Stat It: Savage Worlds

You know what? Let’s also do a Savage Worlds Stat It too! Now, for the setting, I was thinking it’d be set in the Oldlands, long after humans left it to head to the Ironlands, thus paving the way for new species, namely the non-human, non-standard fantasy races. These result in the Aquarians, Avions, Rakshashans and Saurians being the dominant races.

And our party will consist of four of them, one from each race. Originally, I was gonna make the characters on for ease of creation, but importing them over to Foundry proved to be a tad clunky, that and I think I might be able to finely tune the characters better if I went over the process for each of them instead of clicking on stuff and seeing what happens. I’ll still use Savaged for calculating numbers, but this will mostly be done manually. I’ll add, as a house rule, that the group gets one free Background Edge.

Our first character is Arkantos, a noble warrior from the abyss of Aquaria that rose up to claim land after the Skulde had reduced the Oldlands to cinders. He is very charismatic and seems to be favored by the old gods, though that leads to his arrogance. He is very spiritual at D10 with Agility and Strength being at D6. He has tough skin, can swim underwater and see in low light, but needs to be hydrated for one hour or else he’ll dry up and die.

Next up is Hawke, an Avion with a long combat streak. He is known for his berserker rage and devastating D8 Strength and Agility. His Smarts is at a D6. He is able to fly and has keen senses, but has very low toughness, speed, and the inability to swim. Third is Felicity, a Rakashan (of the Maine Coon variety) who is a famed cat burglar. D12+1 Agility with all the skills from that ability, plus a strength of D6.

Lastly is Tirano, the Saurian, an outsider who wishes to also reclaim the Oldlands for his tribe. He is notable for his ability to be alert. Tirano starts with his Smarts at a D10, Agility at a D6, and most of his skills being at a D6, with Notice being at a D12+3. He has claws and scales to protect himself, but, as a lizard, he hates the cold.

With the four properly statted, I shall write up a backstory for the group as individuals and as a whole. I sort of have their details figured out using the Savage Worlds Solo Engine by PPM Games:

  • Arkantos: Deceptive Magic. Arkantos has been cited to have great magic when, in reality, he simply is just lucky. He lies about his magic and uses his faith to fool people into thinking he has magic.
  • Hawke: Deceptive Person. Hawke is actually of a descent of cuckoo birds who have mastered infiltrating Avions and has not found out he’s a Cuckoo.
  • Felicity: Deceptive Plot. Everyone assumes that Felicity is up to no good and that she’s scheming the biggest heists known to man… No one realizes she’s just a petty thief who steals no grander than a chocolate bar at a store.
  • Tirano: Strong Person. Tirano is the strongest person of the Saurians… At least that’s what people think. In reality, he just uses his smarts to outwit opponents and make it seem like he’s strong.

And lastly, I’ll use BOLD to generate a common connection they share.

  1. Arkantos/Hawke: Avoiding Proclamation of Home. The Avions and Aquarians are trusted allies, so when the Oldlands seem ripe for the taking, none of them want to jump on it because that’d breach their trust.
  2. Arkantos/Felicity: Discussing Proclamation of a Like. Arkantos hires Felicity to steal something in trade for food, something she adores.  
  3. Arkantos/Tirano: Excluding Protest of your Nature. Arkantos and Tirano seem to be of noble warrior races (well, most of the races save for the Rakashan. However, whereas Tirano is going different route with his fighting, Arkantos doesn’t wish to talk to Tirano about his straying from the path of a warrior and instead towards the path of faith.
  4. Hawke/Felicity: Obsessing Interjection of Home. What Felicity ends up stealing was evidence for Arkantos to forge a casus belli on the Oldlands and scoop it out from under them. Hawke stopped her and, upon finding out about this, goes to confront Arkantos.
  5. Hawke/Tirano: Improving Guide of your Nature. Tirano, however, is able to mediate between the two, saying that there needs to be someone who should retake the first city and make it a nation. He appeals to their warrior natures and tells them that they should both make the first city of the Oldlands.
  6. Felicity/Tirano: Detailing Muse of a Like. He gets Felicity in on the action by bribing her with food.

This… has become a very interesting story now. It’s more about retaking an old, destroyed city with four characters, some of them not even trusting each other. It’s gonna get deep, let me tell you…

Well, that’s it for now. Bon Voyage, Gamers.

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