The Voyager Sees Some Hot Dudes Making Out

I kinda wanted to make it a tradition to play Ben Lehman game for Valentines Day. However, I ended up finding games (or in one case, a gimmick to a game) that fit the theme a lot better. But now, I can say with the utmost certainty that we’re returning to Ben Lehman’s works with Hot Guys Making Out.

 The premise is a simple one: a young boy, orphaned by an ongoing civil war, is adopted into a rich family by a mysterious man. What proceeds is the boy adjusting to his new life, living under the roof of a kindly maid, a stoic butler, and the master of the house, the latter of whom he’ll fall in love with. The story has something akin to an anime or manga and is told in sequential sessions.

It’s an interesting set up and I’d like to see how this is executed. The game recommends I play either Gonsalvo, the young orphan boy, or Honoré, the mysterious master. It mostly depends on what your preferred method of narration is. Do you want more internalized thoughts or do you prefer action? I think Gonsalvo would make some interesting opportunities for roleplay, so I’ll pick him.

The next step is to pick out a Threat, the problem of the week, so to speak. However, one’s already decided for us: Maria, the maid, is jealous of Gonsalvo. The first scene is also decided for us: arriving at the manor of Honoré. After mulling over how to pull this off solo, the compromise is simple:

The game unique among the Solo RPGs I’ve played because this game uses playing cards and the game is played like a game of Hearts. … I just got the joke. You play Hearts to tell a game about love.

Anyways, the way the game will work is that I draw five cards as per usual, but for Honoré, I’ll draw a card. If it’s lower than the card I played, it’s a pass. When I run out of cards to play, the scene will end and we go to the next one. The game ends when the threat in question is resolved or the deck runs out.

Now, we begin with me playing a four of hearts.

Gonsalvo stepped up to the front porch of the house and bowed before Honoré.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you!” Gonsalvo said.

Hearts in this game allow the character to do uncharacteristic moves. For the passionate and introspective Gonsalvo, it’s taking direct action and for the decisive and bold Honoré, it’s showing emotions. Otherwise, they basically stick to the routine. The only exception is when Maria plays a Queen, which in the story is her giving advice to either party and allowing them a free, unrestricted move. Oliver, the butler, is able to de-escalate a threat if a Joker is played.  

Honoré draws and it’s a two of clubs, which means he passes. Usually, when people pass, they describe the scenery. Because this is not me, I’ll roll descriptors.

[Q: What does the house look like? A: 72 & 40, Mockingly Good]

The house looked like the kind of doll house he would see at the orphanage. And yet, something about it felt off. Maybe it was the hedges being too trimmed or the wooden planks that line the house being too white… Whatever it was, Gonsalvo felt uneased by the house.

[8 of Hearts is played]

“I’ll… take the luggage inside…” Gonsalvo blushed and reached for his things.

[Another 2 is played, not high]

[Q: Does Oliver get the bags for Gonsalvo? Purpose: To Knowledge. A: 99! Yes, and unexpectedly random event!]

[Unexpectedly: 9, Set Change]

[Random Event: 13, NPC Action. NPC: 3, Oliver. Description: 84 & 17, Care of the spiritual]

The scene doesn’t end, but rather it cuts to Oliver bringing the luggage to his room. I’ll play a Joker.

Oliver helped Gonsalvo to his room. Once the last of the luggage had been placed, he took a deep breath and said to Gonsalvo:

“Don’t get too worried about the master. He wants you to feel welcome, after all.” That was all Oliver said before he left.

Since face cards are ranked at 11, this means that the opponent can play face cards as well until the end of the round and they play a Jack.

Now, each character has a unique face card that activates their special power. Gonsalvo has Jacks, Maria has Queens, Honoré has Kings, Oliver has Jokers and the threat would have Aces. With the obvious exception of aces, the only way the special powers can seemingly be activated is if the player themselves have played their face card.

So, when Honoré plays a Jack, I am to assume it is like if he played a non-heart because he isn’t Gonsalvo.


Honoré soon enters the room without any announcement, making the sexy eyes at Gonsalvo.

I’ll play a King, but because I’m not Honoré, that means I can’t activate his special power.

Gonsalvo blushed. What exactly did the master want so soon?

Another Joker is played. Now, Oliver isn’t playable when it’s just two players, so this invites the paradox of what happens if Jokers are played. So, I decided: screw it. I’ll let the face cards activate the unique powers for the sake of interest.

Oliver knocked on the door.

“I hate to be a bother, but dinner is being served” Oliver said.

I play a Queen, activating Maria’s ability to give me a free move, but I’ll have her give that during dinner. The scene ends there. Chaos Factor decreases, as things seem in control for our friend Gonsalvo, likewise for Turmoil, which is at 1.

[Scene Roll: 9]

I think I owe a bit of how I’m playing this to my time playing Bridge. I know this is a weird tangent to go on, but bear with me. For those who don’t know how to play it, it’s basically a trick taking game, except that you’re playing with a partner and you’re aiming to take the best score by betting on how many tricks you’ll take. You then play the hand, but the team that makes the final bet has one of their partners lay out their entire hand for the other player to utilize.

One piece of advice I was given when I was learning how to play was to never go with the highest ranked cards, since you won’t have enough ammo for later in the hand. Same goes with using trumps (which vary depending on the bet made), always have them in reserve until absolutely necessary. With me playing Bridge, it gave me a bit of a strategic look at how to play this game:

Start with the lower cards first before you work your way to the bigger ones, being careful to not show your trumps as you go.

I feel like more RPGs should base its mechanics off board and card games to give a bit more variety and even strategy to a game, as well as implement some sort of theme with it. Think Dread with how its horror element is played through a Jenga tower. Imagine an RPG that has players use special abilities by rolling dice and arranging them Yahtzee style or resolving conflict by the means of War. It’d be fun to see how imaginative these can get.

Apologies for the sidetrack. Let’s return to the game by playing a 2 of Hearts.

“I thank you for the dinner.” Gonsalvo said to Oliver.

In response, the deck pulled the King of Diamonds.

Not only is this instantly played, but because Honoré’s signature Face Card is the King, he gets into a Moment of Passion.

Moments of Passion are basically whenever Honoré or Gonsalvo play a King or Jack respectively. What happens is that they get really intimate, all while playing into their approach, so Honoré goes all physical while Gonsalvo is more emotional.

So, naturally, with me playing the only card I can play, an Ace of Clubs, the scene plays out as so:

Gonsalvo’s tongue touched the soup that was served to him and instantly retracted from the heat. Honoré went to Gonsalvo, picked up the spoon, and, with his arm around Gonsalvo’s shoulder, blew onto the spoon and fed him the cooled down soup.

Maria blushed and shielded her eyes as he continued to intimately feed the newly arrived Gonsalvo. Oliver just facepalmed.

“Jeez, Honoré, he’s not 2.” He muttered.

“But he is our honored guest, and he shall be treated as such… Isn’t that right, Gonsalvo?” Honoré placed his hand on Gonsalvo’s chin and stared into his very soul. For the first time, Gonsalvo felt something other than pain. As Honoré spoon fed Gonsalvo, a but of soup fell on Gonsalvo’s cheek. “Hmm… That won’t do.” He proceeded to lick his cheek. This caused Maria to shriek and storm out of the room, all while Gonsalvo began to think of just how bizarre all this is…

And yet, he couldn’t help but enjoy it…

And that’s where we’ll end that scene. Chaos Factor has gone up because we couldn’t control the whole “cheek lick” thing and Turmoil increases as the Threat of Maria’s jealousy is foreshadowed. Also, she never gave any advice, so I’m discarding the Queen I drew.

[Scene Roll: 2]

Scene Interrupt!

  • Event Focus: 100, PC Positive
  • Event Meaning: 66 & 93, Carry Weather

Beginning the scene with a 3 of Diamonds. After a string of Hearts, Gonsalvo finally gets to be introvertive.

Gonsalvo watched as snow gently decorated itself all over his new home’s yard. It seemed so serene and yet so odd. The only snow he’d seen were the gray ashes of war, so this was a new experience.

“Enjoying the view, Gonsalvo?” Gonsalvo turned to see Honoré enter his room. Gonsalvo wasn’t sure how to address the situation at dinner. Perhaps Honoré did that sort of thing with Oliver and Maria? Honoré sat on the firm bed that Oliver prepared for Gonsalvo.

“Listen, about dinner, it felt… Strange but… I couldn’t say no to it.” Gonsalvo said.

“I apologize if that was alienating, but looking at how you are, you needed to eat. You may have spent these past few years scrounging for food, but know this: as God is my witness, you will never go hungry again. Now, get some rest. You’ll be needing it for tomorrow…” Honoré said before he left. Gonsalvo couldn’t help but look as the master of the house walked away into the darkness of the hall.

In order, the cards played and discarded were 3D, 9D, 10D, 9S, QH, and 9H. The scene ends with Chaos Factor going down as I was mostly in control of the scene. I don’t think Turmoil has decreased since all that happened was Honoré talked about how Gonsalvo wouldn’t go hungry.

At this point, I’m starting to doubt I’m playing the game right, since the scenes go by rather quickly. Of course, this is due to how, instead of a separate hand for Honoré, I just draw from the deck which results in point values going from 2 to 11 in a single draw. Though, we still haven’t finished with the threat of Maria’s jealousy so we shall continue.

[Scene Roll: 2]

Another scene interrupt!

  • Event Focus: 53, Close A Thread
    • Thread Focus: 3, What Is This House?
  • Event Meaning: 74 & 64, Divide a Burden

Cards played for this scene are 4D, 8S, 10H, AS, JS, which causes a Moment of Passion, and 9C, ending the scene.

Gonsalvo couldn’t sleep. The wonders of a life without war kept him up. Enough for him to try and at least go out to get a taste of fresh, winter air.

As he did, he found Honoré standing by the porch of the house.

“Oh! Sorry! I… I just wanted to be outside…” Gonsalvo shivered as he breathed in the crisp and chilly air.

“Don’t be. Maria had a nightmare and I had to comfort her…” Honoré said.

“Maria… Are her and Oliver your servants? Like me?” Gonsalvo asked.

“Yes… and no. When we were children, this house was shared by our three families. Think of this as a vacation home, far from the rest of the world. When the war started and our fathers were conscripted, my mother sent the three of us here to hide. Eventually, the news broke that each of our fathers were killed in the line of duty. As the eldest man of the three families, the house went to me and as a result, Maria and Oliver live here as both servant and family. And now? You too…” Honoré said.

“I still haven’t thanked you for helping me…” Gonsalvo blushed as he said that.

“You don’t need to. If anything, I should be thanking you.” Honoré said.

“Huh? Why’s that?” Gonsalvo asked. Honoré gave a brief thought before he spoke.

“An extra person at the house would surely keep Oliver and Maria on their toes.” Honoré chuckled as he got up from his chair and into the house. “Now then, shall we go back to bed?” Honoré asked.

“Okay.” Gonsalvo went back with Honoré.

Chaos decreased since nothing went haywire, but Turmoil goes up because Maria’s seemingly disturbed by something. Two threads have been closed thanks to this scene. We know who Honoré is (a rich man from a family) and what the house is (a family home that Honoré inherited), so all that’s left is to figure out if Gonsalvo voices his feelings (I mean, he’s pretty up front about it so maybe?), can he find shelter from the horrors of war (Well, that’s pretty much sealed in the bag.) and what debt does Honoré owe to Gonsalvo’s murdered father.

I think, of the six threads we have, the former two can be safely closed. Gonsalvo has been able to voice his feelings since day one thanks to a steady flow of Hearts while the house itself is far away from the war entirely. The only other thread, the debt, seems like it won’t be answered immediately, at least not yet.

[Scene Roll: 8]

The cards played are 4C, 10S, JH, which gives another Moment of Passion, and AD, which increases the threat.

Morning comes as Gonsalvo goes to have breakfast with the others, who he could now consider a secondary family from the people at his orphanage.

“I see you are bright-eyed and bushy-tailed today…” Honoré told Gonsalvo.

“Yeah… I thought about what you said last night, about the house…” Maria looked to Gonsalvo as he spoke. “And, I think this can be good for me…” He stood up and bowed. “Thanks… I know you told me not to thank you, but… I can’t help it.” Gonsalvo began to tear up. “Within one day, you showed me how my life could be better… And I feel like I can live the rest of my life here.”


“Absolutely not!” Maria shouted.

“Madam, calm down,” Oliver patted Maria, only for her to push his hand off.

“No! This parasite thinks he can come to our house, our family and take my Honoré away!? Why is he even here anyways!? We were fine without him!” As Maria continued to scream, Gonsalvo’s tears rushed out, though not in joy…

“Oliver, take Maria to her room. She must have woken up on the wrong side of the bed.” Honoré said.

[Q: Does Maria retaliate? Purpose: To Conflict. A: 64, Surge Counter going to 1]

As Oliver grabbed Maria, she decked him in the face, causing him to stumble and fall.

“Tell me… Why is he here!? I thought we were enough!” Maria shouted.

[Q: Does Honoré retaliate? Purpose: To Conflict. A: 64, SC turning to 66]

Event time.

  • Event Focus: 54, Close A Thread
    • Thread Focus: I’m gonna veto this one and say it’s the debt. The event Meaning will be how exactly he owes Gonsalvo’s father.
  • Event Meaning: 20 & 76, Truce the Mundane.

“You want to know? Okay. Sit down, everyone… I should have said this long ago…” Honoré stood up and began to speak up.

“It’s true that this house is ours, but it’s also Gonsalvo’s. Or rather… his father’s.” Honoré said.

“… What exactly do you mean?” Gonsalvo said.

“Our families didn’t happen upon this house by chance. It belonged to Gonsalvo’s father, Lord Hidalgo.” He said.

“Lord Hidalgo?” Oliver got up, rubbing his cheek. “He was one of Francisco Franco’s top supporters!”

[Q: Does Oliver (and by extension, Maria) despise Francisco Franco? I ask this because Francisco Franco is a controversial figure who’s done both good and bad things for Spain, the setting of this story. Purpose: To Conflict. A: 51, Surge bringing it to 55]

“Yes, but he never shared Franco’s fascist beliefs. He did share his dream for Spain to one day be free from economical burden. As such, he helped whoever he could with his money, including my own father. Were it not for him offering his house, we’d be more than certain to have been caught in the conflict. He only had one condition, though.” Honoré pointed to Gonsalvo. “You. He wanted you to be safe from the conflict. He requested that, should anything happen to him, you would be brought to the house as a member of the family… Unfortunately, soon after he was executed for treason, my father went to war. I only found out about this through reading his will the other day… So, like it or not, Maria, Gonsalvo is a member of the family. I suggest you make peace with him before you let those emotions cloud your heart.”

Now we do the random event.

  • Event Focus: 77, Ambiguous event
  • Event Meaning: 6 & 74, Triumph Liberty.

I think I have a good idea what’s happening outside this house, but let’s continue.

[Q: Does Maria comply? I’m going to add some odds to this because Maria is a threat and isn’t too fond of having a Francoist’s son in their house on top of Honoré caring for him over her. No way, which is -20. Purpose: To Endings. A: 35, but the odds make it 15, Surge making it 21.]

Instead of responding, she stormed off. Honoré sighed.

“She’ll understand one day…” Honoré said.

End of scene. Turmoil goes up by 2 because of the chaos that went on and speaking of, Chaos also goes up. While we solved the question of how Honoré owed Hidalgo, we also come to the problem of Hidalgo’s past staining Gonsalvo’s present. This is actually getting intriguing…

[Scene Roll: 8]

So right now, the threat of Maria’s jealousy is at a 3, meaning she is now openly hostile and has attempted to hurt some people. One more Ace (which is clearly in the deck at this point) and she has gone full Yandere.

Now, unfortunately, I forgot two rules. Minor ones, however. The first being that any used cards get reshuffled save for Aces and Queens. The second is that Aces get reshuffled if the threat de-escalates. In hindsight, using Roll20 was not the best choice for a game like this, as the card dealing mechanics are basic. Next round of this I play, it’s going to be using Tabletop Simulator.

Though, foresight is also key here. My playing solo means I need to have some sort of counter to play off me, lest I just get a second hand of cards and play from there as though I’m playing Bridge with a dummy. The overall threat of Maria being jealous isn’t diminishing any time soon, not helped by the recent reveal of Gonsalvo’s father being a Francoist.

With that out of the way, let’s continue. The cards that were played are 3C, 4S, 5S, & JD

Gonsalvo walked in the garden, thinking about the past hour…

“My father’s…” Gonsalvo muttered.

“I’m sorry you had to find out like that, Gonsalvo…” Honoré approached him as the two stood by a rose patch.

“I never knew who my father was truly… So… It’s…” Gonsalvo stared into the bouquet of red-painted roses.

“Believe me when I say that I’d have chosen a much more subtle time to tell the truth… However, Maria forced my hand. I owe you and my family an apology. Though not right now. Let tensions simmer first…” Honoré offered Gonsalvo his hand.

“Umm… Huh?” He asked.

“Come. We’ll go horse riding…” Honoré said with a smile.

End of scene. Turmoil doesn’t change, Chaos decreases, as it’s rather relaxed compared to the previous scene.

[Scene Roll: 8]

Cards played: 5S, KS, KH

Gonsalvo and Honoré were gently going through the forest. Gonsalvo sighed as he looked up the overcast clouds. What made Gonsalvo weirded out was sitting on the horse with Honoré holding his body. Regardless, Gonsalvo breathed in and spoke up.

“Honoré, maybe it’s a bad idea for me to come over… I already put you and the others at each other’s throats…” Gonsalvo said.

“Nonsense. They just need to be adjusted to this is all…” Just then, Honoré stopped the horse.

“Something up?” Gonsalvo asked, but Honoré raised a finger to his lips and pointed to some men wearing the tattered clothes of Francisco Franco’s army as they cheered.

“We did it! We won the war!” One of them commented.

[Q: Does Honoré hate Francisco Franco? Purpose: To Conflict. A: 79, Surge making it 87]

Honoré raced towards the soldiers. He stopped and startled the group.

[Q: Do they know who he is? Purpose: To Conflict. A: 79, SC going up to 1]

“H-hey! Isn’t that Honoré?” One of them exclaimed.

“I ask this only once: what happened?” Honoré’s expression was in a sharper tone than what Gonsalvo as adjusted to.

[Detail Check: 46 & 68: Develop Rumor]

Oooooooh, this could be good.

“Aaah! S-sorry! That’s not what actually happened!” One of the soldiers said.

“Hmm? What are you talking about?” He asked.

“We’re going to the town over there to tell people that Francisco Franco won the war. If enough people believe that, then the tide could turn!” They said.

“So… Franco lost?” Honoré asked.

[Purpose: To Endings. A: 7, Surge taking it down to 5]

“No… He’s preparing for a final strike. It’s better to prepare them for his victory than to be shocked…” As the soldier said that, Honoré has a stern look on his face.

Okay, so to explain everything up to this point, the ambiguous event was that, elsewhere, the war was won by Franco’s forces. However, then that detail of it being a rumor came up. On top of that, the guys know who Honoré is. Given their despising of Franco, how he kept the secret that a Francoist helped them out of a financial burden, and how his father died fighting against the army, I can say without any need for a question that Honoré supports the Republic like his father before him. However, I will need one cutting question…

[Q: Is Honoré so devoted to the Republic that he will kill soldiers if need be? Purpose: To Conflict. A: 80]

Honoré breathes in and gets off the horse. He turns to Gonsalvo and, drawing a sword from the saddle of the horse, pats it on the flank as it runs the other way. Gonsalvo could only turn his head to see Honoré cutting down one of them before the view blurred out.

End Scene. Chaos goes up and Turmoil goes up by three because now a completely different conflict has presented itself. We have a new NPC and a new Thread: Franco’s forces and the War on their Doorstep. Now, this entire conflict cannot be our threat, at least for right now, but it’s obvious that this is a different threat for a later game of this. That said, this gives all the more incentive to finish off the Maria plot in order to focus on the other conflict before it invades the plot.

So, later on at the house…

[Scene Roll: 3]

Time to do the incident check.

  • Type of Incident: 16, Obstacle
  • Obstacle: 10, A supporting ally comes to complete a goal. … Oh no. It’s Maria!
  • Trihex: 666, 352, & 532: Ready Rest Writing

The cards played are: 2D and QD.

The horse returned Gonsalvo to the house. He tried to process what he saw… The kind, yet bold Honoré just… taking a life like that… and the fire in his voice when he questioned them about the war… How could he look at him the same way again? He got off the horse, turned to the door, only to find a paper that had it written on it.

“Dear Honoré,

I can’t do this anymore… Not while he’s around… I can’t bare to see him and you together… You were my friend since childhood… I thought I would… But…”

The rest of the letters were smeared by drops of what appeared to be water, save for the last sentence.

“Either he goes, or I go.

Sincerely yours,


With all that he had seen and heard, Gonsalvo took a sharp inhale, dropped the letter, and got back on the horse. He had never rode one before, but he knew just from watching Honoré how to do the basics. He rode off, away from the mansion.

End scene. Chaos goes up and Turmoil goes down by 3. Now we have something to work towards a climax to ensure the threat goes down while not getting distracted by the “Francos winning the war” scenario until later. And I’m kinda excited to see what the climax is.

[Scene Roll: 6]

Scene interrupt.

  • Event Focus: 93, NPC Positive
    • NPC Focus: 1, Honoré
  • Event Meaning: 30 & 93, Break Weather

Perfect. I think I know how we can finish this. Just gotta play the right cards…

Those cards being: 5H, 3S (discarded) 6S, QS

Gonsalvo ran into the closest town he could find as rain began to pour down. The road was no longer belonging to horses as automobiles sped past him. One of them was familiar…

The very car that took him to the house.

“Gonsalvo!” Honoré called out to Gonsalvo. “Come back! You’re going to be soaked!”

“This is better for everyone!” Gonsalvo cried out. “You, Maria, Oliver, you all were happy until I showed up!”

“What makes you think that?” Honoré asked.

Okay, I gotta ask this…

[Q: This this town a Francoist town? Purpose: To Conflict. A: 37, Surge making it 35]

Thank God…

“You guys hate my father! You’re going to hate me too!” Gonsalvo shouted.

“No! You’re not! You are not your father! If anything, you are anything but.” Honoré opened the door and extended his hand to Gonsalvo. Raindrops fell onto the seat of the car as Oliver expressed a grunt of displeasure. “I’m going to give you the life your father couldn’t, no matter who wins this war! Just like how he gave my father the life he couldn’t give me!” His hand stretched outwards…

Gonsalvo, in a moment of hesitation, grabbed it and was pulled into the car.

Finally!” Oliver heard the car door slam shut. Honoré had Gonsalvo in his arms as he gently stroked his back.

“Sssh… It’s going to be okay…” He reassured Gonsalvo as he sobbed in Honoré’s arms.

End of scene. Chaos and Turmoil go down by 1 and 2 respectively and hopefully next scene, provided the Ace isn’t drawn or we have a random event, that we’re able to pacify Maria enough to neutralize the threat before the Francos rear their heads into the plot.

[Scene Roll: 7]

Cards played are 6H, 6D, 7H and 10C

As Honoré’s car parked itself, Gonsalvo marched right up to the door and knocked on it. Maria opened the door, only to give a glare once she saw Gonsalvo.

“Maria, I apologize if my appearance was of short notice to you and Oliver, but I’m not going to stand by and let you judge me based off the sins of my father. Any of you.” He turned to look at Honoré, who merely gave a cocky grin. “You promised to bring me out of the war. With it about to conclude, I expect that peace will come shortly. When that comes, we’ll live in harmony. If not, then I know I am not needed.” Gonsalvo said.

Maria pouts, then looks away.

“W-well fine! But don’t expect me to be nice around you because Honoré says so, i-idiot.” She muttered. Oliver patted Gonsalvo on the shoulder, then beamed. “Welcome to the family, kid.” Gonsalvo had a smile, though it faded as he saw Honoré. He learned so much about his saviour in one day, but at the same time, he knew nothing about him.

Perhaps one day, Honoré will let down his barriers, and let Gonsalvo in…

And that was Hot Guys Making Out. And, I gotta say, I love how this is turning out. It gives you a lot of material to start out a scenario, and yet it feels like it could go anywhere, especially with randomizers like the Mythic events going on.

The card mechanic system, as I said before, is very well-intricated and allows for the narrative to ebb and flow naturally, as well as cues as to when to give characters the big moments. It never feels as though one person overpowers the other in terms of screen time, even for characters like Maria and Oliver, who can only truly act on Queens and Jokers.

There’s a downside to playing this solo and that’s dealing with how to play the cards. Normally, this is a two-player game, but without a second player, it’s hard to gauge just how to play the game out without playing a second hand. Part of the charm to playing the game solo was drawing to see what comes up. Having counted the cards, we had about six more cards to draw before the deck ran out, with the Ace of Hearts being presumably the final card… That wouldn’t have ended well for the house.

So, I’m at a crossroads. While it’s possible to play this solo, it still has the same kind of fun that you can have playing with other people. I will say that I will definitely go back to this setting and continue the story from there, but next time, I’ll be playing with Tabletop Simulator. Well, Bon Voyage, Gamers.

As the Francoists prepare to finish their fight with the Republic, rumors spread of them already winning.

“What do you think? Will we succeed with this plan?” Francisco Franco asked a person next to him…

He wore a Captain’s outfit, had a strong looking jawline, and wore circular sunglasses. He just gave a smirk and said…

“We will, sir… We will…”

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