One Beginning, Multiple Endings: Zombies

So, this was written for a challenge in which the beginning is a common mad-libs starting scenario but it’d be our play style, genre of game, and other things that makes the endings completely unique. This challenge was called the One Beginning, Multiple Endings challenge and it was made by Thessius.

For the One Beginning, Multiple Endings challenge, I’ll be using the Ghostbusters D6 system with a Zombie Apocalypse setting. You can find my sheet here. Now, let’s begin with the scenario:

It was only thanks to your close friend, Purdie’s, warning that you could avoid the first wave of the invasion of your stronghold. Zombies are relentlessly storming the area, but you haven’t been noticed yet, thanks to their slow and dull nature. Your objective: reach a new stronghold before dawn, lest the zombies catch up.

Let’s kick things off with a random event.

  • Event Focus: 53, New NPC (We’re using NPC #3, as I’m using #1 for the PC and #2 for the close friend.)
  • Event Meaning: 42 & 43, Haggle Competition.

Okay, this might be interesting. So, our protagonist, Inigo Joyner, manages to find himself a stronghold, a simple shopping centre, but unfortunately, it’s being occupied by a thief. So, now he has to figure out how to get in without being detected.

[Q: Are the doors tripped for alarms? Purpose: To Knowledge. A: 41, SC goes to 1]

No, which means it just requires him to stealth inside.

[Moves Roll: 1]

But he can’t, so he decides to brute force it.

[Muscles Roll: 0]

That fails too.

[Q: Does the thief know he’s trying to break in? Purpose: To Knowledge. A: 70, but SC brings it up to 72. SC goes up to 2]

Yes, he does. Now to gauge his reaction using a bit from Mythic Variations 2.

[Roll: 6]

So he’ll continue to guard the mall, setting up several guns to discourage Inigo from entering. But, he’s not done yet…

[Brains Roll: 17]

Using some research, he figures out a way to sneak around the back where he won’t be noticed. I’ll end the scene here and generate the new one, with Chaos Factor going to a 6 as they weren’t in our control and our “find a stronghold” thread becomes “break into the mall”.

[Scene Roll: 3]

The back of the mall, however, is filled with zombies.

[Q: Do the zombies notice Inigo? Purpose: Towards Conflict. A: 24, SC brings it down to 20. SC goes up to 3]

No, they don’t. So now he has to either sneak by or go another way.

[Q: Are there more than a dozen zombies? Purpose: Towards Conflict. A: 44, SC bringing it down to 38. SC goes up to 4]

Random Event time!

  • Event Focus: 47, NPC Negative
  • NPC Focus: 3, Zombies
  • Event Meaning: 35 & 74, Return Liberty

No, there’s no more than a dozen zombies. And that’s thanks in due to the radical Human Liberation Front who mowed down several zombies. Taking his chance, Inigo runs into the back.

[Moves Roll: 3]

Eh, I’ll say he makes it. So he breaks in, Chaos Factor is reduced, and we are introduced to some new NPCs.

[Scene Roll: 2]

Scene interrupt.

  • Event Focus: 78, Close a thread
  • Thread Focus: The only thread we can close properly is Ensure Purdie’s safety.
  • Event Meaning: 72 & 43, Arrive Competition

Thankfully, Purdie managed to hold off the zombies thanks to the Human Liberation Front and ended up joining just as Inigo entered the mall.

“It’s good to see you’re alright, old friend.” Inigo said.

“Well, it’s gonna take more than a couple of zombies to do me in.” Purdie said back. The two trek into the mall.

[Q: Is the mall big? Purpose: To Conflict. A: 62, SC bringing it up to 70, SC goes to 5]

Yep, it’s pretty big. So long as they don’t come across the burglar, they’re good. However, I want to ask…

[Q: Does the burglar find the two within the next seven days? Purpose: To Conflict. A: 76, Surge making it 86]

Welp, didn’t take too long. Literally an hour. The burglar gets his gun ready and is about to fire at the two. Whoever gets the higher move will be able to get out of this mess.

[Moves Check, With The Burglar and Purdie using their special abilities. Inigo rolled a 5, the burglar rolled a 25, and Purdie rolled a 27.]

Purdie runs to the burglar and grabs the gun.

[Break Things Check: 17]

And easily breaks it with his bare hands. He glares at the burglar and warns him to leave them alone or else he’s in a world of hurt.

[Cool Check: 0]

He is not intimidated in the slightest.

[Q: Does he have another gun? Purpose: To conflict. A: 87]

Yes, and he immediately shoots at Purdie.

[Shoot: 28]

[Dash: 31]

He manages to dodge out of the way just in the nick of time.

[Break Things: 16]

[Muscles: 12]

And, in a few moments, breaks Alyx the Burglar’s neck. As he falls to the ground, dead, Purdie and Inigo breathe easy now that they have a new stronghold to have and managed to find it before dawn.

And that’s it. A pretty quick and simple game, but while it had a similar beginning, it ended differently. Bon Voyage, Gamers.

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