Testing oneKnave

Okay, this is gonna be an impromptu Actual Play of Knave using the app by Todd Cumings.

Here is my character, generated for me to use.

Created Character
Name: Taddle
STR: +2/12   DEX: +1/11   CON: +2/12   
INT: +4/14   WIS: +2/12   CHA: +4/14   
Level: 1   Item Slots: 12   Healing Rate: 2   Align: Neutrality   XP: 0   Armor Def:14   HP: 5   
Items: Helmet: +1, Q: 1Gambeson: 2/12, Q: 3Dagger, Cudgel, Sickle, Staff, etc.: d6, Q: 3RationRationPole (10ft)Candle, 4 hoursNetBook (Blank)Traits
Delicate Wolfish Pierced Mohawk Oversized Idealistic Arrogant Whispery Mariner Pursued

Erm… Setting is modern day New York?

A ghost ship captained by a creature claiming to be the soul of the first pirate is attacking vessels and dumping their cargo into the ocean. (d246 roll:232)

Okay, this is an easy story to make. So Taddle, a mariner, is on a ship, ready to explore the new world, when suddenly pirates come and attack the ship. His scene goal is to try and avoid getting caught by the pirates, so he’ll need to make a stealth check.

Dexterity Save: (d20 roll:16)+1 = 17: Success

Okay, he managed to avoid the ghost pirates. I guess his scene’s donzo.

Meanwhile… (d6 roll:6)

So we get a cutaway to Captain Tennille, the ghost pirate, who is demanding Taddle’s Captain of where his sacred treasure is. Does he tell him?

Yes (d6 roll:6 -1) +Twist: Physical event helps the hero 

He does, but not before realizing that Taddle is sneaking around, so he buys Taddle time while he drags on the description. Taddle knows the place like the back of his hand and thus knows where the treasure is…

Quiet scene (d6 roll:4)

Taddle easily gets to the treasure long before the pirates do and he sets up some Home Alone style traps.

Intelligence Save: (d20 roll:4)+4 = 8: Fail

He doesn’t make the traps as robust as he could, so when the pirates come in, they easily dismantle the traps before they go off. Taddle takes this to his advantage and tries to stab one of them.

Strength Save: (d20 rolls:14/3)+2 = 16: Success

The dagger plunges into the pirate’s leather armor and easily takes him out.

Charisma Save: (d20 roll:5)+-1 = 4: Fail

The other pirate doesn’t even bother and runs away. Taddle has secured the treasure… But does the big honcho come?

No (d6 roll:2)

No? Well, it seems the treasure is safe. Now all that’s needed is to thwart Tennille.

Dramatic scene (d6 roll:1)

Back in the midst of the Captain’s interrogation, Taddle busts in with his dagger and tries to plunge it into the heart of the ghostly pirate.

Strength Save: (d20 roll:19)+2 = 21: Success

And succeeds, however, it needs one more stab to kill the pirate off, and he attacks back.

Strength Save: (d20 roll:2)+2 = 4: Fail

Only to miss. Taddle’s turn…

Strength Save: (d20 roll:6)+2 = 8: Fail

The two fail to stab each other, so Taddle’s captain tries to interject with a ranged attack, hoping to hit before Tennille does.

Opposed save – PC Dexterity vs NPC Strength
(d20 roll:18)+1 = 19: / (d20 roll:13)+2 = 15:
Success: PC Wins

With a decisive blow to the head, Tennille is shot down and is revealed to simply be a simple pirate who took on the guise of a ghost. With that, the story ends with Taddle and the Captain sailing off to complete their cargo trip.

Eh, this is a pretty alright app and it has me looking at the game, so that’s a plus. Other than that, there isn’t really much to offer right now. That said, I give it a recommend.

7 thoughts on “Testing oneKnave

  1. Can you give a link to this? I’ve got Knave by Ben Milton, but I’ve not heard of any app and can’t seem to find anything about it via Google…


  2. I have updated the site a bit. Added combat buttons to the solo engine. Still working out a beastiary button do you do not have to leave the page to get an opponent.


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