That Time I Got In A Food Fight And Threw Feathers At A Misogynist

There was a second adventure in the Sailor Moon RPG that I solo’d. This one is a little more freeform from the previous one, as it allowed you to make your own characters. This was called the Children of Mercury and as it says, it’s about the children of Amy taking on an old threat.

Said old threat is Jadeite, the first general Serena had to fight. He was put into an “eternal sleep” by Queen Beryl and as a result, was the only surviving member of the Negaverse. After the Wiseman, a villain from a later season, was defeated, it caused an energy surge that revived Jadeite, who spent the next thousand years building up both an army and his own strength. Basically, the plot to Dragon Ball’s Resurrection F movie.

Meanwhile, Neo-Queen Serenity, who we used to know as Serena/Sailor Moon, has devised plans for what is essentially a Galactic Federation, to which the children of the Scouts would be assigned new planets. To that end, she created a space-time chamber that will allow instant teleportation to other worlds. However, Jadeite has figured this out ahead of time and decided to concoct his plans…

So, Amy and her husband Greg had gotten busy and can have a maximum of eight children. Surprised I didn’t go ahead with that and name the game “Eight Kids and Counting”. In fact, I feel as though I never did this game any sort of narrative justice.

Imagine this scenario for a second: Amy has eight kids, but is busy being a Guardian as well. Sure, Neo Tokyo, the setting of the game, is peaceful and all that, but there tends to be stragglers. Amy frequently leaves to fight, leaving the older siblings to pick up the pieces, with the fear that she’ll never return from her fights becoming more and more likely.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Instead, I decided to play it up like it was a direct-to-video Disney sequel with all the ham and cheese I could muster. I played a character named Aaron who is Amy’s son. He wakes up and has breakfast like any normal kid does, though Amy talks about how Greg is being moody and Aaron just up and out asks if she’ll divorce him.

Wow, savage as hell!

Amy tells Aaron that he’s to meet Trista, also known as Sailor Pluto, and rule a planet of his choice. Thing is, Aaron doesn’t like that idea. He just wants to live a normal life. He then goes to school where the effects of a water supply tainted by the Negaverse takes hold. See, the reason why Greg and these other people are angry and all that are because of Jadeite’s crystal. It tainted the water and caused people to get upset with each other.

Aaron just remained quiet and unsure what the hell is going on, then sneak out once class was done. There, he comes across a food fight where a young girl is caught in the crossfire. This is Puroko, an OC without any sort of profile or sheet to identify who she is. Searching for Puroko on Google will only return results regarding her appearance in the RPG. So, without any sort of idea who she was, I decided to paint her as this sad, little girl who Aaron is like a brother to.  

Aaron rescues her and tries to figure out what’s going on after calling Amy and seeing that people are aggressive on her end as well. Aaron decides to go visit Sailor Pluto after an admittedly funny scene that aged well.

Aaron: Puroko, don’t watch. {kicks a dude in the groin}

I then decided to clip the adventure and have an awesome climax take place right after that scene, where Pluto’s getting beaten up by a suddenly misogynistic Jadeite. Aaron arrives and confronts him, especially after Jadeite reveals he’s behind the taint. However, Jadeite uses a fireball on the two and while Aaron got hurt, Puroko is on the verge of death. This pisses Aaron enough to rant at Jadeite until he becomes a knight, essentially the male version of a Sailor Scout.

He uses his powers to heal up Pluto and uses his Knight Attack, a mass of feathers, to fight off Jadeite enough for Pluto to alert some of the remaining Scouts. Then, after the use of Pluto’s Time Stop (which I sadly did not account for her dying), unleashing a horde of feathers, injuring Jadeite enough to warrant a retreat. Afterwards, Aaron, after hearing the situation with the water’s taken care of, elects to not rule over a planet, but rather be Puroko’s protector, to which Pluto agrees and they walk away as Aaron gives a pretty lame name for his Knight persona: The Winged Warrior.

Yeah, very bare bones. This could have been the start of an entire campaign had I decided to take it a little more seriously and followed through on the game’s story a bit more. It’s probably why I found my review of the book cringy, as it was basically me making memes and jokes instead of actually breaking down why I liked or disliked certain elements of the game. Not to mention me rushing the adventure instead of fully fleshing it out, though I blame my situation at the time rather than anything inherit in the game.

Overall, the Sailor Moon RPG was a pretty good RPG to play and it’s pretty hard to figure out which of the two sessions for me to recreate… Though I think for the simplicity of it, I might decide to redo the other adventure.

However, next time I shall tell you all about how my first solo game of Dungeons and Dragons (3.5) went.


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