Short Order Session

So in the midst of the hiatus I’ve placed upon myself when it comes to both Chainmail and Fabletop, I’ve got myself some cards to try out: Short Order Heroes. It’s a hundred and eight card deck that has illustrations detailing singular traits. While this can help generate characters, it can also be used as a standalone game, which is what I’m going to be doing for this session.

Opening the box, I have to say I really like how the cards are sorted. First by their score (0-7) and then in alphabetical order. There are only two cards that have a 0 and a 7: Jinxed and Lucky. Which make a lot of sense respectively.

But alas, I will need to shuffle this perfectly arranged deck…

After shuffling as much as I could, I draw some card. My character is connected, but is gullible and frail. Already I have a good game in mind for him. It’s gonna be a pretty family friendly one compared to the dark stories I came up with.

It will be a child’s first day on a popular MMORPG. The game begins after he just went past the mandatory tutorial regarding camera movement and basic stuff. Now he’s still stuck in Tutorial-ville, but at least he has some freedom. The first quest he has is to gather 20 Bear Asses. Bears are a tough enemy in the game, but killing enough of them will net him a few levels. So of course, he agrees.

After a while, he comes across his first bear. I’ll ask if there’s anyone near the bears using the cards. On the cards are a score and I’ll use that to determine answers: 0-3 being a No, 4-7 being a yes.

It’s a four, so I will say that a female avatar is fighting the bears. She is a rogue, able to multiply herself into many different copies. She has the situation handled, but she definitely needs some help. The task is ranked at a 3, the boy’s frail condition leaves it at a 4, but his connected nature (he has fast internet) makes it so that he could nimbly get away from the bears, so it’s back to 3.

I draw the Lucky card, the only card with a 7, and thus the boy is able to defeat the bear with ease. I soon notice that the rogue is both wise and well-armed. So she’s definitely a veteran player. A conversation passes and the girl offers to be the boy’s assistant for his 20 Bear Asses quest. Because the boy is gullible, he accepts.

A quick montage of the boy fighting bears plays out, with the rogue helping out here and there. I’ll see how far along their montage they get. 0 being that they barely get anywhere close to the goal, 1 being they make progress, 2-3 being they are half way, 4-5 being that they’re quarter of the way done, 6 being they’re done.

So I drew a 6 card, so that means they’ve finished killing the bears necessary to finish the quest. With the accomplishment of their goal comes a huge bounty of money. Now to see if the rogue is truly good or if she had some sort of hidden agenda.

{draws a 6}

No. She’s actually pretty helpful, no ulterior motive here. Doing a secret draw… Huh. Well, I can definitely see some sort of friendship blossoming between the kid and the rogue.

I think I might have stacked the deck unintentionally, but this is a pretty good game to play. The traits can also be used to make characters, especially with Fate games, but you can also use it to tweak engines of another game so as to base it around using the Short Order Heroes.

All in all, I would definitely recommend this game to anyone who wants to try it. With that, I’m done. Bon Voyage, gamers!

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