Pinball Heaven

I’ve been interested in playing a Gamebook for quite a while ever since I laid eyes on this video. There’s plenty to go about, but I decided to go with the Random Solo Adventures series by Penguin Comics, since they’re easy to get and easier to play.

We’re gonna do a quick adventure based off everyone’s favorite past time: Pinball.

Yes. It’s a Gamebook that is based off pinball.

Alright, let’s begin. I have three balls, a D6 to roll with, and an imaginary score I have to win. Let’s start with a soft plunge.

It hits one bumper, scoring me 100 points. Then after hitting it with my flipper, hits a series of six bumpers, getting me 700 points total, followed by another bump from the other side with 1,200. With that display of quick points, I get a bonus 1,000 points as it dropped into the drain, thus I got 2,200 points.

After ball 2, I get 300 points (thanks to failing to launch the ball), followed by 500 points after running into the flippers again, and another 500 on the other side, followed by 500 more for hitting the targets. The ball is coming in fast and hard on the left lane… Tempted to push that machine.

Yolo. Let’s push it.

This saves the ball and it goes to the left bumpers again for 100 points. It goes down the drain again, but I get a bonus 1,000 points, bringing the grand total to 5,100.

Last ball, gonna go for the hardest pull ever. It hits a Drop Target which nets 500 points, then rolls down the left lane. Well, I’ve done it before, so I guess I can do it again.


Yep, saved the ball and netted me 200 points. Another left lane, but I leave the ball in the fate of the save trigger. Which it does, netting me 500 points. At this point, I wonder if I should just let it happen, since pushing the ball doesn’t exactly give me a lot of points in contrast to the save trigger, plus the risk for tilting the machine is the same as the risk of having it drop down the drain.

Since I got another 600 points thanks to the save trigger and 500 points for another Drop Target. And 200 points for the bumpers. And now they’re going to the flippers… Got one shot…


500 points followed by 100 points after another meeting with the flippers. I failed to nab the ball, but I got 1,000 points out of it. So that’s good.

My grand total is 8,200. Sadly I didn’t get 10,000 points, otherwise I’d get an extra ball to play with, but yeah, that’s Pinball.

My thoughts on it are simple: It’s very easy to play, can be pretty addictive, and can be played within 30 minutes. The downside is that it’s pretty small and once you played it once, you’ve pretty much played it all. This is especially including some of the crazy stuff that Pinball can do, like getting special missions or even Multiball…

Admittedly though, the last part is best left behind. It would be nightmarish to handle in the game, let alone in this game book. Other than that, it’s a pretty quick and easy game to get into, so I recommend it. Bon Voyage, Gamers!

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