That Time I DM’d My Own Game and Got Everyone Killed

I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again: I’m a horrible DM to myself. And that definitely shows in my first ever attempt to play a D&D 3.5 game. I think this is the game out of all the games I’ll recall that required the most thinking. This was before I picked up Mythic and as such, before I picked up any Drivers, so I had to think of plots.

Hell, I barely used any sort of randomly generated dungeon. It was made by myself. Though, it was less a dungeon and more of a straight, narrow line, slowly introducing stuff like traps and secret rooms along the way. I think I had some inspiration from a quick-start rulebook, but other than that, everything was 100% my creating.

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Let’s Test Out Yurei World!

So, I ended up creating a Powered by the Apocalypse game that wasn’t Jurassic World. The long story short of it is that, after playing After School Curse Club, I took a look at the mechanics of the game and realized how similar to Powered by the Apocalypse it was.

Eventually, the idea struck me to more or less take the base premise of the game and remake it into a full-fledged RPG. The end result is Yurei World. After expanding the base game into a standard PtbA game (as well as add a system to just make generic moves), I ended up deciding to add Playbooks. Originally, I didn’t consider it and just had it be the standard “pick one stat that gets +2, then pick another that gets +1”, but I soon felt as though I could give the game a bit of personality and customization by adding the Playbooks.

I only completed three, though I feel as though three is just what I need to test this out.

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We’re Playing FATEL.

Screw it. I can’t play FATAL. The rules are so broken and crazy that I have no idea why I even thought this was a good idea.

Which is why I’m instead going to be doing FATEL: “Far Away Tales of Epic Legends”. It, obviously, uses the Fate Engine. Now, obviously this means I’ll use Fate Solo, right? Nope! Instead, I’m going to merge that with CRGE-Kai Ni. Not only that, but I’m also fusing a bunch of other Engines like Tiny Universal, Tiny Solitary Soldiers, Oculus, and a plethora of other systems to create the CRGE-Kai Ultrazord. As for Drivers? ALL OF THEM!

We begin our game with having to change our Anakim character into the heroic Orc fighter Mercedes Benzon and the Elf Thief Michael Jord Ang.

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