Tomb Voyager

So, I’ve been enjoying Geek Gamers’ videos and, recently, Geek Gamers released rules for a solo game of Tomb Raider. I tend to experiment with solo options and one of my very first sessions was based around testing out my own Solo Rules (on top of testing out rules for a Pathfinder solo campaign), so I decided to play the rules. You can read up on them here and you can hear about it from the creator of the rules herself here.

So, I’m gonna be using the premiere card set for this game to start off with understanding the rules. Using all six card sets (the three canon and the three fanmade ones) would create a night of me sorting through the sets, something that my experiments with Once Upon A Mythic Time has taught me can get tedious if you decide to use more than one set. Besides, the game tells me that an average difficulty is about twenty location cards and given how my idea for my location deck is all the Tomb cards mixed with the generic cards, that leads to about 25 cards. Another reason may be that the expansions have different rules to play with. For instance, Slippery When Wet, the second card set, mentions something about “oxygen rules”, which heavily implies a new rule.

Speaking of rules, I decided to locate the rules for the vanilla game just so that I can use it as reference in case the solo rules don’t tell me anything. Now, funny enough, the vanilla game has its own solitaire rules, but it’s not as expansive as the one I’m using. And so, we begin our game by shuffling every deck thrice and picking out my character at random. I pull out Lara Croft the Spelunker and my game begins. Continue reading