Update on Injawara

I just got Injawara going again, so let’s see what I can do with this game. I’m going to take the game nice and slowly. Each action will have its own paragraph as I carefully plot this out. So right from the start, there’s two challenges needed to be solved. If I’m gonna Sophie’s Choice this, I’m going to tackle the HIV/AIDs problem first.

I get a question regarding Malaria and I answer wrongly… Huh, could have sworn it had decreased in the last few decades. With the maternity problem now on the doom clock, I decide to tackle that next. Thankfully, I managed to answer correctly. Doing so unlocks Education’s special power. I then get another question about HIV/AIDs which I also answer correctly.

Now I must start moving the resources around to solve more challenges. Unfortunately, I fail to answer several questions about education, even using the powerup I got. I use another powerup to buy myself some time to answer more education questions. Thankfully I managed to answer the next question. I then began to answer questions willy-nilly before I failed each one.

So far, I am having fun and learning more about the situation at the same time. I do like a bit of foresight on the developers’ part. One of the questions asks “what is the most deadliest year in terms of international conflicts” and one of the options is 2001. People are bound to pick that without having studied the topic because of the infamous War on Terror kicking off in 2001. And yet, spoilers, it’s not the correct answer. That’s clever.

I soon managed to solve the problems of all eight regions in the game and won with a hefty 227 points. That said, I couldn’t play the game again. But, I managed to play it again and beaten it. That’s all that matters.

Dark Agent: Trial and Error By Fire

So after Injawara flopped, I had to play the next soloable game on Board Game Arena and pray that the infrastructure was better made than Injawara. This game is called Dark Agent, and like before, I will play three times: the first being an initial look at how to play, the second is after learning how to play, and then a third and final play.

After picking an agency and color, I begin the game. Most of the first game is spent swapping satellites and clicking on wherever columns my satellites are on. I got a good idea on what I need to do for the game, namely to take out the opposing spies and earn points that way. Graphics are pretty good looking. I really like the detail and the aesthetic of the game.

Thankfully I found a video educating me on how to play the game in under five minutes. The thing I got wrong is that I won’t be fighting opposing spies, but rather terrorists. Other than that, it seems like I got the right idea with the satellites, so I try again. My second attempt is somewhat better, though I had trouble trying to actually pick a fight with the terrorists.

My third and final attempt at this game had me lose again, but I finally managed to get the hang of the game, for a little bit. This is a pretty advanced game and it’s gonna take a while for me to learn solo. I decide to go for a fourth game where I manage to get a better understanding of how to play, even getting my agents on the map and taking out a bunch of people in one go. I still lost, but I got more than 9 points so that’s okay with me. It’s not as straightforward as Thermopyles, but it’s something.

Okay, screw it, one last game after watching another video on the game. I tried one more time, perhaps with the most understanding of how to play that I had, and I lost, but I lost with twelve points and was able to nab a powerup for three points. After the sixth game, I finally managed to get the hang of the game and managed to get up to thirty points in the process thanks to recognizing how to put spies on the map, how to best grab the Aims (the objectives of the game), and what I need to knock the bad guys off the board.

Overall, this game was much more enjoyable than having to get Injawara to work. Hell, I can even say it’s kinda addicting. I swore to play three games, and yet I played twice that because I learned something new each time I played and got better. This game is a good example of learning how to play firsthand with only two gameplay videos. Hell, I can say this is more enjoyable than Thermopyles.

With that, I am done for the day. Bon Voyage, gamers.

Injawara: The OneShot of Board Games

So, I’m going to do another solo game on Board Game Arena. This time, it’s going to be a game I never touched: Injawara. I have no idea how to play the game, so I will tackle the game at least three times. The first time will be blind, the second time will be with knowledge on the rules, and then the third time being a final “I know everything now” game.

Alright, so the look of the board when I began play looks very amazing and detailed. Looking at the resources I need to move and the eventual challenge pieces I have been given, this game looks at third world country problems, such as child mortality and AIDs. The mechanics indicate a co-op game akin to Pandemic, where you all play against the board, hence why the game is soloable. An interesting mechanic is that to solve a problem, you must answer a trivia question regarding the challenge at hand. As I began to understand the situation, I get hit with a game over.

Now I’m going to look at the rules and see how much I got right and what I need to do overall to beat the game. So, I was correct that this was a co-op game and that it plays like Pandemic, only instead of it being a disease ravaging the world, it’s third world country problems ravaging the third world. So, with that idea in mind and knowing what I can do to fix the problems, I try again.

Unfortunately, it appears the game doesn’t want to load for me. Despite loading it again and again, it doesn’t fully load and allow me to play. I tried just one more time, but I got locked out. And I know it’s this game in particular because I opened up Thermopyles thrice and got it going just fine. What a poor case of programming. And unfortunately, that is where I’m going to have to end Injawara. Because for some reason, Board Game Arena just doesn’t want me to play it. There seems to be only one way to fix it and that’s by going into Hotseat mode, but the second time I tried, Board Game Arena conveniently made it a premium feature. So, yeah, it’s as though I am not allowed to play this game again and I’m pretty frustrated and disappointed at Board Game Arena. This game gets so little Google search results that I’m convinced it’s a game that time forgot. At this rate, playing Cactus Solo would be a better use of my time than trying to get this to work. Because at least that I can play!

Maybe Injawara is supposed to be played this way. You only have one chance to save the world. You fail? Too bad. It won’t fix itself. Damn… Legacy Games don’t even have that claim to fame since you can always just buy another board game or use a Virtual Tabletop. Perhaps it’ll be fixed one day, and I’ll return to it with a fresher perspective. Until then though, I’m just gonna assume that I had destroyed a world because of my experimental playing.

The bottom line: game is interesting, just wished I can play it some more.

I’ll get a different game going in just a bit.