Stat It: Testament 2: Egyptian Boogaloo

I enjoyed D20 Testament immensely and concluded that I would definitely need to do another session of it. I’m not gonna continue the adventures of Zerubabel since, as far as I can see it, he’s already fulfilled his quest. Now we shall focus on another adventurer… Or rather two. Keeping in tradition, I’m gonna make two characters for this game.

Like with the last one, my main character will be a Setting Exclusive class prestiging into another class. In this case, a Khery-Heb becoming a Ren-Hekau… Don’t worry, I’ll explain what they are shortly. The two are Egyptian classes, and unlike Babylon, they have involvement with a majority of the Old Testament. In particular, the Book of Exodus.

However, the history of Egypt in the book doesn’t seem to bring that subject up. It brings it up in a side box, but doesn’t go into detail about how the Ten Plagues devastated Egypt or what happened to Egypt after the parting of the Red Sea. Instead, it hypothesizes on which Pharaoh was the one that had been “blessed” with Moses’ presence.

Granted, Exodus was brought up in the Israelite section, but again, Egypt has minor mention. So, I decided to set the game during the forty years of exile that Moses took, sometime after Ramesses, the popular vote for who the Pharaoh was during Moses’ time in Egypt, ascended to the throne.

With that in mind, I now begin to create my character. And fortunately, these rolls were not piss poor compared to last time.

15, 8, 11, 15, 14, 17

Using the human trait, I bump that 17 up to a 19. I’ll select his flaw to be that he’s a boasting person, what with his powerful spells and whatnot. I pretty much created a powerful wizard. I’m gonna have to come up with a spell list later on. Anyways, backstory time.

[Backstory Events: 37 = 3]

  • 22, New NPC (89 and 55 = Attract Suffering)
  • 3, New NPC (6 and 53 = Triumph Home)
  • 30, New NPC (1 and 39 = Attainment of News)

Alright, let me see if I got this correctly. So, in my character’s youth, there had been a person similar to Moses who came to proclaim that their god is the true god and that, when the Egyptians didn’t believe him, he caused a plague to happen. Just one, but it was comparable to the Bubonic Plague.

However, before the plague could kill a lot of people, a holy warrior and his squire came from the north to save them. As Zazamoukh was one of the first ones to be infected, then be healed by the warriors, he became so grateful that he began to practice in the ways of magic.

Eventually, Zazamoukh ended up discovering not just his true name, but the true names of the warrior and his squire. In Egypt, each soul has a true name. Having ones name means you have power over them if you can master it. So, in trade for keeping the true names a secret, Zazamoukh joined Para’s army to eradicate the disease that had struck Egypt.

Next up, we’ll have a Spy/Assassin.

12, 12, 16, 14, 11, 14

Pretty well rounded. Deceitful will be the flaw he has for obvious reasons. Once I got all the stats squared away, I made his backstory.

[Backstory Events: 21 = 2]

  • 81, PC Negative (68 and 31): Carelessness of Benefits
  • 39, New NPC (80 and 100): Trust Information

Okay, so obvious story is obvious. Guy gets into debt and now must answer to some Egyptian higher-up to snuff out any sort of miscreants. The only reason he and Zazamoukh ever teamed up was because their target is the same guy who caused the plague.

And with that, we have our NPCs and Threads.


  • Para
  • Dax
  • Ren
  • Plague Master


  • Stop the Plague Master

And with that, I finish my Stat It. Bon Voyage, gamers.

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