Can’t Catch Me, I’m The Gingerbread Man!

Now, originally I was gonna do Marvel Superheroes as my penultimate 99th game, but then I saw that there’s a new Once Upon A Time expansion. You know what this means. Another Once Upon A Mythic Time game. Which is rather fitting because one of the very first sessions I did on this site was Once Upon A Mythic Time.

The premise this time around is Fairy Tale mashups, so instead of generic characters for our story, we’re going to be encountering established characters like Snow White, Cinderella, and Goldilocks. Same rules as before, assuming you have read them, and let’s go about this.

My character is the Gingerbread Man, his aspect is Full (I’m assuming he’s stuffed with some fondant) and his three items are beans, a beanstalk, and herbs. Herbs are an Interrupt. Our ending is…

“So Snow White saved the Cruel Sisters, and proved that hard work wins out in the end.”

… We are literally in the worst position right now. I’m the Gingerbread Man and I need to find a way to not only have Snow White save some cruel sisters, but also show that hard work is the best work.  Maybe a place and event might bring us closer to that goal…

We’re on a haystack during someone’s birthday.

[Q: Is it Snow White? Odds: 50/50. A: 40]

Yes, it is indeed Snow White’s birthday.

[Q: Is the haystack near Snow White’s house? Odds: Likely. A: 21]

Yes again. So, I get off of the haystack and head on over to Snow White’s house…

… Wait… I’m a tasty treat.

[Q: Will they eat me? Odds: Sure Thing. A: 16]

Yes. On. Sight. So, time to stealth. I’ll put myself in the hay to make myself less appealing, as well as eat the bean to add bitter the taste of my fillings. Once I’m covered in hay, I go towards the house.

[Q: Do they buy my disguise? Odds: Unlikely. A: 74]

Yeah, no one buys it for a quick second.

[Q: Does anyone spot me? Odds: 50/50. A: 80]

Good. So I’ll sneak my way in through the back. Scene ends and Chaos factor goes up because of my disadvantaged position.

[Scene Roll: 3]

Altered scene. And it’s…

A market place… Huh… I have an idea…

[Q: Are we in the perspective of another character? Odds: 50/50. Roll: 92]

Nope, so the back way is in through the marketplace.

[Q: Is it safe to say I bump into someone? Odds: Likely. A: 68]

Alright, so I encounter…

A hard-working sheep who is also an interrupt.

  • Event Focus: 65 = PC Negative
  • Event Meaning: 47 & 24. Travel Tension.

My journey is interrupted by a sheep who sees me and thinks I’m delicious. He’s going to try and eat me while I dodge out of the way.

[Q: Do I dodge? Odds: 50/50. A: 55]

Another Interrupt.

  • Event Focus: 28 = NPC Action (Is it safe to say it’s the sheep? Odds: Somewhat Likely. A: 71)
  • Event Meaning: 51 & 20. Overindulge Joy.

This sheep won’t stop til I get eaten. It’s possibly due to the hay on me so I’ll strip that off.

[Q: Does that lose the trail? Odds: Somewhat Likely. A: 26]

Yes, I do. I manage to lose the sheep and cut through the market place, picking up an item along the way. I pick up a riddle that’s an interrupt.

  • Event Focus: 29, Introduce a New NPC.
  • NPC: An Empty Goldilocks
  • Event Meaning: 88 & 2. Control Dreams.

Turns out Goldilocks is coming to the party too and notices me.

  • NPC Mood: 76, Sociable
  • NPC Bearing: 6 & 10, Speech
  • NPC Focus: 85,Family

She brings up how her cousin is Snow White and that she’s coming over for her birthday. Normally she’d eat me and be done with it, especially considering how she’s empty, but she bought a huge cake for her and the others, so she instead offers me to come along. Seeing as this is my way in, I accept, but only if I ride incognito.

In true fairy tale hubris, she puts me in the cake as she heads to the house. Scene ends and the control of the situation is rather off. I got chased by a sheep and the only way I can get in is through the cake. So, yeah, things are out of my control.

[Scene Roll: 7]

Scene is altered again, the oven, where it’s another interrupt.

  • Event Focus: 77, Ambiguous Event (Meanwhile, in the mines, something is growing, which is another interrupt)
    • Event Focus: 87, NPC Negative
    • NPC: 5, Goldilocks
    • Event Meaning: 64 & 60, Spy Misfortune
  • Event Meaning: 85 & 59, Negligence Randomness

Alright, so the following things happen:

  1. Goldilocks takes me to the kitchen where she ends up seeing that the cruel sisters are abusing poor Snow White.
  2. The Dwarves, who would normally be defending her, are busy with something in the mines.
  3. I’m to neglect relying on the random elements and instead use what I am given for the remainder of this scene. This means I cannot trigger events.
  4. I’m still inside the cake.

I think I can let this one play out, assuming the dwarves are able to show up with hard work and have Snow White save her sisters. On the other hand, I can pull some strings. Assuming I’m the size of an actual gingerbread cookie, I can sneak around and make situations where the sisters need saving… So, I get out of the cake and find a knife. Because of my size, this is a long sword for me, if not a Buster Sword.

So… My plan is to “accidentally” misplace the knife in the oncoming path of the sisters. When they’re about to get stabbed, Snow White will jump in and save the sisters, then clean the place to prove that hard work is good work.

Of course, variables are in effect. Plus, I need to sneak without getting caught.

[Q: Am I able to? Odds: Likely. A: 28]

Oh yeah. Now to drop the knife without giving it away.

[Q: Am I able to? Odds: Very Unlikely. A: 30]

Still a success! Now for one more question…

[Q: Does one of the step sisters attempt to step on the knife? Odds: Somewhat Likely. A: 54]

That ought to do it. So, one of the step sisters decides to go take a break from beating up Snow White and so she walks away…

[Q: Does Snow White stop her at the last minute? Odds: Very Likely. A: 75]

Yep! Snow White jumps into the path, saves her from the knife, and rubs in the fact that hard work (cleaning the kitchen) wins out in the end. I consider that my victory and now I get to celebrate the birthday party from afar, never to interact with the humans.

And that was Once Upon A Mythic Time. It was kinda wild and I was very surprised that I decided to set up an accident just to ensure an ending happens. I think for next time I’ll do a “sandbox” approach where I don’t actually try to accomplish an ending and instead have crazy stuff happen instead.

But, for now, we’re going into the endgame. That’s right. Next session is going to be a fatal one…

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