List of RPGs and Engines

This is a list of RPGs and Engines that I have covered across the long voyage of this blog.




8 thoughts on “List of RPGs and Engines

  1. great blog! By the way it’s strange seeing Rolf on the list and not two of the systems I use for solo games: Barbarians of Lemura/Dicey Tales and Over the Edge/Wanton rpg system

    being both easy, flexible and available in free editions I was surprise not to see them!


      • I’d like to know what makes a game system better suited for a solo game.

        For me BoL is great being a fast system with heroic a lone character plays well (a entire party is quite powerful!).
        I also tried the free wuxia game A Wanderer’s Romance. Very good game but combat is lethal!


      • Personally, any game can be suited for solo play if you put the effort to it. Though there are some games with better integration to solo than others.

        A Flower For Mara is the prime example. The game was originally intent to be played as a LARP with six players, but I mucked up so much of it that it’s able to be played Solo.


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