Crafting The Next Session For LotFP

So, I’ve decided to create an entire campaign out of the antics of Wiki Dot Pod and his band of merry men, of which he will get two new recruits soon enough. How will I flesh this out? Well, with something called the Adventure Crafter. It was bound to be used sooner or later at this rate and I’ve been itching to try this puppy out.

Especially considering that the Free RPG Day Modules that I thought were Modules were in fact splat books. Welp, can’t win them all, so I guess it’s time to crank out my own adventures.

So, cracking open the book and grabbing the sheet (along with teaching myself on how its used), I write down the name and date of this adventure. Next, I determine the themes. Already, I can think of the order. Tension, since Lamentations of the Flame Princess is pretty unnerving, Action, because it’s an OSR game, Mystery, keeping in tune to the mysteries such as the Crystal-Headed Children, and lastly Social & Personal, since they’ve gone insane to the point where they can’t hold normal conversation.

After that, I’ve pretty much finished what I needed to set up. I chose two plotlines already in progress: Wiki Dot Pod’s conquest and curing the insanity from the cast. For characters, I added Andrews.

I’ve also decided to flesh out the characters a bit:

  • A cleric by the name of Claire MacClerich was contacted by the very gods that created the Crystal to be a divine agent. (New Character Added: Gods)
  • Anwe graduated from a war college before becoming a freelance mercenary.
  • Wiki Dot Pod’s old master, having seen the devastation of his power, vows to go and put him down. (New Character Added: Woz Coa, New Plotline Added: The Circle is Complete)
  • A specialist by the name of Tom Thumb has decided to join the group on a whim in the hopes of getting treasure.
  • Baldurn came from a long line of heroes and the reason he went out is to make a name for himself and ensure that, when the Dwarves go extinct, their legacy lives on. (New Plotline Added: Dwarven Legacy)
  • Anaeg was laughed out of his home for not learning how to properly use a bow. (New Plotline: Elven Archery)
  • Adblanc is just seemingly lucky. Perhaps too lucky… (New Plotline: Luck of the Halfling)

Alright, let’s crack into this. I have a good idea on what Module to use next: Slügs! It’s also a new plotline. Let’s roll up ourselves an adventure!

Our plotline for next session is… Choose Most Logical Plotline. So, it would be Wiki Dot Pod’s Take Over The World Plot. Next, we decide on the plot points:

  • (Tension) Bad News: On the way to their next town, Wiki Dot Pod heard that it had been overrun by Slügs. (New Character: Slügs)
  • (Tension) Standoff: Our characters will get involved in a standoff, perhaps involving the Slügs.
  • (Action) Defend or Not Defend: A new character (Slügs? Purpose: To Conflict. A: 72, turns into 74, Surge goes up to 2) gets into a fight with an Andrew, leaving Wiki Dot Pod to decide whether or not to intervene.
  • (Tension) Time Limit: The crew have until sunrise to defeat the rest of the Slügs, or else more Slügs will arrive.
  • (Tension) Something Exotic: The leader of the Slügs will soon arrive.

Okay, this seems like a pretty good adventure. I absolutely love the Adventure Crafter and will definitely use it for future games. Well, I’m gonna put this on the shelf for now. This was fun though.

I think we have room for one more Crafting session though…

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