Stat It: Drachenkrieg

Nothing interests me more than an RPG that is specifically built around fanfiction. Yes, there are fan-made games based off existing material, but an RPG that is specifically about writing fanfiction is something I have never seen before.

Enter Reimagined. This game seems like a pretty nice game to try and solo, especially after it released an add-on based off a certain show that ended last month. Though, as I read the add-on, an idea sparked in my head…

What if I took this add-on, but used it to make a whole new setting to solo Reimagined on?

Okay, I should slow down and explain the premise. The game has you and another player write up fanfiction as though it was a TV show through a series of guidelines followed by a general scene set-up/resolution system. For me, though, I feel like writing up an original story using the add-on given to me. For you see, one could play it like Game of Thrones…

However, when I saw the Dragons table, I knew that I could do something else.

The realm of Mitteland had been ravaged by dragons for over a century. Mankind knew only to serve the Dragon Tyrants out of fear for their own life. However, a secret group of anti-dragon politicians have been conspiring against them in the hopes of freeing the realm from their claws.

Enter Johan, a man born from a dragon egg and the supposed last hope the realm has. This is a tale of the last Dragon War, of how Johan fought to save the humans from the Dragon Tyrants…

However, Drachenkrieg was cancelled before it could even end. However, I shall finally bring closure to this made up show!

So, going by the list of what one must do to create the story, I decided on the Fandom, the rating (Gen), the Yes/No content (Because I’m the only person playing the game, unless the sudden turn of events causes something I find uncomfortable, I’m kinda in control of the list), the type (Continuation), the flavor (Canon), and now I need to focus on the main characters.

So, there’s Johan, and then there’s his brother: Langdedrosa Cyanwrath. A pure-blooded dragon who looked down upon Johan when he was being raised by dragons. He had become a formidable rival to Johan, with the final episode of Season 7 having him take command of the other dragons.

Though, I should see what happened in the seasons prior to the final one to see what kind of story we’re looking at…

Here’s how it will work: I’m going to roll up BOLD seven times for each character to see what they were up to in the last seven seasons, starting them off with being together and ending with them on opposite sides…

Starting with Johan…

Season 1: (Fantastic Misunderstanding solved by Legendary Help)

So, we begin Johan’s character arc after he had been accused of murdering his father and was about to be executed were it not for the interference of several high-ranking officers of the anti-dragon contingency. This is how we end up discovering the human side to the story and build up Johan’s eventual arc.

Season 2: (Grim Invader solved by Favored Ability)

At some point, though, dragons have invaded the human hamlet, only to be backed off by Johan’s newly found dragon breath ability.

Season 3: (Comforting Hamlet solved by Favored Ability)

Once Johan caused the Dragons to screw off, the hamlet had nothing but comfort in their lives… Until Johan’s lightning breath went out of control during a wedding and led to a huge massacre that caused Johan to be exiled.

Season 4: (Abstract Occult solved by Counteraction)

Johan sought the help of a sect of dragon-worshipping humans in order to control his dragon breath. However, they instead take him and believe that he’s merely a dragon who needs to come out of his human shell…

Season 5: (Disputable Horror solved by Weak Attribute)

This leads to an attempted sacrifice to the Dragon Tyrant of Darkness, who, rather than choose to kill Johan, pities him for his emotional feelings. Rather than sacrifice Johan to the dragon, the dragon sacrifices himself to Johan, giving him enough dragon blood to not only control the lightning breath, but also developed the ability to fly.

Season 6: (Prohibited Traitor solved by Fate)

It couldn’t have come at a better time, since around this point, a traitorous character had been backstabbing everyone to get to a position of power. This includes the hamlet, which Johan tries to save. After a brief battle, the traitor is dispatched by his brother, reuniting the two…

Season 7: (Impending Trap solved by Scarce-used Ability)

This leads to an awkward bonding moment between the two before it’s been revealed that this was all a trap set up by the dragons to destroy the hamlet once and for all… Johan utilizes his flight skills in full for the first time and gets the humans out of there as their last safe ground burns to the ground, leading to this final season.

And then we’ll focus on Langdedrosa.

Season 1: (Inexplicable Rebels solved by Favored Ability)

Langdedrosa begins as a leader of a dragon army who end up getting attacked by rebels. This led to the death of his father and the frame up of his brother. While some rebels ended up stealing his brother, he managed to kill a few of them with his dragon breath, showing his side of the war.

Season 2: (Prolonged Authority solved by Close Friend)

Langdedrosa wants to find his brother and save him, but is stuck to the chains of command. His friend, however, offers to go get him… and he ends up being one of the dragons that was killed by Johan’s lightning breath ability.

Season 3: (Corrupt Authority solved by Close Friend)

Or so we thought. In the midst of finding out a conspiracy where the dragons are fighting each other over who will become the new leader of the dragons now that Langdedrosa’s father died, Langdedrosa tries to stop them and fails, but his friend, Rezmir, comes back to help him overthrow the corrupt.

Season 4: (Storied Authority solved by the Authority)

The most I can think with this is that it’s one of those seasons where he doesn’t get to do anything except for restructuring the order of dragons and possibly get inducted into being a high leader.

Season 5: (Fragile Mooks solved by Scarce-used Ability)

And so, the dragons begin their flight to the hamlet to retrieve Langdedrosa’s brother. Along the way, they come across the cultists who they easily massacre.

Season 6: (Drowsy Straying solved by Favored Ability)

However, Langdedrosa is drugged and separated from the group. After a while, he ended up finding his brother and the traitor who was responsible for killing their father.

Season 7: (Prosperous Authority solved by the Authority)

However, he is captured by the humans and put on trial for war crimes. However, Rezmir revealed that the entire thing was a set up to get all the humans in one corner so as to wipe them all out. Langdedrosa is freed, but doubtful of his ability to lead the dragons after seeing how they treated his authority.

Which us now to the main storyline for Season 8:

Brother turned against brother. This was a battle that was in the making for a decade… The last vestiges of humanity now rest in the hands of Johan as the draconic army of Langdedrosa looms closer and closer to eradicating them. This is the final battle of the Dragon Wars. The one that will decide who shall inherit the realm of Mitteland…

So that decides relationship and the main storyline. Now all that’s left are the themes. While I could use the three from the supplement, I will also add my own flavor theme: Brotherhood.

After fiddling with the themes, I set up the “X-Card” and we are ready to go with this sheet!

However, I will end things here. Next time I play this, though, I will be diving into a 24 scene session, which might be very long, so look out for that. Well, bon voyage, gamers!

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