5 D20 Games I Wanna Play Here

I never do a lot of D20 games, and the reason for that is that its successor, D&D 5E, has been almost what I always play nowadays. The reason is obvious: everyone knows how to play D&D at some degree or another and most likely wouldn’t put in the time to learn a new game. Apart from one weekly game, CanGames, and of course, here, D&D is all I play.

That said, there are some settings/games that I do wanna tinker with at some point later down the line. With that said, here are 5 D20 games I wanna try out for Solo RPG Voyages at some point, in no particular order. I’ll be discounting Testament, since I did two sessions on it and I’m planning out a third down the line.

#1: Broncosaurus Rex

Now, dinosaurs in space would be enough to be a selling point. But the setting takes a step further by involving the Civil War into it. Yes, that Civil War. The long story short of it is that dinosaurs are discovered and futuristic versions of the North and South sides of the war vie for control of the planet. It is essentially Jurassic Park set in the wild west except in space. Very exciting premise in of itself so I’m definitely gonna play it at some point.

#2: Mutants and Masterminds

The D20 game for superheroes. Superhero roleplaying games are always my favorite kind of game (ironic given how little of them I play here) and aside from Heroes Wear Masks, which is a similar D20 Superhero game, that alone has me interested. Add in a unique character creation system akin to GURPS and you have me going “Why am I not playing this yet!?”

#3: D20 Modern

Very rarely do you have RPGs set in contemporary settings. Most games are set in fantastical lands or outer space, or if it is set in modern day, there’d be some paranormal gimmick added like superheroes or vampires. While there are additional magical rules to D20 Modern, you can play this with zero magic whatsoever.

#4: Star Wars D20

While I heard less than favorable opinions on this as well as there being better alternatives for Star Wars games, I still wanna play this and see just how well it plays. Of course, there is another Sci-Fi game for me to consider…

#4.5: Starfinder

I heard many great things about Starfinder, so I have to try this out at one point. I don’t think anything needs to be said about it: it’s Pathfinder in space, using the same rules you’d use for Pathfinder.

#5: Legend

Legend is a weird one. Technically I already played it to write a story. And it plays pretty well all things considered. The premise is basically 5E before 5E came out: a huge emphasis on class archetypes. How it works is that each class has three “Tracks”. All of them are interchangeable with other tracks, even ones that don’t have their own class. It’s pretty intriguing and just talking about it makes me want to play it again.

So there you have it, five (well, six) D20 Games I wanna try out… And maybe even Cthulhu D20.