Crafting a Creature for my next LotFP session

So, I decided to use Creature Crafter to create my very own Slüg to take place in the sacred Halls of the Slügs. Originally, I’d be comparing this to Species and Societies, but the difference seems to be night and day. Where as Species & Societies is built around making an entirely new race of beings, the Creature Crafter is build around creating monsters.

So, we shall begin by assuming a baseline for the King Slüg to take. Luckily, we have a baseline defined for us in the introduction to Slügs. Next, we determine its potency.

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Crafting The Next Session For LotFP

So, I’ve decided to create an entire campaign out of the antics of Wiki Dot Pod and his band of merry men, of which he will get two new recruits soon enough. How will I flesh this out? Well, with something called the Adventure Crafter. It was bound to be used sooner or later at this rate and I’ve been itching to try this puppy out.

Especially considering that the Free RPG Day Modules that I thought were Modules were in fact splat books. Welp, can’t win them all, so I guess it’s time to crank out my own adventures.

So, cracking open the book and grabbing the sheet (along with teaching myself on how its used), I write down the name and date of this adventure. Next, I determine the themes. Already, I can think of the order. Tension, since Lamentations of the Flame Princess is pretty unnerving, Action, because it’s an OSR game, Mystery, keeping in tune to the mysteries such as the Crystal-Headed Children, and lastly Social & Personal, since they’ve gone insane to the point where they can’t hold normal conversation.

After that, I’ve pretty much finished what I needed to set up. I chose two plotlines already in progress: Wiki Dot Pod’s conquest and curing the insanity from the cast. For characters, I added Andrews.

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Let’s Enter The Doom-Cave Of The Crystal Headed Children

In the last post, I mentioned how I was gonna tinker with CRGE-Kai for playing Lamentations of the Flame Princess. This is to be a permanent upgrade for CRGE-Kai, though also an experiment. Previously, I played a game with the Ursa Minor engine, to which I fell in love with its mechanics. I decided, like with Mythic, to borrow those mechanics and implement them into CRGE-Kai. And thus, CRGE-Kai Ni is born. For book-keeping purposes, it’ll be referred to as CRGE-Kai, but from here on out, I’ll be calling it CRGE-Kai Ni. So, what did I add to CRGE-Kai? Well, the Turmoil system.

To recap, Ursa Minor has its own Chaos system, but it changes depending on how the characters interact with the game world instead of if the scene ended well for the players. An example would be asking townspeople around about Andrew. Although in Mythic, this would be smooth sailing, Ursa Minor would add a point of Turmoil due to how the characters effectively brought up old scars in the villagers and thus cause them to act wearier.

It also has its own random event system and a system where you can roll out entire sequences of scenes in just one roll, such as perception checks or travelling. There’s a lot to take in, so I recommend you read my Sharp Swords & Sinister Spells game to understand these mechanics. For their own Incident Rolls, they’ll replaced the Altered Scene results and Ambiguous Events.

As for how I’ll go about the module, I looked up the Lone Crusader’s proposed idea, but ultimately decided against using it. The reason is that it involves stripping the module down to base elements. I played around with a module before without needing to do this, so I figure I can manage. Alright, let’s begin this experiment.

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Stat It: The Doom-Cave of the Crystal Headed Children

I never got the idea of “Races as classes” in OSR games. In other games, your character is often a race plus a class. Because what’s stopping an Elf from being a barbarian or a warlock as opposed to being the classical ranger or wizard? With some OSR games, your character is just… an Elf. That’s it.

One thing that is less weird (but still weird) is the level tables for some OSR games. One class has about 20 levels, like a basic class, but then suddenly another class has only 13 or 17. Granted, the system I’m using allows for going beyond these levels with small additions and they don’t have a ton to offer for each level anyways, but I just had to stop and think for a minute about this.

Oh, right, I should explain what I’m doing. Well, as you may have noticed, I put the brakes on the 2018 SGAM climax due to time constraints. Don’t worry, it’ll come soon. In the meantime, I might as well get my feet wet with the game I’ll be using for said climax: Lamentations of the Flame Princess. The name itself is what interested me the most out of it, as well as it being an OSR-style game, but it wasn’t the sole reason.

I remembered attending my first Free RPG Day game session at a Friendly Local Game Store that were offering people to play the one-shot adventures they had. Among the ones they offered, I was interested in one in particular: The Doom-Cave of the Crystal Headed Children. I’m not making that title up. We never actually played it, but the idea of playing such an interesting looking game with an out-there premise lingered, even as I look at the cover in my bag of assorted goodies I obtained that day.

Originally, I was intending to play Better Than Any Man, but that game ended up being a full-blown campaign setting, with the foreword pretty much saying that it wasn’t an ordinary Free RPG Day adventure that introduces you to the game.

This Stat It is going to be different from the others. Usually, I’d create the characters, then the story, but because I’m using a preestablished story, I need to introduce you to the story then the characters I’ll play. Be warned that there will be spoilers. So be advised and maybe pick up a copy to read along.

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