Stat It: Marvel Super Heroes

So, I decided to play Marvel Super Heroes for my penultimate RPG before the big ol’ 100th, and thus, I’m going to stat up my very own character. The reason I decided to play MSH was because of Gammazon’s game where he plays as Spider-Man. It brought back a lot of fond memories of me reading the books and thus encouraged me to do this instead of a fully fledged game of Maid RPG (though that’ll come after the 100th session).

Like in the other Marvel RPG, I’ll be doing three heroes, one of them will be premade, the other will be randomly generated, and the last one will be crafted by myself. Unlike the other RPG, I’ll be going in reverse order, since I have a character in mind.

Markus Manning was a normal human who went through a war. The battles hardened him and made him a powerful threat on the field. Retired, he still wanted to serve his country. Enter the Superhuman Registration Act, and Markus jumped all over that. Even after it got abolished, Markus was all for joining the superhero community under the Government’s thumb and, while it took a lot of feet in doors, he managed to get the training and registration he needs to be a hero.

Rolling up his stats, Markus has his Endurance and Psyche as Remarkable, Agility at Incredible, and the rest either good or typical. His Resources are typical as well with his Popularity ranked at Remarkable 20. Because he’s a normal human, he has no need to roll for weaknesses. Markus will start off with four powers, two talents, and two contacts.

The first power he takes is Imitation-Human Changeling, which, translating for our hero’s gadgets, is a sort of home-made disguise system he has. The second power is Armor Skin, for him it’d be a wrap around body armor. The third and fourth powers are Thermal and Radar vision, both of which come in the form of his goggles.

For talents, he’ll take only one: Marksman. As for contacts, he’ll have a National Politician by the name of Senator Brown (who was the one who landed him the job) and a lieutenant named Dan.

Alright, that’s one character done. The next character will be easier, as I’m going to roll one up.

[Roll: 27 & 27]

Our character is a human who had created a pill that gave him super powers, kinda like a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde sort of situation. Rolling up his stats and using his CS boost on the lowest, he has two stats in Good, two in Excellent, two in Incredible, and only one in Remarkable. He’s allergic to a certain kind of energy that takes away his powers for a short period of time. I’m gonna say it’s radiation because of how it could break up the pill.

Now for his powers! He only has one, with no talents or contacts, which will make this easy. He gets… Martial Arts Supremacy… He pops a pill… to gain martial arts abilities. Ooookay… Welp, gonna take that +1 CS from Strength and put it into Fighting and spend some of his resources to get Martial Arts E as a talent. And thus, we get Dr. Frank, who invented a pill that can make people fight with much more deadly aim. His superhero identity is Dr. Fist.

And lastly, the pregenerated character I’m going to play as is Iron-Man. Why? Well, because he kicked off the MCU and Marksman became a hero because of the registration act he personally backed up. With that, I’m ready to play.

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