The Solo RPG Voyages Quarter Quell #3

So, here we are. 75 sessions of Solo RPG Voyages. And we’re finally here. The 3rd Quarter Quell. Alright, what game will I play this time?

The RPG is… Combat Leader!

The Engine is… CRGE-Kai!

And the Drivers are… I Ching and Insta NPCs!

Oh, wow. The last time I played Combat Leader, the entire area was lit on fire… And the last time I used I Ching, it was based around working with the very being that sunk Atlantis. So… What happens when you mix fire and water? Well, let’s find out! Today’s leader is Serov. Continue reading

Let’s Try Tiny Universal

Continuing on from Lasers and Feelings, I’m gonna do another simple to play game: Tiny Universal by Sophia Brandt. In a shocking twist, Tiny Universal is an Engine RPG, much like Tiny Solitary Soldiers or Oculus. I didn’t even realize that TSS can be played as an RPG. Tiny Universal follows a bit of an Apocalypse World style where two six-sided dice are rolled instead of one.

The other difference between TU and TSS is that TU has a slightly deeper character creation. You use three sentences, and of those three sentences, that’s your character. Hey, I actually have something just for this situation: Three Line NPCs. As it turns out, the generator already has 450 premade NPCs for me to use. Though, I’m gonna edit a bit of the NPC I’m about to use… Continue reading

Oculus Voyages

Alright, now let’s do something I had been talking about half-a-year ago: give Oculus a try. Just by itself. No other RPG system or Engine. Just Oculus and, like last week’s session, something that’s used for fortune telling as an Oracle. In this case: I Ching… Or iChing… Whatever.

When we last left off Jonny Indianapolis, he went off to face some thugs seeking to unearth a robot from Atlantis. With his mind-reading powers gifted to him by the Leviathan, the being responsible for sinking the powerful nation, can Jonny be able to thwart the bad guys? Let’s find out. Continue reading