Destrox, The World Killer

For the second week of Solo Gaming Appreciation Month, we’re to turn a board game into a driver for another RPG. This is good, because trying to wrap my head around and playing WorldKiller would be a rather tough challenge. Instead, I’ll play a sci-fi game using the setting of WorldKiller as the basis… Which one though is a huge question. One I already know the answer to: Shifter Bots.

To briefly sum up what Shifter Bots is, it’s an OSR/Black Hack-style game based off Transformers. It’s made by Thunderegg Productions. If the name’s familiar, that’s because they’re behind Kaigaku and the Exodus System. I decided to pick this game over Exodus’s Sci-Fi edition due to the fact that, while reading up on the rules and lore behind WorldKiller, I recalled the battle of Yavin IV in the climax of A New Hope and I had thought of Unicron, a planet-eating Transformer whose alternate form is a giant planet akin to the Death Star.

And so it has come to pass that I stat up my character, Destrox, along with his leading officer, Domix, as the two robots that lead an invading force over to a distant planet, all while two other robots, Outrider and V-Duster, struggle to protect it.

Let the battle begin.

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It’s Always Sunni In The Middle East

For this year’s Remembrance Day, I figured I’d be a little more modern with my war games. Like, current year modern. The War on Terror has been a crazy saga over the past decade or so, spanning tales of revenge, ethical warfare, evolving technology, and a bunch of other stuff. And like most of the other wars, someone made a game about it. The game is called ISIS Crisis and it’s been utilized by militaries to improve on their strategies. Some say the origins of roleplaying can be tied back to people using war games to better their military might, so it makes sense for me to try my hand at this.

The situation is this: ISIS declared itself as a caliphate to every Muslim across the world and wants to control the Muslim-dominant countries, starting with Iraq, Syria, and the Levant region, the latter causing ISIS, then standing for Islamic State of Iraq and Syria to become ISIL or Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant or even Islamic State. For the sake of this game, we’ll refer to it as IS or Islamic State, as that is what they renamed themselves as after naming Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi as their Caliph, now named Amir al-Mu’minin Caliph Ibrahim.

Unfortunately for the Islamic State, the United Nations deemed them to be a terrorist organization due to the war crimes it’s been accused of causing. It didn’t help that the Islamic State themselves are violent in their conquest, prompting retaliation from Sunni Iraqis and constant attacks on civilians across the globe that they claim responsibility for. With the Islamic State declaring their intent to obtain Baghdad as their next nation to annex, the events of this Matrix Game begins.

A Matrix Game, from my knowledge, plays almost like Braunstein. You have multiple factions in a wargame setting, but you’re not necessarily fighting like a wargame, but rather playing out scenarios like a roleplaying game. The name comes from a Matrix of keywords that serve as a framework, even though it eventually dropped from later editions. Resolution is solved through basic arguments like “I hit you because I can punch and you’re too busy talking to me”. An Umpire would then judge how likely the situation is and the player rolls a d6.

There’s a lot to process for this game, so let’s just begin. I’ll be using Tiny Solitary Soldiers for this game. There are six factions, each with their own agendas. The Islamic State, for instance, wants to control the Middle East by crushing Shiites and Kurds and overthrowing Baghdad which they believe is controlled by a puppet of America. America, meanwhile, just wants to make things as politically stable as it is, weaken the Islamic State’s grip, and keep Iran separated from Iraq, all while avoiding direct interference by deploying ground troops. Each faction has their own story for why they do what they do. They also have current conflicts that affect how they play. America is hesitant to use direct military action, so anything they do will be at a -1.

Due to the title of this session, I’m going to be playing as the Sunni Opposition. They’re a faction who have allied with the Islamic State because they were denied a fair share of wealth after the overthrow of Saddam Hussein. Making matters worse is that their government is ruled by a corrupt, hostile, and repressive prime minister. A cool thing to note is that while they ally with the Islamic State, they consider just how dangerous they could be. Continue reading

Cal Arath, the Barbarian Prince

We have arrived onto the Solo Gaming Appreciation Month. This is the month where it’s dedicated to solo roleplaying as people do challenges for their RPG games. The challenges for this month seem simple enough for me to do, especially since most of the games I picked are of the “two birds, one stone” kind of game.

One of the challenges is to play a game you have never played before. The other is incorporating a board game into the gaming. From the conversation we had regarding what counts, I managed to pick two of the four games devoted to this month. The first of which is Barbarian Prince. This seems to be one of those “RPG in a box” kind of games, where it plays more like a board game but with RPG elements. How much? Well, that’s where we will find out. Continue reading

Spotlight: Welcome To Sand Hands

This will be a brief shout out. There’s a site called Botnik which has this really cool system where you feed it text files and it becomes a virtual keyboard where you can mix around the words to make your own story. It’s really fun and I have had a hand in it. You might have already heard of it with “Harry Potter and the Portrait of What Looked Like a Large Pile of Ash”. That was made by feeding the system Harry Potter books.

In a way, it’s like having those three words that appear on your phone when you text someone, only this time it knows stuff like Shakespeare. Anyways, today’s focus is gonna be on their new book: Welcome to Sand Hands. If you remember Goosebumps, then you might remember the “Give Yourself Goosebumps” series, which is essentially the Choose Your Own Adventure line, but with that R. L. Stein aesthetic.

As it isn’t your ordinary gamebook, I won’t be covering it lest I put out major spoilers, as it’s essentially a book with alternating paths, but I do recommend you guys have a read. This was made with fusing all the other Give Yourself Goosebumps books and the result is a nice puree of horrors.

Halloween may be over, but fear doesn’t end.

Don’t Let Me Sleep (Part 1)

To celebrate Halloween, we’re going to be playing Call of Cthulhu using the characters I stated up. I had the liberty of statting up just one more character, who you’ll see as we begin the game. For this kind of game, we’re going to use the ever so trusty CRGE-Kai, but we’ll use the Horror variation of the Mythic Fate Chart. The major twist about this is that Chaos Factor can only go up. Scene Events are also changed. Instead of Odds and Evens to determine scene alterations or interrupts, 1 to 3 are alterations whereas 4 to 9 are interrupts. With this in mind, let’s begin! Continue reading

Doki Doki Curse Club

Erm… Hello.

I know you’re expecting the Voyager to write this but he’s been too busy with his new girlfriend. So he had me write this Actual Play up. M-my name is Enterprise, and I… Um… Well… I like more nicer RPGs. Something that doesn’t require killing. L-like My Little Pony…

Anyway! I was told that I need to play a H-Halloween game… and it’s kinda disturbing. It’s called After School Curse Club a-and… Look, I’m gonna be honest. Halloween scares the crap out of me. Everyone makes creepy videos and talk about creepy stuff. I just want to play something nice and fluffy. But no!

Still… I’m only doing this for the sake of my friend. So… Here goes.

The game’s plot is that the school’s local occult club ended up summoning something called a Yurei into their realm and the aim of the game is to banish her because if you know anything about Japanese horror, you know they’re just one neck rotation away from killing everyone in the room. You do this by going around the room, kinda like Clue.

So, the game can be played with one to four players, so I’m deciding to play with three. The names I’ll go with are Sayori, Yuri, and Natsuki. Next, we need to find out what skills they’re good at. We pick one for each and they get a +2 bonus. So, I’m going with Sayori having Spirit, Natsuki having Will, and Yuri having Investigation.

After marking off the grayed-out markers on the map, we roll to see where our characters are. After rolling, we see Natsuki is in Commons while Sayori and Yuri are in the Gym. And now we roll for Initiative. It seems Natsuki’s going first. Continue reading

Oh No! I’m A Werewolf!

Normally I only do one Halloween game and leave it at that, but I was informed of two Halloween themed games on top of the one I had planned. One of which is the newest game from Penguin Comics: Random Solo Adventure: Halloween II – Oh no! I’m a Werewolf!

Given how small the book is and the fact that it’s a gamebook, expect either a short game, me dissecting the book (and thus spoiling it), or both. As such, if you have any interests in this game, this is your last chance before I dive right in. Continue reading

Bowsette The Beast

Now, before, I had stated that I wouldn’t play The Beast because of how unsettling it was. Well, I took a closer look at the cards in the game and realized there were some pretty safe for work questions that I could tackle. So, I’ll throw caution to the wind and play through The Beast.

For this Beast… I have had quite an idea. Thanks in large part to all these memes that kept floating around, today’s guest will be none other than Bowsette! You can thank various people who posted videos of her for giving me this idea. Let’s begin!

Her smell is akin to brimstone. Her skin, while smooth to the touch, does leave behind an impression of scales. I hide her in my computer. I am attracted by Bowsette’s height, though repulsed by her arrogant personality. And I already know she’s a she so… Yep. Well, that’s Day 1 done.

Not sure how the numbering will go given how I’m skipping all the sex-related questions, but here goes! Continue reading

The Solo RPG Voyages Quarter Quell #3

So, here we are. 75 sessions of Solo RPG Voyages. And we’re finally here. The 3rd Quarter Quell. Alright, what game will I play this time?

The RPG is… Combat Leader!

The Engine is… CRGE-Kai!

And the Drivers are… I Ching and Insta NPCs!

Oh, wow. The last time I played Combat Leader, the entire area was lit on fire… And the last time I used I Ching, it was based around working with the very being that sunk Atlantis. So… What happens when you mix fire and water? Well, let’s find out! Today’s leader is Serov. Continue reading

Carolina Death Crawling In My Skin

So for the penultimate session before the Quarter Quell, I decided to go a little unorthodox. A while back, I purchased a game that I wanted to play for so many years. This is dating back to when I was doing the Hope Inhumanity games. Life and other such problems got in the way, though. But now? I can try this. The game? Carolina Death Crawl.

I’m gonna be brutally honest with you all. I’m going into this game blind. Whereas almost every other game, I had an idea of what I’m gonna play, either because I heard someone else talk about it, or I saw a demo, or I have played it before. Here? I have no such prior context. To give you an example, I had this idea the game’s gonna be about cross-country horseback racing a la Steel Ball Run, but instead, it’s about the Civil War…

The one about the blue and white soldiers fighting over the legality of slavery, not the one with the armored billionaire duking it out with the personification of America over superhero regulation.

So, yeah. I’m gonna learn this game as I play it. What I know is that the game is played through cards, much like Hope Inhumanity, and that there’s three kinds of cards: Kill, Disgrace, and Destroy. Thankfully, the rules that come free with the DrivethruRPG page explain the premise. Basic gist is that it’s Civil War, we’re left behind enemy lines, only one person can live. Our character is a soldier for North Carolina and is loyal to the Union despite North Carolina being a Confederate State.

Character Creation seems to be very cool. There’s two halves of a character. The first half has their first name, rank, and title whereas the second has their last name, placement in the North Carolina Army, and the second part of the title. Naturally, I went with Charles Comfort, Lieutenant of the 1st NC Cavalry, Officer & Ass-Kicker.

Well, I’m ready to play, though I’m not sure if I will need additional players or if I can just wing it. In either case, I will have Henry Dunham, Private of the 1st NC Cavalry, Swamp Rat & Imposter, on the ready in case I do. For now, I will need to answer my main question: Whose ass am I going to kick the moment I slip your leash? This question does not necessarily have to be answered right away and can be answered during the game, it seems. So, on with the game.

Skimming the game does reveal that I would need at least three other players for this game. They will act as extensions of myself rather than use an Emulator to simulate them. So, after Henry Dunham is Isaac Eager, Corporal of the 1st NC Calvary, Intellectual & Criminal. And after him is Lemuel Maybank, Sergeant of the 1st NC Calvary, Veteran & Aristocrat. Already we have some interesting combinations. Almost everyone has a beef with each other. Maybank is in debt to Eager, Eager is loathed by Dunham, and Dunham is hiding from Comfort. Continue reading