[Scene Roll: 6]

  • Event Focus: 92, NPC Negative.
    • NPC Focus: 3, Peasants
  • Event Meaning: 27, 29 = Praise Pain

So… Now my Peasants, travelling for so long, are now hurt and have gone into delusional frenzies. We’re now far from the Waterfall where we made the Bargain, so we get a new place.

And it’s Fairyland. We’ve hit end game people.

[Q: Do we meet the Elf? Odds: 50/50. A: 65]

Yes, we do.

[Q: Is he pissed we killed his butterfly? Odds: Very Likely. A: 66]

Well shi-

  • Event Focus: 84, NPC Negative.
    • NPC Focus: 4, Peasants (LEAVE THE POOR PEASANTS ALONE!)
  • Event Meaning: 48, 77 = Block Trials

He’s pissed at us because we botched up the trial he set up for us. The one where we trust the Butterfly and it takes us to our destination where we could get a bounty full of meats. Now? They failed and they’ll be without food.

Well screw you. I’m discarding the never grow old card and have my character “mature”. He realizes that what they did was a mistake but that, as an active member of the community, he has to help them no matter what. So that he asks the Elf for a second chance.

[Q: Does the Elf take it? Odds: Very Unlikely. A: 87]


Welp, the ending is definitely gonna be achieved any time soon. The Elf hates us and chances are, his race will hate us when I say:

Let’s kick his ass.

I’m gonna take the toy and slam it against his head.

[Q: Do I hit? Odds: 50/50. A: 89]

I miss.

[Q: Does he hit me? Odds: 50/50. A: 37]


[Damage: 3]

[Q: Does that kill me? Odds: Very Unlikely. A: 88]

No, thank God.

  • Event Focus: 84, Introduce a new NPC.
  • Event Meaning: 6, 50 = Triumph Travels

Suddenly, the queen of the elves comes in and stops the other Elf from beating the kid’s face in, insisting that they’re just starving people and that they were desperate to have enough food for the season. She then decides to give the peasants a bounty of food that will last longer than even the winter could be and tells them:

“If all your children believe in elves, I shall visit you each Midsummer’s Eve and provide you food.”

… Alright, we did it. We finally ended the quest. It was odd. Like, very odd. Like, Gonzo odd. But hey, we finally finished a quest without anyone dying… Well, except the Snowblin… and the butterfly… and possibly that dealer back at the waterfall…

But still, happy ending all around! … Even though the queen of the elves basically took pity on an insignificant race and decides to do the “give a man a fish” mentality until the children one day decide to doubt elves and possibly start a fantastic race war.

Okay, let’s stop griming up this story and just enjoy the ending. Alright? Alright. Bon Voyage, Gamers.

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