Oh No! I’m A Werewolf!

Normally I only do one Halloween game and leave it at that, but I was informed of two Halloween themed games on top of the one I had planned. One of which is the newest game from Penguin Comics: Random Solo Adventure: Halloween II – Oh no! I’m a Werewolf!

Given how small the book is and the fact that it’s a gamebook, expect either a short game, me dissecting the book (and thus spoiling it), or both. As such, if you have any interests in this game, this is your last chance before I dive right in.

The game begins with me waking up in a wolf’s den at the zoo. I have to get back to my home before sunrise, lest I turn into a human and get arrested for possible mass murder or even killed. This has been a repeated thing for me, it seems.

Time to roll up stats. This time I have two: Skill and Health. Combat works as the last few Random Solo Adventure games, but using Skill instead of the combined Skill and Health. A little more balanced if you ask me. To decide this, I need to roll two dice for the respective stats. I get a four and a four. Balanced stats.

So, I think I’m gonna take a shortcut because time is life. Suddenly, I encounter two zombies and must fight for my life. After a brief skirmish though, I defeated the two zombies with only half my health remaining. I now have a choice between the church or the streets. Given how holy men and werewolves don’t mix, I’ll take it to the streets.

At some point, I got dizzy and it’s to the point where I might become more wolf than man. However, I stay the course and head home.

And that’s it. That’s the entire game. At least from how I played it. It seemed I picked some good choices and rolled pretty well. The church would have landed me in another encounter and I had a good chance to come across a werewolf hunter.

It’s a fairly quick game that can be easily played in five minutes, so if you have time to spare, I recommend it. Well, if you excuse me, I’m gonna go back to my new girlfriend. Bon Voyage, gamers!

Whfg Zbavxn ジャスト モニカー ☺🕆💧❄ 💣⚐☠✋😐✌

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