The Fabletop Campaign Reboot, Session 1

A long time ago, I decided to get serious in doing a campaign for a game called Fabletop, a virtual tabletop that uses its own built-in universal RPG system. However, the site I published it on no longer has any sort of functionality. So, I decided to reboot the Fabletop Campaign for this blog.

We’ll start in a tavern where we’re introduced to our protagonist, Red the Rogue. Character creation is rather easy since you just select what sort of class and feel of the character you want to make.

Anyways, the tavern has four different people. Two guards, a drunk, and a bartender.

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Spotlight Mini: The Auger

This is going to be a brief post, namely because I have not purchased the Auger and so I can’t put it through an in-depth look like I did with Foundry.

Though that is a good segue into this post. One of the downsides to Foundry was its asking price of $50 USD plus tax. While it now has a plethora of RPG systems and tools to help facilitate a solo gaming experience, you are paying a hefty amount of money which can be a deal breaker for some people.

Which is why I’m happy to talk about the Auger, a program that costs $20 USD. Practically half the price of Foundry. From the screenshots alone, it has the feeling of an old-school computer RPG where you have a character status screen, an over world map to explore, and even a scene where you can fight monster.

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