Bowsette The Beast

Now, before, I had stated that I wouldn’t play The Beast because of how unsettling it was. Well, I took a closer look at the cards in the game and realized there were some pretty safe for work questions that I could tackle. So, I’ll throw caution to the wind and play through The Beast.

For this Beast… I have had quite an idea. Thanks in large part to all these memes that kept floating around, today’s guest will be none other than Bowsette! You can thank various people who posted videos of her for giving me this idea. Let’s begin!

Her smell is akin to brimstone. Her skin, while smooth to the touch, does leave behind an impression of scales. I hide her in my computer. I am attracted by Bowsette’s height, though repulsed by her arrogant personality. And I already know she’s a she so… Yep. Well, that’s Day 1 done.

Not sure how the numbering will go given how I’m skipping all the sex-related questions, but here goes! Continue reading