The Solo RPG Voyages Quarter Quell #3

So, here we are. 75 sessions of Solo RPG Voyages. And we’re finally here. The 3rd Quarter Quell. Alright, what game will I play this time?

The RPG is… Combat Leader!

The Engine is… CRGE-Kai!

And the Drivers are… I Ching and Insta NPCs!

Oh, wow. The last time I played Combat Leader, the entire area was lit on fire… And the last time I used I Ching, it was based around working with the very being that sunk Atlantis. So… What happens when you mix fire and water? Well, let’s find out! Today’s leader is Serov.

We were scouting the nearby area when we suddenly came across Nazis…

[Q: Do they notice us? Purpose: To Knowledge. A: 35, SC goes up by 1]

They haven’t seen us… perfect opportunity to plan a surprise attack. We headed into a nearby building and informed the person inside of what we’re doing…

This is where Insta NPCs comes into play.

[How Many Traits?: 5, so 2 times]

[Traits: 74 & 64. Adventurous & Gorgeous.]

Hmm… Not a lot of things to go for this… I’ll also determine motivation and attitude.

[Motivation? 19, Boredom. Attitude? 3, Offensive]

Alright, I got something here.

The patron inside, Yegorov, was more than eager to join in the Nazi killing… Maybe a little too eager. He already had a gun and was ready to help us fight them off.

We play the waiting game. Round 1 ends, Chaos Factor going down since we got things down pat.

[Scene Roll: 5]

No scene alteration. The Nazis decide to head into their own hut to talk to a patron.

  • How Many Traits?: 3, 1 trait
  • Trait: 95, Selfish
  • Motivation: 20, Friendshi- Yeah no. Greed.
  • Attitude: 12, Critical

So, the Nazis take a turn to do… stuff with the NPC. I guess work out a deal?

Our turn, we don’t know what’s taking the Germans so long, but we ready ourselves for battle. Round 2 ends and Chaos Factor goes down.

[Scene Roll: 5, no Scene Event]

Finally, the Germans peered out of the forest as we opened fire on them. Unfortunately, our bullets missed them and they immediately knew our location. Worst still, they have a hostage.

Scene ends and chaos goes up by one.

[Scene Roll: 5, no scene event]

I came out to confront their leader. He had a poor villager at gunpoint and request that my men surrender, lest he is shot and killed. On one hand, I don’t wish to have innocent blood on my hands… but on the other, I don’t wish to follow the orders of a nation that betrayed our Motherland.

I took my knife and plunged it right into the leader’s neck. Blood flowed out as he fell to the ground, dead. I offered my hand to the hostage, only for him to get out his pistol and shoot me in the face.

Welp, he ded. New scene as we switch perspectives!

[Scene Roll: 2]

Scene Interrupt!

  • Event Focus: 17, NPC Action.
  • NPC Focus: 6, Moser.
  • Event Meaning: 46 & 11, Develop Emotions.

So, I guess Moser turns to the light?

When I saw my commander get killed, followed by the ‘hostage’ killing the Russian commander, I realized I joined the wrong side. I subtly drop a grenade on the ground and sneak off.

[Q: Does anyone notice him? Purpose: To Conflict. A: 64, SC boosting it to 66, SC going to 2]

They notice him, but another random event.

  • Event Focus: 79, Ambiguous event.
  • Event Meaning: (Using I Ching) Hex 25, Remaining Blameless.

I made it look like an accident. Many of them leaped, but it was too late… With the explosion taking out three of my former allies, the Russians opened fire. They killed all but three of the remaining soldiers. Kuznetsov, the man we picked up for our ambush mission, didn’t stand a chance as he was mowed down.

Now we do a rally phase to see if the Germans can get out of their pinned position. Only one manages to. Round over and, I have to say, things got pretty chaotic.

[Scene Roll: 0]

Another scene interrupt.

  • Event Focus: 72, PC positive.
  • PC: 1, Gunin
  • Event Meaning: 100 and 100, Change of Information

Thankfully, I managed to inform the Russians of my intent to betray the army for quite some time and I guess this is now good as ever to make the switch. The Germans never stood a chance as the Russians killed them all. Thankfully, the Russians were on route to their base. I could use a change of clothes.

And that’s it. We pretty much win thanks to open season. However, I reviewed the rules and realized that. I forgot to roll for KIA conformation first. Meaning that as I rolled to hit, I also need to roll to see if that hit killed or pinned, then needed to roll based off what hex the soldier was on to see if they were still killed or pinned.

Meaning that the kills shouldn’t have been that easy to obtain. There’s a 33.33% chance of your shot having the possibility of killing, then depending on the hex, you have as high as a 83% chance or as low as a 16% chance. In short, you could either have 25% chance of actually killing someone if they’re in the woods or a 58% chance if they’re out in the open.

I’m not sure if I forgot or if I had subconsciously ignored thay part of the rules. Whatever the case, though, this was a fun ride. And hey, I didn’t get terrified for once!

Well, we’re now on the road to the 100th Session. We need something special to commemorate the occasion. We can’t just leave this up to chance. We need something…


Bon Voyage, Gamers.


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