Stat It: Headspace

Okay, so there’s one RPG I hype about but never actually play on Solo Roleplay Voyages. This game is called Headspace and while I never played it solo, I have played it once with a group of people and it was amazing.

So, I shall rectify that “haven’t played it solo” bit by doing a stat it for Headspace, using the NPC I made with the Clow Cards as my template. I intended to use it for a game using the Snakes on a Plane system, but why not use it for Headspace?

So, let’s begin. The first step is to set it somewhere. I decided to set it in the pulpy setting I had in mind when I created the NPC. Perhaps the transitioning years between a pulp Indiana Jones style world and a cyberpunk Blade Runner style world in which mega corps and the Headspace, a device that allows one to meld their minds with other people to be an effective team, are born. Continue reading

Putting A Spotlight on a Kickstarter for Headspace

Hey everyone. Here’s a quick update on Solo RPG Voyages. I’m going to shed a spotlight on a Kickstarter for an RPG that I have played before: Headspace. Headspace is a game using the Apocalypse World system. The setting is your usual Cyberpunk of having governments ruling over the world and corporations fighting for resources, but with a twist.

You and your party members all share something known as a Headspace, a device that links your mind with the minds of the other members. Using this Headspace, you and your teammates are able to use each other’s skills to overcome obstacles. However, owning a Headspace has some side effects. Along with skills, you’ll also share your emotions, memories, and vices.

What this results in is some pretty cool moments of narrative. For example, your character could have a memory of being a former enforcer of the government and how the one night that made you decide to leave was in fact the same night that your party member lost his wife at the hands of the secret police.

While it’s been about a year since I played its one-shot demo with Mark Richardson, creator of the game, I do remember the session fondly in how it plays out mechanically and narratively. If you want an Cyberpunk-style game running with the Apocalypse World engine, look no further than this.

And to complement the previous Spotlight I did, here’s One Shot‘s take on the game.