5 D20 Games I Wanna Play Here

I never do a lot of D20 games, and the reason for that is that its successor, D&D 5E, has been almost what I always play nowadays. The reason is obvious: everyone knows how to play D&D at some degree or another and most likely wouldn’t put in the time to learn a new game. Apart from one weekly game, CanGames, and of course, here, D&D is all I play.

That said, there are some settings/games that I do wanna tinker with at some point later down the line. With that said, here are 5 D20 games I wanna try out for Solo RPG Voyages at some point, in no particular order. I’ll be discounting Testament, since I did two sessions on it and I’m planning out a third down the line.

#1: Broncosaurus Rex

Now, dinosaurs in space would be enough to be a selling point. But the setting takes a step further by involving the Civil War into it. Yes, that Civil War. The long story short of it is that dinosaurs are discovered and futuristic versions of the North and South sides of the war vie for control of the planet. It is essentially Jurassic Park set in the wild west except in space. Very exciting premise in of itself so I’m definitely gonna play it at some point.

#2: Mutants and Masterminds

The D20 game for superheroes. Superhero roleplaying games are always my favorite kind of game (ironic given how little of them I play here) and aside from Heroes Wear Masks, which is a similar D20 Superhero game, that alone has me interested. Add in a unique character creation system akin to GURPS and you have me going “Why am I not playing this yet!?”

#3: D20 Modern

Very rarely do you have RPGs set in contemporary settings. Most games are set in fantastical lands or outer space, or if it is set in modern day, there’d be some paranormal gimmick added like superheroes or vampires. While there are additional magical rules to D20 Modern, you can play this with zero magic whatsoever.

#4: Star Wars D20

While I heard less than favorable opinions on this as well as there being better alternatives for Star Wars games, I still wanna play this and see just how well it plays. Of course, there is another Sci-Fi game for me to consider…

#4.5: Starfinder

I heard many great things about Starfinder, so I have to try this out at one point. I don’t think anything needs to be said about it: it’s Pathfinder in space, using the same rules you’d use for Pathfinder.

#5: Legend

Legend is a weird one. Technically I already played it to write a story. And it plays pretty well all things considered. The premise is basically 5E before 5E came out: a huge emphasis on class archetypes. How it works is that each class has three “Tracks”. All of them are interchangeable with other tracks, even ones that don’t have their own class. It’s pretty intriguing and just talking about it makes me want to play it again.

So there you have it, five (well, six) D20 Games I wanna try out… And maybe even Cthulhu D20.


Onirim Review

So Tabletop Day is approaching us, which means I should get around to doing some solo board gaming. Now, it may be cheating to use a Steam game for this, as it’s pretty cheap to just launch a game, play against computers and say “hey, I’m solo playing!”, which is why I never talk about Roguelikes despite having a collection of them.

But this game in particular is very notable and I just can’t let it pass by me. Onirim is a game that is explicitly solitaire. Its Steam version is free to play and the expansions are dirt cheap. But what is this game about? How do you play?

Well, it’s a card game where you must unlock eight to thirteen doors by matching three colored Location Cards. Now, this isn’t as easy as it sounds, as there are many complications to this, ranging from playing the cards in a way where the symbols on the upper left corner don’t match, the occasional Nightmare Card that you draw that forces you to hamper yourself in some way if you don’t have a Key Card, and drawing cards that all have the same symbol.

You do get some help with this in the form of the Key Card. On top of being a Get Out Of Nightmare Free Card and being able to automatically unlock a door provided you draw it and it’s the same color as the key, you can also discard the card to get a peek at the top five cards, rearrange them in any order you wish, and discard one of them… But that’s all the help you can get. Personally, the expansions add to the gameplay experience, since they give you more variety in play options. The Glyphs expansion add a new kind of card called Glyphs which, not only adds one more symbol so that you have a little more breathing room, but like the Key, draws the top five cards, but puts them at the bottom and if there’s a door, automatically opens it. Another expansion adds two new kinds of cards: Crossroads give you multicolored cards that you can use for any row of cards while Dead Ends are just that: dead cards that you can’t discard on their own and need something else to discard it, namely a Nightmare Card to discard your entire hand. Lastly there’s the Door To The Omniverse expansion which adds a multi-colored door to the mix while also adding Denizen Cards which, at the cost of discarding a card, will be added to your arsenal and will help you do things you wouldn’t normally do, such as being able to play the another symbol in a row, trading one location card for another, or being a Get Out Of Nightmare Free Card.

Overall, the game is engaging, and I recommend playing it at least once. I will say that this game definitely requires some card counting if you want to be really good at the game, but thankfully the game does help you somewhat by counting how many cards are in the discard and how many Nightmares and Dead Ends are still in the deck. It is very hard to master and win, I will admit, but once you win for the first time, it will feel satisfying. Go ahead and check it out.

Shining a Spotlight on Geek Gamers

Geek Gamers is a Youtube channel devoted to discussing Solo Gaming. Not just RPGs, but also board games, war games, and even gamebooks. In fact, her review of On Her Majesty’s Secret Service is what got me interested in doing gamebooks.

She has a lot of good videos discussing different aspects of solo gaming, including but not limited to:

She’s really great to listen to and watch play. I definitely recommend you check her out.

Road to the 100th Session

So, life has gotten in the way, hence why I haven’t been able to make any new sessions in a while save for a Valentine’s Day special.

But, I do have plans for what I’m gonna do for the next couple of sessions. Like, up until #100.

First, I’m gonna finish up the current block of sessions I have for now and up to #75, which I will confirm are…

  • 73: Omegazone, Round 2
  • 74: Call of Cthulhu
  • 75: Quarter Quell

After that, I will be doing what I call the road to the 100th. Taking a cue from Atop The Fourth Wall’s own Road to 500, every session will be a sequel to a previous session I did or even a game I have not done a Stat It for. As such, you can expect the following games to be sessions at some point after 75:

  • Another Testament Session (apologies for not having it out in time for Easter like I usually do)
  • Heroes Wear Masks
  • Ravenloft
  • Headspace
  • Simple Superheroes
  • Jojo’s Bizarre Masquerade (Vampire vs. Street Fighter)
  • Stay Alive
  • A No Man’s Sky Style Game
  • A Nine Questions/SOAP game using the character I made here
  • A return to old worlds such as…
    • Greek Titan World
    • Bliss Stage
    • The Instant Galaxy I Made
    • Spies Glazing Over
    • Fabletop
    • Surging Shark and Magnetron
    • Kan Colle Knights
  • Another Solo Engine Battle Royale
  • Concluding that Chainmail campaign I did.
  • Maybe even visit some new Random Solo Adventures which, thankfully, have more depth this time around.

Granted, some will take more priority than others, but those are the sessions I’m considering doing. There won’t be any new games for me to try out outside of the Random Solo Adventure gamebooks and the few games I have been meaning to play for the longest time. This is all building up to the 100th Session, which will not be randomly picked. The Engine will be CRGE Kai and its Drivers will be anything and everything I can get my hands on.

And the game? Well, I have made this blog to test out games and see how well they can be solo’d. To my surprise, a lot of them are really good when played solo, especially a LARP like A Flower for Mara.

So, for the 100th Session, I’d have to make this extraordinary. Something that will make or break this blog’s original directive. And with that, I have decided what game will be played for my 100th Session.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the game I’m picking is…

Continue reading

Strangers on a Train

“You know, there is something about a tangle of strangers pressed together for days with nothing in common but the need to go from one place to another, and never see each other again.”

Monsieur Bouc

That is the premise for this year’s Valentine’s Day Solo. A simple game where you’re on a train and you meet people. Using the system from Snakes on a Plane, but tweaking the game just a tad.

Instead of dying when you hit zero of any stat, you’d have to rest for the day. Time passes for each check, as always. Perhaps later I’ll release the tweak. For now, let’s get right into it. I’ll be using a combination of Anime Characters Database and Short Order Heroes to create NPCs. As for me, I’ll go as myself.

  • Strength: 4
  • Dexterity: 6
  • Intelligence: 6
  • Cool: 9

My overall goal is to find love before the train enters the station. With that, we begin with boarding the train. Everything seems to go smoothly, though this is where I’ll meet the first out of thirteen other passengers on the train. Continue reading

The Best Lines From Each Of My Sessions In 2017

To ring in the new year of 2018, I’m going to go through all my old posts of 2017 and cherry-picking the best lines. Context be damned with these lines.

There Is No Spoony Veteran

Alright, let’s begin this Remembrance Day special with the opening scenario.

For those who don’t know what the Matrix is, it’s a franchise of movies set in a cyberpunk environment contained inside post-apocalyptic world. How this works is that machines have humans live in small pods that keep them in a comatose state, effectively keeping them active while they “farm” them as batteries.

In this comatose state, the humans go through a simulation of real life: The Matrix. They go about their day, knowing nothing of the true nature of their world. However, some do. And when they do find that something isn’t right, they end up finding a way out of that world and into the real world, now named Zion, where they join a resistance army. From there, they operate Hovercrafts that are armed with programs that allow them to re-enter the Matrix with what is basically a cheating device (you can ask someone to give you guns or teach you Kung Fu on the fly, for instance) whenever they wish to try and free other people from it.

Of course, this isn’t exactly easy. The Machines have what are basically administrators in the Matrix known as Agents, who can possess people and have extreme combat expertise. To face them is to dice with death. However, there is hope. The Resistance is given information in which one person will ultimately end the world and save Zion. This person is known as the One.

Our story begins during this search for the One. Many Hovercraft crews are told of the One and they all want to be the crew that says, “we found the One!”. Some of them even pretended that they already found them. Such is the case with our Hovercraft crew, the Somnambular. Continue reading

How Do I Solo Roleplay?

So, this is probably gonna be a short post about how I solo roleplay. It begins with me figuring out what game I should play. Most of the time, I’m following a theme or I have recently purchased it and want to play it in the only way I know it will be played. Most of the time right now, it’s the latter.

So, what happens first is that I get Microsoft Word up and running. I have my game in hand and I probably have figured out my Engine. If not, then I roll on a random chart or use CRGE Kai, basically CRGE but using Mythic’s rules for triggering random events on top of it. Usually, it’s depending on what game I’m playing. Fate games get the Fate Solo, wargames get TSS, etc.

Once that’s done, I possibly make a Stat It for the game if I feel like character creation is gonna take a while. If not, it’s mashed up into my session. I usually have a scenario in my head that I begin with, and from there, I play it out. I use Roll20 to simulate dice rolls and use character sheets if they’re available. I keep a short sheet containing my threads, NPCs, and PCs, as well as current Chaos if the engine has it.

I write out what happens, usually in narrative format. I separate mechanics in square brackets like so:

[Roll: Number]

And questions are the same.

[Q: Question. Odds/Purpose: ???. A: Answer]

And if a random event happens, usually I put what happens in bullets.

  • Like [Random Event Focus: ???]
  • So [Random Event Meaning: ???]

And so forth. I play for about five scenes (separated by the scene rolls and the determining of Chaos) or until the game prematurely ends. If it has no means of stopping, I suspend play and resume next time.

One thing I must bring up is that I don’t play a solo game in a single sitting like most other people. I play one game out in multiple sittings. This, unfortunately, invites procrastination and delay. The problem is, outside of forcing myself to play the game in a single sitting which would possibly disrupt the quality of the game, there’s no real solution to this.

Once done, I upload the file onto my WordPress, make the usual tags, and then post it. Then I update the stats on the sheet which you can view.

And that’s basically it. Pretty short if I do say so myself. We answered two questions, and who knows, maybe I’ll answer Who, What, Where, and When next time.