Witchy Superheroes

Gonna preface this now, we’re dealing with witch trials and a cult preforming human sacrifices. Yeah, it’s one of those sessions.

So, unfortunately, I was unable to complete The Lost Dungeon of Rickedness for Solo Gaming Appreciation Month. Rather than release part 2 and then make part 3, however, I decided to take a look at another journaling game, as its premise had grabbed my interest: No Witches, Just Superheroes.

The setting’s premise speaks for itself: superheroes, but they’ve been time warped to the era of Witch Trials. Basically, if anything went wrong, people would just point to someone, call them a witch, burn them at the stake, then let God sort it out. There’s a lot of nice narrative potential with this and the game was pretty cheap, so I bought it and dedicated these last days of November to playing it.

So, who is our superhero? Well, I think a Time-based superhero would be cool since that can explain why he was able to time travel. While the game says that he’s unable to, my idea could be that his powers went out of control.

He’ll need a name… Hm… [roll] Royal Timeless Cosmic. … Okay, let me shuffle this around. Timeless Cosmic Royale. There we go. His backstory could be that he is a cosmic entity representing time itself but had the trouble of adjusting to the physical plane and, as a result, his powers are considerably nerfed.

Now, the game offers a physical feature to the game in that the three Witch Trials require real world items. Fire trials require burnable material, water trials require a bowl of water, and the scratching trials require paper. Though, this is flavor-wise. As this is mostly done through writing a computer with the deck drawing done through Tabletop Simulator, I won’t really be doing these activities, but I can see these adding a sort of investmental vibe to the game.

Without any further to do, let’s begin play.

The first question I drew asked me how Royale was able to heal from my burn wounds. My idea is that while Royale can’t time travel, his body has a bit of a rewind feature where it resets the wounds back to being… not wounds. These are done in a sort of testament to Royale’s friends if he somehow doesn’t make it out alive.

When I first entered this land, they set upon me hot irons that scalded my skin… Fortunately, I was able to regenerate by using my Chronosmic physiology to realign the flesh.

Normally I’d draw a crowd card after this, but spades don’t require me to do that. I kinda like how the game balances itself like this, since the face cards only allow for twelve entries.

Next, something reminded Royale of something from his childhood that made him cry. Hmm… Not really sure what it could be?

Time to consult Zero Tangent.

[Results: The Pharoah’s Head and an open wound]


When I saw someone getting dragged away in chains, I was reminded of the first time I came to this world… Back when I saw slaves being pushed around to do the Pharoah’s bidding… It sickened me to the point of tears… Eventually, I went to stop this person from making his captive suffer…

And now is when I draw the Crowd Response card. And it’s a Spades.

I was tried for being a ‘warlock’, whatever that meant, and was subject to another hot iron test. Luckily, I was able to regenerate… But I don’t know how long I can keep it up.

And now we go to the next scenario.

The next day, I was accused for bringing a drought into the town by freeing a person who was meant to be… sacrificed… It was here that I learned of this town’s cruel nature. I responded by calling them all animals. They spared me this time around, but were put off by my intimidating voice. I doubt I can control this town into abandoning this tradition though…

Shit, I think I’m in the Wicker Man.

And then there was that time I mistook Judy for someone who looked like Judy… Perhaps her ancestor? I’m unsure how this may affect the timeline. I’m not sure if I have jeopardized Judy’s existence through this mere interaction. When I tried to play it like a cute nickname, Judith accepted it… I might have invented the name of Judy.

Heheh, okay, so this game can get fun at times.

I am writing this diary to my friends from the future. If I am to be compromised, this story will tell them of my legacy in this town. I have hidden it underneath my pillow at the inn. No one has seemed to have found it… For now.

Alright, alright, I’m getting the hang of this.  

My superhero costume, admittedly, would have had me be sussed out as a ‘warlock’ by the masses, as my costume is made from a spectral fabric known as Cospandex. Its appearance is that of the night sky. Something that only astrologers would have seen back then… The people seemed to enjoy it, however.”

I’m surprised that the village is being pretty chill with Royale after that whole “stopping a human sacrifice” thing.

At least until someone poisoned him.

Were I a normal person, the mushrooms implanted into my food would have done me in. Fortunately, my biology is different from a normal human’s. I suspect it’s the leader of the town, a self-proclaimed druid.

Hmmm… Interesting.

This town… I do not understand the patience that Strongman and Midnight Shadow practice. How is it that they can arrest mass murderers and other such criminals and not feel the urge to kill them? I ask this because I nearly crumbled under the temptation of destroying the town. The first person who was ever kind to me, a girl who was no older than thirteen, was burned at the stake because they believed her death will bring forth a bounty. These monsters don’t see the witch trials as rooting out evil… They use it as an excuse to fatten their bellies. A leap of blind faith. There would have been more sacrifices had I not stopped them from claiming any more by making their perception of time slow down while I allowed them to escape.

Yeah, we are definitely getting some interesting grounds with this.

My body, in its rage, began to go berserk once more. I realize if I allowed my body to do this, I’d be able to go back to my time, but suffer a strain to my body that may reduce the time I have left in this plane… Ultimately, I chose not to go through with it and restrained myself from uncontrollably time travelling.

So, this is actually interesting because the prompt has me draw a Crowd Response card to see if my character succeeded or failed. Spades meant a failure (which is what happened) but anything else would have allowed me to basically end the game prematurely before reaching its end card.

When I led the revolt against the town, however, those who stood beside me were lynched. I fled the scene and tried to save as many as I could, but unfortunately, all of them fell to this sadistic cult.

Yeah, eventually someone is going to fall in the end.

During these trials, I saw that a ‘witch’ is required to wear the garments of burlap sacks to encourage incineration. Those who refuse are instead given scratch trials, which wouldn’t be so bad if the utensils used for the trials in question weren’t rusty. However, for me, they concluded that, since I survived the hot iron, a simple rusty knife won’t do anything.

I kinda liked how I intermingled the hot iron from the beginning over to this prompt.

The next thing I draw is that something from the future came back… Let’s use Tangent Zero again to see what’s up.

[Results: Hearts and a man with swords]

“My ally in war, Dualist, came back in time to try and free me from my time. Perhaps the journal I wrote finally made it to the Society of Heroes and they sent someone to rescue me… Unfortunately, before he could get me back to our time… I’m sorry, Judy, but…

[draws the last Spade Crowd Response card]

He didn’t make it. The cultists grabbed him and sacrificed him the same way the others were sacrificed. At the stake. If I return, I have his swords which will be placed in the Hall of Rememberance.

… Yoooo. Okay, I have to do a Superhero game with this scenario now. Now I want to see what else happens.

Today, however, I chose to save a person in the same way I saved my arch nemesis, Entropy. I infused some of my blood into them which reversed their disease to something that could be treated with bedrest. I hope this one random act of kindness will turn the town into something nicer…

Hmmm… This might go for a nicer ending than I have thought.

However, not everyone liked me. Especially the cult leader. She had enough of my presence and tried to burn me alive in the inn. I stopped the flow of time to evacuate a family that owned the inn, but they still got out of it with third-degree burns… I am this close from confronting the leader…

The reason why I want to do a superhero game is basically so that I could build upon this scenario and flesh out the cult leader.

“This morning, I tried to activate my body’s time travel powers, but before I was able to, the cult leader, Dinorah, caught me red handed and accused me of being the devil’s spawn. At this point, I was done. I decided to pretend I was this spawn she so feared. I was creative with the ability to slow down time to make it seem like I was faster than a speeding bullet. I felt dirty intimidating her, taunting her about how her past sins will haunt her, especially since she ran out of town after I gave her a heart attack.

However, it had to be done.

Hmmm… So, I defeated the antagonist in this story…

Later that day, I saved a priest by freezing time and bringing him out of the path of a falling tree. He had me drown, convinced I was trying to prevent him from meeting his maker. However, once he found that, as a Chronosmic, I do not require air, he found the execution boring and freed me.

It’s kinda funny how it’s sort of impossible to kill Royale by normal means and eventually they just tolerate Royale being here. However, I ran out of Crowd Response cards. Though, seeing the size comparison, I can see how this happened.

The Story Deck is comprised of 20 cards. Each card also draws a Crowd Response card. The exception to this are the Spades. This means that 15 cards are drawn that also draws a Crowd Response card. The Crowd Response deck is comprised of 12 cards. With the way the deck is dealt, where you split the cards into a deck of 8 and a deck of 11 cards, placing the Ace of Spades into the 8-card deck before slipping it below the 11-card deck, there is a 25% chance that you’ll run out of Crowd Response cards before you draw your Ace of Spades.

I don’t think this is too limiting, however, since there’s only 3 cards in the Crowd Response deck that results in your character being put on trial, coincidentally also a 25% chance. After the deck is used up, whatever prompts come up afterwards results in your character getting away scot-free. Not to mention that it’s only three prompts max before you draw that Ace of Spades.

For the sake of brevity, Royale clarifies his story by saying how he’s the spawn that delivers judgement onto sinners, playing into the idea that Hell is a place where the sinful are punished. This is how he was able to justify healing the sick with his blood, as he wouldn’t bring himself to harm innocents.

The absence of Dinorah causes a power struggle between Father Conway and another person, an elder simply named Old Scratch. Royale solved the conflict by setting up elections and establishing a democracy. However, Old Scratch won and, in a private chat with Royale, revealed that he was the devil they were worshipping. However, he recognizes that as he is now, Royale would easily trounce him, so he offers him a deal: leave his town alone and he’ll be brought back to whence he came.

As I draw the Ace of Spades and was given a blank cheque of what happens to Royale, I think the answer is obvious…

Wild Volcano, the leader of the Society of Heroes, flew his team to the remains of Rayure, the last known location of both Royale and Dualism. There, they recovered the journal of Royale, whose last entry wrote that he freed the town of Rayure by killing the devil that would grant them a bountiful harvest for every twenty-five people they sacrificed in the summer. The village burned down to the ground as the result of their battle.

Wild Volcano honored the two dead heroes by erecting a statue of molten rock dedicated to the two heroes. And they remained dead for about a year or so before some comic retcon happens that explains that they didn’t really die and were just hiding…

Okay, okay, if I wanted to be serious about this, Dualism could simply not go back in time and the timey wimey ball makes it so that he’s basically in two points of time at once. Meanwhile, it’s later established that Chronosmics don’t truly die but are sent back to the aether where they regenerate.

And that was No Witches, Just Superheroes. I honestly enjoyed playing this, as it serves as areally great writing exercise, as well as a sort of plot generator for a superhero campaign. This gave me a few ideas and avenues to go off on. If you want to play a rather unique journaling game, by all means check this game out.

Bon voyage, gamers.


One thought on “Witchy Superheroes

  1. Hi, thanks for this sweet game report! It was funny (and sometimes sad) to read what your character went through.

    I truly loved the “priest tried to drown me but get bored when he saw I didn’t care” part. That was a pretty cool story, full of twists. Thanks for playing and writing it on your blog! I’m glad to know this game gave you ideas for superheroes’ adventures

    Bon voyage ! 🙂


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