Going Through Another Testament, Part 1

So now we begin with the Testament game. Like last time, I will be using the Plot Twist cards, but this time, I will be using their Flashback variant. The recap is simple: Dude comes to Egypt, invokes the Black Plague, then runs off. Our heroes must now go and kill him. Let’s just get right into the meat of things.

So our four heroes, Zazamoukh, Vazenus, Para, and Dax, are on their journey to intercept the Plague Master, only to be blocked by a group of people known as the Sea Rats. Rather, these are precursors to the Sea Peoples, a threat that would hit Israel sometime later. For now, they’re pretty much barbarians that we have to take care of.

The battle begins with their leader, a druid, casting an obscuring mist while the two barbarians move in to wack the Squire. While one misses, the other instantly kills the Squire. The Paladin, in revenge, goes over to smite the evil. Zazamoukh finishes the Druid off.

[Q: Do the Barbarian’s leave? Odds: Very Unlikely. A: No]

Vazenus uses the mist to his advantage to hide. Then he makes his stab at one of the Barbarians. Soon a scuffle ensues and in the end, the tribe was defeated and the duo gained 400 experience each. The paladin buries his fallen ally and the duo move on. Chaos has heightened because of this.

The next scene was going to be Vazenus introducing himself to Zazamoukh and Para, but then a cleric intervenes and heals Para. He introduces himself as Para’s superior and that he’s more than willing to help them with taking care of the Plague Master. Vazenus then announces his intent to kill him as well.

[Q: Do the Paladins take offense to this? Odds: Likely (They’re of a thou shalt not kill position) A: Yes]

Para insists that they should refrain from killing him and that he should be put to justice. After a brief argument, Vazenus reluctantly agrees to go and arrest the Plague Master. With that, the scene ends.

The next scene has Deen, the higher Paladin, lead the party to where the lair of the Plague Master is. They head into it, only to find that some guards are protecting the entrance. To their disgust, the guards are disfigured, looking more like rats then men. Vazenus tried to sneak into the entrance. In a stroke of luck, however, Vazenus turned his trip up into a moment to distract the guards while his friends go in to disable them. With one strike, they all got taken down and the group enter the lair, ending the scene.

The next scene begins with us entering the lair of the Plague Master. However, upon entering the cave, they got ambushed by seven monstrously large centipedes, each holding a bizarre eldritch power. While they were able to overwhelm Zazamoukh for just a bit, the Paladins managed to make short work of them. The scene ends with the heroes recouping and advancing into the caves.

More centipedes attack the heroes, though this time they’re not eldrtichly powered. But they managed to be overcome thanks to the Saint pretty much cleaning up the filth. Suddenly, as they were exploring the area, an aboleth ambushed our heroes. The aboleth sees the true threat and attacks the Saint who had been wiping the floor with the other monsters.

However, in its attempt to hypnotize him, the Saint instead exudes extreme power and destroys the aboleth. We move onto a new room where we find some scrawled writings on the wall. They’re indecipherable, but we manage to hear some grinding away from us. The heroes take guard. As they prepare themselves, they end up encountering the next fleet of the Plague Master’s mooks.

During the fight though, some of the lesser mooks ended up betraying the higher ups. Only Para knows why that’s the case telling from the mistreatment they had. He tells the others to help out the rats. The others comply. Eventually, the gang team up and take out the leader. While the other minions didn’t lose their minds and instead take down Vazenus, the rest were wiped out pretty easily.

With a calm in the breeze as the Saint heals Vazenus. I’ll whip up the UNE to see what the conversation is between the minions and the PCs.

  • NPC Mood (Friendly): 38, neutral.
  • NPC Bearing: 4+2 = Capture
  • NPC Focus: Last Action.

The people ask if they’ll be captured by the group and while the saintly bunch don’t wish such, Vazenus secretly poisons some water that the Saint gives. However, they did not succumb to the poison. The group are none the wiser as it seems that Vazenus has a hidden agenda.

The scene ends and I shall end the session there to level up my characters. Bon voyage, gamers.

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