Stat It: The Matrix/WWII Crossover

I begin this post with some sad news: Zach Best passed away a month ago. Zach has changed my tools for solo roleplaying for the better and I have mentioned how that is in another post.

A tradition on Solo RPG Voyages is for me to play a war-themed game for Remembrance Day. However, I’ve decided, in tribute to Zach Best, to play a game of There Is No Spoon, the first game I tested out the CRGE on.

Though I am not completely forgoing the theme of war. The scenario is that a Redpill is in a WWII simulation and that the crew is assigned to go rescue him, give him the pill, and obtain him. His war skills are desirable for fighting the Machines.

But, who are our Hovercraft Crew? Well, I’m going to be using a combination of UNE and possibly BOLD to flesh out five characters, then create them for the game. Yes, this will be a Stat It. We’ll be doing the classic 6 point rule. Continue reading


Stat It: Call of Cthulhu

The Cthulhu mythos is perhaps one of the more well-known mythos in classic literature. If you’re an avid role-player, chances are you’ve come across something akin to Cthulhu. Even D&D has some Cthulhu influence as seen with the Mind Flayers and how you can even have a Warlock archetype in 5th Edition where you can have your powers come from an eldritch abomination.

However, not a lot of games tend to get the gist of Lovecraft. Most board games based off it are focused on you beating the horrors that lurk in the night and some of the games that don’t focus beating them up just use it as an aesthetic. However, there’s a good reason for this.

Not a lot of games can capture the feeling of Lovecraftian horrors. The most they tend to do is throw in tentacle monsters. It’s akin to how horror movies nowadays just resort to jump scares instead of create actual horrifying moments.

That and it’s very satisfying to find a monster that is beyond our comprehension and punch it in the face.

Oh God, that’s actually horrifying actually saying it. The implications of that sentence.

Screw it. I’m gonna play Call of Cthulhu for the explicit purpose of befriending the elder horrors and not blowing them up to kingdom come while O Canada plays in the background. Just to prove that we don’t always have to fear what we don’t understand.

Doesn’t help that I got some Call of Cthulhu Keeper Cards that I’m dying to use. Well, let’s begin with a Stat It! Continue reading

Stat It: Testament 2: Egyptian Boogaloo

I enjoyed D20 Testament immensely and concluded that I would definitely need to do another session of it. I’m not gonna continue the adventures of Zerubabel since, as far as I can see it, he’s already fulfilled his quest. Now we shall focus on another adventurer… Or rather two. Keeping in tradition, I’m gonna make two characters for this game.

Like with the last one, my main character will be a Setting Exclusive class prestiging into another class. In this case, a Khery-Heb becoming a Ren-Hekau… Don’t worry, I’ll explain what they are shortly. The two are Egyptian classes, and unlike Babylon, they have involvement with a majority of the Old Testament. In particular, the Book of Exodus.

However, the history of Egypt in the book doesn’t seem to bring that subject up. It brings it up in a side box, but doesn’t go into detail about how the Ten Plagues devastated Egypt or what happened to Egypt after the parting of the Red Sea. Instead, it hypothesizes on which Pharaoh was the one that had been “blessed” with Moses’ presence.

Granted, Exodus was brought up in the Israelite section, but again, Egypt has minor mention. So, I decided to set the game during the forty years of exile that Moses took, sometime after Ramesses, the popular vote for who the Pharaoh was during Moses’ time in Egypt, ascended to the throne.

With that in mind, I now begin to create my character. And fortunately, these rolls were not piss poor compared to last time. Continue reading

Stat It: JoJo’s Bizarre Masquerade

Alright, one last Stat It. And this time, it’s gonna be for something I haven’t made with cards. Now, for those who played the World of Darkness series, you’ll know there’s something called Crossovers. Because of how similar each of the game lines are, it can be assumed one can easily crossover one game line to another. For example, playing a Hunter in a Vampire game.

Couple this with the fact that White Wolf has done some licenced games that use almost the exact same system as the WoD series, it’s led me to consider doing a crossover myself. One crossing over Vampire (The Masquerade) and Street Fighter. Yes. I’m crossing these two over. To make it even more crazy? I’m basically gonna use Street Fighter mechanics to turn it into a wholly different feel all together.

The end result? I’m basically gonna play JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure’s first part. I’m going to be using the fanmade 20th anniversary version of the game, as it’s more or less a remade version of the original. The concept for my player character, obviously, is going to be a base of Jonathan Joestar. A man robbed of his family lineage by vampires and seeks to end the tyranny of the vampire who killed his father. Or in this case, a womanContinue reading

Stat It: Simple Superheroes

So, third Stat It will be superhero related. I doubt I have said this before, but I have a thing for superhero RPGs. They’re practically the first genre of RPGs that I have played, even before the classical fantasy of D&D. And yes, it has gotten to a point where Superheroes are its own genre.

On the eve that I bought Headspace, I got a memo that another Kickstarter-funded game would be released over the weekend. This game being Simple Superheroes. As the name implies, the game plays very simple.

And making heroes is simple as well. Most other superhero games have a set array of powers for you to pick from. Simple Superheroes, however, allows you to create your own. How? Well, allow me to use the character I made using the Rouze Cards and I will show you! Continue reading

Stat It: Headspace

Okay, so there’s one RPG I hype about but never actually play on Solo Roleplay Voyages. This game is called Headspace and while I never played it solo, I have played it once with a group of people and it was amazing.

So, I shall rectify that “haven’t played it solo” bit by doing a stat it for Headspace, using the NPC I made with the Clow Cards as my template. I intended to use it for a game using the Snakes on a Plane system, but why not use it for Headspace?

So, let’s begin. The first step is to set it somewhere. I decided to set it in the pulpy setting I had in mind when I created the NPC. Perhaps the transitioning years between a pulp Indiana Jones style world and a cyberpunk Blade Runner style world in which mega corps and the Headspace, a device that allows one to meld their minds with other people to be an effective team, are born. Continue reading

Stat It: Ravenloft

Alright, I’m gonna start getting back into solo roleplaying by doing several Stat Its. These will be for the characters I’ve created using the Nine Questions, and we’ll be starting off with the system I know off by heart, D&D 5E.

Assisting me is the Backstory Cards. I picked up the first expansion and figured that it could help me flesh out my druid a bit. To recap on what happened, my character is a druid who hails from a Strahd-worshipping village near Yester Hill. In his quest to protect the weak, he obtained a target in the form of a burgomaster who had lynched a werewolf. He currently is working under his hand to get closer and strike him when his defense is down.

But that’s just it. Other than that bit of backstory, nothing else is said about him. Well, it’s time for me to flesh him out. It’s a good thing that the player’s handbook has a third of its book devoted to step by step character creation.

First off, I gotta pick a race. I’m probably gonna pick human since that’s an easy one. Going with a human variant. And obviously, I’m going with Druid. Figuring out what to do for levels, I decided to stick for Level 3, on the assumption that my character went through the events of the adventure “The Beast”, getting away with fourteen thousand experience points.

After outfitting him with some of the items he starts off with (he traded in a Whip of Warning that he found for a Scimitar of Warning), I also give him the Circle of the Land. The circle he chose is naturally swamp to match the bleak nature of Barovia. My spell list is as follows: Continue reading

Stat It: Bliss Stage

Finally, we get to the RPG I’ve been wanting to play for Valentine’s Day. While I have hinted towards the game in my previous Valentine’s Day special, I figured I’d draw the suspense before my inevitable unveiling. When I first discovered this game, I fell in love with the premise and how the setting could set up to be a nice Evangelion-esqe story.

The plot? Right now, aliens have invaded Earth with a force that has put a huge chunk of the human population to eternal sleep. The survivors were unable to keep the economy, society, or any remote stability afloat, and so everything on Earth fell into chaos. To make matters worse, the aliens usually sent out robotic drones to pick off survivors.

However, a small band of survivors managed to grab one of these drones and reverse engineer them to create their own mechs. To put simply: to fight the monsters, they have created a monster, ANIMa. And so, they wage war against the aliens. Now is the time to fight back. This game’s story alone makes me want to play it. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you: Bliss Stage. Continue reading

Stat It: Quill

It had occurred to me a while back when I was creating my stats for Swords & Six-Siders that what I’m playing is akin to a roguelike, a genre of videogames that feature procedurally generated levels and a pretty hard difficulty. In a way, it makes me feel like I’m actually playing a game on Steam. By that point, I began to think of RPGs more akin to PC games, only, instead of a story for you to play through, you’re instead playing in an open sandbox game where the story is entirely up to you. Far more freedom than most games offer nowadays.

That isn’t to say that I’m shifting gears and I’m going to start putting buckets over peoples’ heads while I loot them or start driving around the country side and scaling tall towers to get an achievement, but rather I just felt like I’m seeing RPGs in a new light. This, in turn, makes me more excited to play the RPGs I will be playing soon. Here’s another Stat It for one such game: Quill.

This game was made for a single player to play. The game is basically you writing letters to impress someone. It is up to you to find the best words to use and write it as elegantly as you can. For this, we need three things: Penmanship, to make the letter stand out from the rest, Language, to ensure the letter has the most superior wording, and Heart, to put all my passion into the letter. It’s not really a Stat It per se, as I just simply need to pick a character from the list of six to play as.

I’ll select The Courtier for her good stats in Heart and Penmanship. I do however, pick a skill. However, the skills are mainly “get a one-time boost to your dice”. I’ll pick Augmentation, which gives me the one-time + for Heart. And that’s basically it. It’s a pretty easy game to just pick up and play. I created a character in less time than it took for me to stat up my S&SS character.

It’s practically to the point where I could wind up playing the game right now, but I’m going to instead devote my time to reading up on the game I’m going to play for Valentine’s Day. You people will know what it is soon enough. Until then, Bon Voyage, gamers.

Stat It: Swords & Six-Siders

Alright, so before I get to work on the Valentine’s Day Special, I figured to do Stat Its for the next few RPGs, including the special itself. I’ll go in the order of importance. The first game I’ll tackle is a really nice game that I actually got in the mail. Most other games I got were either in PDF format or I went over to a Friendly Local Game Store to buy.

This was different though. Long story short, over on dieheart, Sophia held a contest and the winner would be given a copy of the game Swords & Six-Siders in a physical version. I ended up being one of the two winners and received the game a few weeks later. I figured I owe it to Sophia to do a Solo RPG Voyage to S&SS. Continue reading