The Sheets I used for Shifter Bots and Sharp Swords & Sinister Spells

So, I tend to play on Roll20 for easy access, as most of the sheets can automatically be calculated into rolls. However, I sometimes make character sheets when I can’t find a sheet on Roll20 that has a game I want to play.

So I used to make character sheets by taking a screenshot of a character sheet and using GIMP to write on it. I stopped this once I moved fully to Roll20, but the unfortunate thing is that you guys don’t get to see the sheets. At the request of Lino Pang, I’m going to post the sheets of my characters.

image host image host image host image host

An Update In Posting Schedules

So, as you might have noticed, my scheduled games have changed. The reason why is very simple: I find that I’m not having a lot of free time to do these as I had thought. As such, I figured that, at most, I’d do sessions once a month. Maybe two if the games I play are quick and easy.

The timing of when they come up depends on what I’m doing. If I’m playing a completely new game, then I might take a while to get the session out while I understand the rules and get around to posting it. If it’s a familiar game or a game with lite rules, I could be able to squeeze it out in a week and have room for one more.

And who knows? Maybe when life gets less hectic, I’ll be able to do more sessions. But as it stands right now, sessions will come once a month.