Stat It: The Matrix/WWII Crossover

I begin this post with some sad news: Zach Best passed away a month ago. Zach has changed my tools for solo roleplaying for the better and I have mentioned how that is in another post.

A tradition on Solo RPG Voyages is for me to play a war-themed game for Remembrance Day. However, I’ve decided, in tribute to Zach Best, to play a game of There Is No Spoon, the first game I tested out the CRGE on.

Though I am not completely forgoing the theme of war. The scenario is that a Redpill is in a WWII simulation and that the crew is assigned to go rescue him, give him the pill, and obtain him. His war skills are desirable for fighting the Machines.

But, who are our Hovercraft Crew? Well, I’m going to be using a combination of UNE and possibly BOLD to flesh out five characters, then create them for the game. Yes, this will be a Stat It. We’ll be doing the classic 6 point rule.

Character 1

  • Modifier: 3 = Conformist
  • Noun: 47 = Highwayman
  • Verb: 21 = Shepherd
  • Noun: 15 = Alcohol

So already we have an idea of who this guy is. An old, grizzled alcoholic who sticks to the old-fashioned stuff. He’s probably our leader of the group. As such, he’ll have a Matrix of 4 (-3 points) and he’ll be an expert in Kung Fu, Gun Fu, and even Car Fu. (-3 points). All around a competent leader.

His deal is that he cannot get enough alcohol. His fate, then, is that he’ll either give his life or his alcohol. His name? Shepherd.

Character 2

  • Modifier: 12 = Forthright
  • Noun: 37 = Sorcerer
  • Verb: 30 = Advance
  • Noun: 15 = Progress

Progress for the humans would be getting an advantage over the machines. Perhaps he is one of those characters who is mistaken to be the One. Of course, he’s not. Instead, he has a very high Matrix of 5 (-4 points) and has hacked the Matrix enough to conjure Fireballs at a Master’s skill (-2 points).

His deal is that he believes to be the One. His fate, then, is that in his darkest hour, he’ll find out if he’s truly the One. His name? Uno.

Character 3

  • Modifier: 76 = Needy
  • Noun: 71 = Patriarch
  • Verb: 72 = Suggest
  • Noun: 51 = Dissonance

Welp, we found our Cypher of the group. Perhaps he is the exiled leader of the hovercraft they’re on and is back in the Matrix for one last ride, knowing full well he’s going to betray them all. As such, he’ll have a Matrix of only 2 (-1 point), but will be a master at Leadership (-2 points), Deception (-2 points), and will be an expert in Perception (-1 point).

His Deal revolves around feeling envy towards Shepherd being the new leader. His Fate should reflect this too. “In the chaos, the true leader will rise”. This may explain why he is wanting to betray the group. He wants to cause chaos. His name? Slifer.

Character 4

  • Modifier: 73 = Revolting
  • Noun: 98 = Beggar
  • Verb: 51 = Collaborate
  • Noun: 34 = Friends

This girl is just a tag-along kid. Nothing grand about her. She makes up for it though with a lot of body chips (-4 points) and a Matrix chip (-2 points). Not really sure what her Deal is, so I will generate it.

  • Noun: 2 + 3 = Soldiers
  • Modifier: 98 = Lethargic
  • Solution: 10 + 5 = Counteraction

So her deal could be that she joined the Resistance because she feels her own crew are being lazy. Her Fate, then, could relate to how she will whip them into shape. Her name? Chill.

Character 5

  • Modifier: 38 = Serene
  • Noun: 37 = Sorcerer
  • Verb: 94 = Maintain
  • Noun: 64 = Greed

Another person who hacked the Matrix to gain sorcerer powers. However, her spells are more varied. (-4 points for the spells, -2 for adding Matrix up to 3) than Uno’s.

Her deal is that she’s only in it for the money. Her Fate? Her Greed will be her downfall. Her name? Sling.

And so with that, we have our sheet of characters and threads:


  1. Shepherd
  2. Uno
  3. Slifer
  4. Chill
  5. Sling


  1. Ryan, the Red Pill
  2. The Operator
  3. The Oracle
  4. Agent Smith
  5. Other Hovercraft Crew
  6. The Machines


  1. Rescue Ryan
  2. Give Alcohol or Your Life
  3. You Will Find Out You’re The One In Your Darkest Hour
  4. The True Leader Will Rise From Chaos
  5. Whip Them Into Shape
  6. Greed Will Be Your Downfall

And with that, we are ready to play. See you all on Remembrance Day.

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