Omegazone II: City of the Apes

So, I kinda lied. I’m gonna stick to Omegazone for just a little longer before going into Call of Cthulhu. The reason being that I haven’t covered other parts of the Omegazone Deck that I wanted to show you guys. Not only that, but there’s also a supplement to the deck that tells you a little bit more about the lore of Omegazone.

It turns out to not be the Mad Maxian setting that I made it out to be in the first post, rather the opposite. Nature has grown out of control, plant life growing everywhere. Then aliens and radiation took hold, effectively turning the world into the hot mess we’re in. The lack of communications results in the fact that rumors are now truth.

There’s a large, in depth story about how the world became the world we know now and why the game’s called Omegazone. If I were to summarize, aliens known as the Kreen invade Earth. The resulting battle and breaking out of the OmegaForce (think of them as a sort of X-Com task force) caused the world to change, ground zero being L.A., now known as the Omegazone.

That’s the basis we know now.

Instead of resuming our adventures with Dr. Wheeler, I’m instead gonna focus on a new character. A cat-spider hybrid named Spicat, who lived in the Vineland, a city overrun by vines and ruled by gorillas. It’s there that we see Spicat catching and killing a strange panther that, up to this point, had been evading her by teleporting away. It had teleported up to a roof, to which Spicat invokes her Super Sticky Skin. Continue reading

We Live In Omegazone

Settings in Fate seem to be very easy to make. Every so often, Evil Hat comes out with a free setting book bringing about a new era. Other times, though, some other company will make a setting for it. Today will be the latter, and for Fate’s more… accelerated rules.

Yes, today we’ll look at Fate Accelerated’s game and how it plays in a post-apocalyptic setting on par with Gamma World. Thus, let’s play Omegazone. The setting is shown through cards and this is how you both create characters and get a gist of the setting. However, there’s also a setting book for you. For this game, we’re gonna go without one.

Character creation is pretty easy. It’s akin to Gamma World where we mash up two different things together. In this case, I’m mashing up an Atomic Construct with a Brain in a Jar and a Bio Capacitors mutation. Already, I’ve decided that this man is Dr. Wheeler, a scientist from the World Before who achieved immortality by placing his brain in a jar and putting it in an atomic construct. His high concept is that he’s a Super Smart Scientist, but his Trouble is that his robot is ridiculously aged. His other Aspect is that he has a Historically Accurate Mind.

Of course, I’ll use the Fate Solo Engine to play this game. Our scenario opens up with Wheeler on an active patrol looking for a means to reach a place called the Bibliosphere. There, he finds a place called the 405, a road that can get him to anywhere in the world. Unfortunately, bandits on motorcycles are riding all around the place and patrolling it. The situation aspects are Speed Limit and Noisy Road. There’s two zones as well. Off Road (the grass), Road, and Ramp. Continue reading

Let’s Finish Fate Solo

Alright, so I have a laundry list of games I need to finish up before we move on to new RPGs. One of them is Paige’s Fate, a Fate RPG using the setting rules of Save Game yet in a new setting. Long story short: Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny have a war over who’s the better mascot and they’re dragging Nintendo and Sony IPs into the mix. One person is stuck in the middle, a rogue AI named Paige who is on the run, and has decided “screw the war, I fight for myself”. Now he has rallied the troops to take out Zarok from the game Medievil, including a member of Warner Brothers’ group, Foghorn Leghorn.

So, let’s begin. Continue reading

Let’s Play With Fate Solo

Confession time. I have never played Fate. At all. I picked up the Accelerated version for dirt cheap (compared to other RPGs) and I was interested in playing it. But, it never came. Then, the Solo Roleplayer came out and with it, Fate Solo. Now, I can play Fate and have an Engine built exclusively for the system.

The thing is, which setting to play in. For those not in the know, Fate is a universal RPG, meaning that it can be applied to any kind of genre, story, and what have you. Fortunately, Evil Hat has provided several settings for me to play in. Enter Save Game, the closest thing we’re getting to Wreck-It-Ralph: The RPG. While it has a nice campaign story, I have been meaning to play out my own little scenario that for some reason my brain dreamed up, in which I get into a theatre to watch Wreck-It Ralph, only to find this plot instead of the movie’s actual plot.

The basic gist? Disney vs. Warner Brothers. It goes on to be a bit more complex than this, but basically either Daisy or Peach from Super Mario Bros. gives birth to Mickey Mouse, who, because Wreck-It Ralph is a Disney film, is essentially Jesus Christ. Everyone’s rejoicing and being happy, then Bugs Bunny steps in, and since he’s Warner Brothers’ main mascot/JC, he declares war on the Nintendo/Disney characters because of blaspheme.

Yes. My subconscious thought of this. And I can never understand why. The only thing I can do is try to bring closure to the dream, as the dream ended with me actually reading someone’s actual play of this exact setting. I figured I might as well invoke a self-fulfilling prophecy and do it myself. So, let’s play a game in which the plot seems to feel more like a Robot Chicken sketch than an actual Disney Movie.

But first, I need to create my character. My idea is that he’s a hapless video game character who, by the end of this session, will decide whether to side with Nintendo/Disney or Sony/Warner Brothers. I’m going to follow the creation rules of Fate Solo, which is basically “beef up your character like no tomorrow”, so I will put up his Sheet for those interested. First, we do Aspects.

After looking through the examples, I figured out what High Concept I’d want: Cyborg Soldier, a sort of mesh between the Space Soldiers of Halo and the Tech-based Soldiers of Titanfall. His Trouble is that he’s not a playable character, but rather an NPC with a set AI personality (“kill the player”) that he’s trying to override but still succumbs to from time to time. In short: AI Is A Crapshoot. Next are my skills. His Goal Aspect will be related to this: A Whole New Paige. His fourth and fifth Aspects are as follows: Between Two Worlds (Reflecting his stance in the Disney/WB Conflict) and Fugitive from Haloid (reflective of his backstory). I will also add Advanced Heart-Rate Seeking AI for my sixth Aspect, since it reflects Paige’s backstory as well.

I guess I’ll do the Phase Trio.

Haloid is the newest FPS game from Funco Industries. The game boasted to have intelligent AI that senses the player’s heart rate to gauge adrenaline, fear, and even health. The game got major controversy when it’s revealed that the AI was stolen from the National Institute of Mental Health and modified to identify heart rates instead of brainwaves. Funco was shut down, but not before Haloid got a cult following.

Aspect Gained from this: Advanced Heart-Rate Seeking AI.

In it, players play a gunner that they can name themselves and even assign gender to. They are assigned to infiltrate the HQ of Zaplas Corporation headed by an alien race whose leader is played by famed celebrity Sean Bean. No need to guess what happens to said alien leader. However, Zaplas is protected by mooks from both human and alien origins. Paige was just one of the countless members to confront the gunner. However, he was the only one to be spared, as the person playing the Gunner at the time was rushing it. He wound up escaping the world of Haloid, but now the Gunner is turning their guns to him as the last surviving member of Zaplas.

Aspect Gained from this: Fugitive from Haloid.

Out of the game, Paige wandered the worlds looking for a job. However, this was not long after Mickey Mouse’s birth and the declaration of war from Bugs Bunny. As such, he fell into a war Between Two Worlds. Paige just wants to be left alone. He doesn’t wish to be in any such war. But, he must run. Run for the rest of his life.

Aspect Gained from this: Stuck in a War Between Two Worlds.

Seventh will be filled during Gameplay. Now onto Skills.

  • Superb: Shoot (He’s tasked with shooting a gun, so it’s naturally his best skill)
  • Great: Run, Jump
  • Good: Punch, Sneak, Item
  • Fair: Block, Taunt, Chat, Spot
  • Average: Fix, Wreck, Respawn, Idle, Kick

The Save Game only provides eleven skills, so the last four I had to improvise. Next are stunts. Fate Solo tells me to do two more than what Save Game is giving me.

  • Trick Shot: Unlocks “Overcome” for the Shoot Skill.
  • Suppressive Fire: Unlocks “Defend” for the Shoot Skill.
  • Run and Gun: +2 to attack with Shoot Skill if the previous success was a Run skill.
  • Fastest Gun in Space: Always take the first action in this conflict.
  • Quick Time Event: +2 to attack with Shoot Skill when involved in a one-on-one duel.

Alright, let’s put it all together into a character sheet. Continue reading

The Fate Random Event System

Hey everyone. I’ll be doing Fate Solo for my next game and I had the idea of working on a Random Event system to go along with Fate Solo. So, here’s a brief system for random event generation, if you’re a big fan of that.

The first step is triggering the event. A good rule of thumb is that if the dice faces all have +s, -s, or blanks, then a Random Event is triggered. The only exception is getting blanks when asking a question, as you instead get to choose what answer you want. When asking a question, roll your dice like usual. If all the faces are +s or –s, you get a random event. Simple as that.

Although, that’s just one way. Another way is to do a Scene Roll. Every new scene, roll 2dF. If the results are 2 +s, 2 –s, or 2 blanks, you get a random event. If you feel like this is happening too frequently, you can add an additional Fate die. I’ve did some calculations, and you’re bound to get a random event 30% of the time you do a scene roll with two Fate Dice. Continue reading