Stat It: Call of Cthulhu

The Cthulhu mythos is perhaps one of the more well-known mythos in classic literature. If you’re an avid role-player, chances are you’ve come across something akin to Cthulhu. Even D&D has some Cthulhu influence as seen with the Mind Flayers and how you can even have a Warlock archetype in 5th Edition where you can have your powers come from an eldritch abomination.

However, not a lot of games tend to get the gist of Lovecraft. Most board games based off it are focused on you beating the horrors that lurk in the night and some of the games that don’t focus beating them up just use it as an aesthetic. However, there’s a good reason for this.

Not a lot of games can capture the feeling of Lovecraftian horrors. The most they tend to do is throw in tentacle monsters. It’s akin to how horror movies nowadays just resort to jump scares instead of create actual horrifying moments.

That and it’s very satisfying to find a monster that is beyond our comprehension and punch it in the face.

Oh God, that’s actually horrifying actually saying it. The implications of that sentence.

Screw it. I’m gonna play Call of Cthulhu for the explicit purpose of befriending the elder horrors and not blowing them up to kingdom come while O Canada plays in the background. Just to prove that we don’t always have to fear what we don’t understand.

Doesn’t help that I got some Call of Cthulhu Keeper Cards that I’m dying to use. Well, let’s begin with a Stat It!

So first up is generating our stats, which seems pretty easy to do. Just roll and multiply in order.

So in order, my stats are: Strength 50, Constitution 65, Size 40, Dexterity 50, Appearance 80, Intelligence 65, Power 55, and Education 75.

For age, I’m going to make myself 80 years old just because. This leads to me doing four Education Increment rolls at the cost of lowering my Strength, Constitution, and Dexterity by a lot of points. The skill test that increases my Education required that I roll over my number. And I did. I get an Education of 88.

Next I’m gonna pick an occupation… Screw it, he’s educated in the world of Cthulhu. After setting up the skills for my character, it’s time to write up a backstory.

There’s a nice backstory generator for us to use. For appearance, I’ll say that, while he’s old, he looks to be like he’s twenty years younger than he lets on. His idealism is that he’s an activist hoping to make cults a mainstream thing. The ulterior motive is because, once cults become mainstream, the actual cultists will probably be flooded with all the imitators that want to get Cthulhu-senpai to notice them, thus they leave out of frustration. Sort of like how Superman destroyed the KKK.

His important person is a childhood friend who was wronged and needed reconciliation. I’m gonna say he’s an imaginary friend who is the very reason he wants to befriend a cosmic horror, since he believes the horror in his path is his friend made manifest by cultists. His meaningful location is the school where he teaches, Miskatonic University. His treasured item is an old service pistol he has in his jacket. His trait is that he is generous.

His key connection to the story is the imaginary friend, since he wants to befriend a cosmic horror because of it. Assisting him is a student of his, Alfonse Treggoré. He moonlights as an acrobat and is a devout Catholic whose sister fell to her death. He comes with his own stats so no need to stat him up. I figure CRGE Kai would be a good fit for this game. With that, I’ll see you next time as I begin this game.

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