3 Reasons Why I Solo Roleplay

So, to continue the celebration of Solo Gaming Appreciation Month, I’ve decided to write up one Question that hasn’t been established on this blog: Why do I solo roleplay?

Well, allow me to explain three reasons why I do so.

1.    It allows me to try new games

Anyone who has seen my games knows that I always play a different game every so often. The reason? Because I want to try out new games. Stop me if you heard this before: you purchased a really cool new RPG and you want your friends to play it. However, they don’t want to and instead insist on playing Dungeons and Dragons or Pathfinder or some variant.

I play a lot of Dungeons and Dragons games thanks to fifth edition’s revival and me being in an area full of gamers like me, so I don’t have the problem of not having anyone to play with. The problem though is that I believe I’m starting to hit burn out with Dungeons and Dragons. It lost its spark for me. That’s why there’s only 15% of total games so far are either D20 or OSR. I’ve already played a lot of D&D out of this blog, so playing it here isn’t changing much.

Thus, I experiment with new games all the time. Some games are flops and others are hits. It also gives my game library a chance to play the games I own, rather than collect dust because someone prefers to play another round of D&D.

2.    It creates a powerful narrative

Many people have noticed that I tend to stick closer to a narrative-based playstyle, with a lot of my games focused on storytelling. There’s a reason for this. I like narrative based games. They’re pretty easy to jump into, not a lot of rules to crunch down, and you can use the fluff to your advantage.

But, perhaps the most powerful aspect of this reasoning is that I use random generators to tell me plot twists that I don’t see coming. These are stuff like a hidden German spy revealing himself to one of the heroes, a woman who turns out to be using her own deceased daughter to drive her family apart, or the world being overrun by rats.

It excites me sometimes to play these games because I don’t know what kind of crazy hijinks I run into at times. Heck, I always want to just use this playstyle to write an entire novel one day.

3.    The community is what drives me to do more

I think a lot of what I do today is thanks in part to everyone who is involved in the Solo RPG Community, be they people who play solo games, people who make solo games, or people who just like to talk about them. With them, I managed to find a group that shared my interests and would make recommendations to me that ended up changing the way I play.

Without this community, I’d be stuck on a low-end forum site with these session reports and I wouldn’t have made as many as I have. So, for this, I say, thank you all. And I hope you stay with me this remainder of the year as I try hard to get to #75 before 2017 ends.

Let’s go on a grand voyage, gamers!

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