Omegazone II: City of the Apes

So, I kinda lied. I’m gonna stick to Omegazone for just a little longer before going into Call of Cthulhu. The reason being that I haven’t covered other parts of the Omegazone Deck that I wanted to show you guys. Not only that, but there’s also a supplement to the deck that tells you a little bit more about the lore of Omegazone.

It turns out to not be the Mad Maxian setting that I made it out to be in the first post, rather the opposite. Nature has grown out of control, plant life growing everywhere. Then aliens and radiation took hold, effectively turning the world into the hot mess we’re in. The lack of communications results in the fact that rumors are now truth.

There’s a large, in depth story about how the world became the world we know now and why the game’s called Omegazone. If I were to summarize, aliens known as the Kreen invade Earth. The resulting battle and breaking out of the OmegaForce (think of them as a sort of X-Com task force) caused the world to change, ground zero being L.A., now known as the Omegazone.

That’s the basis we know now.

Instead of resuming our adventures with Dr. Wheeler, I’m instead gonna focus on a new character. A cat-spider hybrid named Spicat, who lived in the Vineland, a city overrun by vines and ruled by gorillas. It’s there that we see Spicat catching and killing a strange panther that, up to this point, had been evading her by teleporting away. It had teleported up to a roof, to which Spicat invokes her Super Sticky Skin.

[Quick Check: +2]

Spicat is able to quickly overcome the wall and climb up to confront the panther. It hisses at her. Spicat is going to try and carefully overcome her opponent.

[Careful Check: +5]

She does so with ease and pounces the panther, killing it and obtaining from its flesh. Spicat is happy and returns to her den.

[Scene Roll: Blank and Blank]

Scene Event Time.

A negative thing happens to Spicat or an NPC that results in the creation of something.

Oh boy, I know exactly what’s gonna happen. Spicat returns home only to find some large gorillas wrecking her home. These are goons who were hired by Apeman Tony because Spicat had encroached on his turf a few days ago. I’ll say that she has spun some webs around her home, which results in a Sticky Situation. The goons try to attack Spicat with their billy clubs. I get a bonus because I had made the webs ahead of time.

[Forceful Check: 1]

[Clever Check: 7]

Spicat manages to get them Stuck in a Web. Now she carefully knocks the goons out.

[Careful Attack: 3]

[Forceful Defend: 4, invoking Stuck in a Web to knock them down by 2.]

She struggles to knock them out, as they break free of the webs. They know they can’t fight in melee, so they take out their guns and fire. Spicat is going to try and create more web to catch the bullets, though she doesn’t get the +2 bonus from the premade webs.

[Flashy Attack: -2]

[Quick Defend: 1]

She catches the bullets As If They Were Flies and now she has a wall of bullets. I’m gonna spend a Fate Point to invoke the Trouble Aspect of Dimwitted Mooks. They are stumped as to figuring out how to get around this web trick.

[Q: Do they surrender? Odds: Good. A: 2, Yes +]

[Surprise Check: 2]

The goons, realizing they were beat, run away from Spicat’s house as she gets to work repairing it. The scene ends there as we cut to a few hours later.

[Scene Roll: A Blank and a Minus. No scene]

Now that the house is cleaned up, Spicat can finally eat the tasty meat she had obtained. With one nibble, she ends up teleporting out of her house and into the outskirts of town where she ends up being approached by a bunch of humans. Spicat hisses.

[Q: Are they aggressive? Odds: Average. A: -1, No +]

[Surprise Check: -2]

No. In fact, they try to calm her down.

[Careful Advantage Creation: 1]

They create the aspect of Calm Kitty Cat and invoke it to calm Spicat down. That’s when their leader steps in. He has no idea how Spicat came here, but he’s more than willing to take Spicat in to see what the fuss is about. End of scene.

[Scene Roll: -1, no Scene interrupt]

  • NPC Mood: 44, Neutral
  • NPC Bearing: 6 & 6, News
  • NPC Focus: 93, Weapons

So the leader, Red Blood, informs Spicat that they have a weapon known as the RF Disruptor. With it, it’s able to disable any sort of electronic devices that the Apemen have. The problem is that it was broken after a run-in with the thugs, and they need a cyber-doc to fix things. However, he assumes that Spicat, with her dexterous capabilities, can fix the RF Disruptor. Intrigued at fighting the Apemen after they broke her home, she’s more than willing to fix the RF Disruptor.

The real question is if she can do it.

[Careful Advantage Creation: 5]

She is able to not only fix the RF Disruptor, but also improved it on accident. Enjoyed, Red Blood takes the RF Disruptor and declares an attack on the western end of Vineland. Spicat joins in as well, because, again, Apemen gotta know whose turf is whose. Scene ends there.

[Scene Roll: A minus and a plus, no scene event]

So, we roll into the city with an army as we manage to disable any sort of security devices we see. Any Apeman that tries to fire at us gets blasted back. Basically, we’re untouchable. We march forward onto Apeman Tony’s base of operations. An average total of 2 will determine if we get there with an element of surprise.

[Sneak Rolls: 0, 2, -1. Total: 0.33]

Well, I saw that coming given our offensive rush towards the HQ. While we manage to overcome the security (because of the RF Disruptor), we’ll need a little luck to take on the big boss himself and some of his goons. Apeman Tony goes first, saying how they dare rebel against him after all he’s given to them. Red Blood retorts that Vineland was their home before the apes took over. Spicat is there just because she hates Tony’s guts. So, Tony takes out a Tommy Gun and unloads. The resulting roll is a tie, to which Tony gets the advantage by using the boost of Fire on Sight. His men also fire on the rebels, to which they succeed with style and they make their own boost, SIR YES SIR!

Spicat is gonna try and carefully overcome the gunfire by sneaking around it, knowing full well that her existence will be threatened if she stays.

[Carefully Overcome vs. 4. Rolled a 6]

She manages to avoid the gunfire for now. Red Blood and his army’s go. They miss the Apes and they return fire, invoking their Boosts to inflict damage. The rebels go down while Red Blood is heavily injured. The RF Disruptor doesn’t do anything to the Tommy Guns as they aren’t electronic. Apeman Tony gloats on how the technology is no match for old-school weapons. However…

[Sneak Attack! Spicat’s Sneak 2 vs. Tony’s Quick 0]

Spicat ambushes Tony. Rather than tick a check in Stress, he’ll instead take a consequence, Clawed At The Back. He growls and vows he’ll kill Spicat. He then has his men attack Spicat. Red Blood invokes the Dimwitted Henchmen Trait to subtract their roll by 2. Spicat rolls out of the way of the guns as Red Blood rushes at Tony, but Tony grabs him and throws him out the window.

[Q: Does he fall to his death? Odds: Great. A: Yes -]

[Q: Who’s the disadvantage towards? + for Spicat, – for Tony: +3, so Spicat]

[Surprise: -3, I doubt that counts though. I’ll say yes and say that there’s a minor surprise.]

Red Blood is thrown out the window and plummeted to his death. Spicat is now Surrounded by Tony and his goons. Spicat spits out some web to catch them off guard.

[Flashy Roll: 3, against Tony’s -2 for Careful, he’ll invoke Surrounded by Tony, but still fails with a 1]

Spicat succeeds with style and has them Stuck on the Ground. She then claws at their guns now that they’re vulnerable.

[Forceful Roll:  3]

[Tony’s Quick Roll, Invoked to get -2: -2]

Tony’s hand gets injured in the process and gets some stress.

[His Men’s Quick Roll, Invoked to get -2: 1]

They just get a 2 Stress.

[Q: Does Tony cut his losses? Odds: Terrible. A: 1, No +]

[+ to Spicat or + to Tony? A: 1, + to Spicat]

[Surprise: 1]

Tony refuses to cut his losses just yet, however, in the nick of time, Red Blood teleports right behind Tony and punches him right in the wound on his back.

[Forceful Attack, invoked to get +2: 2]

[Tony’s Forceful Defense, both his Consequence of Clawed At The Back and Stuck on the Ground are invoked to get a -4: 1]

Tony is punched out of the building, screaming out how he was beaten by a damn cat as he plummets to his doom (at least until a sequel comes), the other Apemen are scared and they run off, while tripping as they are stuck onto the ground. As it turns out, Spicat had a bit of Displacer Flesh left over and, right before he fell off, Tony ate some to teleport himself right back to Apeman Tony. With Tony gone for now, Red Blood retakes Vineland and, as thanks to Spicat for her help, adopts her and has her live by his side… Though she doesn’t like that idea.

Overall, it was a rather enjoyable yet quick game of Fate Accelerated. I’m still trying to get the hang of the Aspect invoking process, but other than that, I think this game is pretty good. I especially liked that climatic fight with Apeman Tony at the end. Well, that’s one game down, only one more to go before the big 75.

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