Crafting a Creature for my next LotFP session

So, I decided to use Creature Crafter to create my very own Slüg to take place in the sacred Halls of the Slügs. Originally, I’d be comparing this to Species and Societies, but the difference seems to be night and day. Where as Species & Societies is built around making an entirely new race of beings, the Creature Crafter is build around creating monsters.

So, we shall begin by assuming a baseline for the King Slüg to take. Luckily, we have a baseline defined for us in the introduction to Slügs. Next, we determine its potency.

[Roll: 5]

Weaker than the average Slüg, true to how kings in Chess are the weakest piece. So, their movement is 60’, 5 hit die, d4 in bite and tail smash, and a morale of 6. Why haven’t I touched AC? Because the baseline is unarmored and so to weaken that is to go backwards.

I already know there’s going to be only one King Slüg, so I’m leaving the “how many monsters” thing to one. Creature size, however, is gonna be something to determine. Given how the Slügs are giant (hence why the Ü), I’m gonna give it a modified roll to avoid it being tiny, but otherwise keeping in mind that it’s weaker than the other monsters (lest I avoid it being small as well):

[Roll: 43]

It’s human sized, so I don’t need to make any modifications. Next is creature classification, which I conclude is a Supernatural Beast due in part to its category of Slüg and that it’s their King. This means its hit die is increased to 7, a d8 in bite/tail attacks, a morale of 8, and a movement of 100’. It has dark vision and has the intelligence of an animal. Its appearance (rolled an 8 and a 98 on the Supernatural Beast table, in which the 8 led me to the Alien table which had me roll a 32) is akin to a normal Slüg but with a nightmarish crown on its head. Perhaps it requires a Mobility check to not freeze up at its sight.

Next are its special abilities. I feel as though one more aught to do it, as I have another one in mind where it communicates to and controls other Slügs.

[Roll: 54]

It is also able to climb.

So, putting it all together, here’s my King Slüg.

King Slüg

  • ARMOR: 12
  • MOVE: 100’ (Climb 50’)
  • HIT DICE: 7
  • ATTACKS: 1 Bite (1d8)/1 Tail Smash (1d8)
  • MORALE: 8


  • Dark Vision: Can see in the dark.
  • Climber: Can climb.
  • Crown of Madness: Upon witnessing the King Slüg’s crown, you must make a Morale save. If you fail, you must run away from it.
  • Commander of Slügs: Is able to control other Slügs.
  • Alpha Male: If there’s another King Slüg, the two will spend their actions fighting each other to assert dominance.
  • Salt Weakness: Like other Slügs, the King Slüg is weak to salt. 70 pounds of salt is enough to trigger a save or die from it.

And that’s about it…

I like the Creature Crafter. It’s very simple and easy to get into compared to both the Location and Adventure Crafters. I was able to create my monster in just a few rolls of the dice.

So, what do you guys think? Do you think this is too strong or just the right amount of difficulty for a team of about five to seven Level 5 characters?

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