I’m A Bad DM Towards Myself

This is another musing of mine. This time, it’s around the OSR and D20 systems. The overall theme is levelling. As you may have noticed in the times I’ve played an OSR or D20 game, I might have stacked the deck in the opponent’s favor. A good example is how I ended up killing off my entire party plus one late comer in my Swords and Six-Siders game because I insisted on having them fight a monster of a higher level, or even have them be out numbered seven to one.

If you notice my past games, the reason is pretty obvious: I play a lot of games on Solo RPG Voyages that don’t have a heavy focus on scale or even have a fixed scale. What I mean is that there’s no clear indicator of how strong one person is compared to another like in D&D. Either both parties have even grounds in terms of powers or in the case of a few games like Titan World, one party is guaranteed to be stronger than the other due to how mechanics are. Continue reading

How Long Would The Battle At Balin’s Tomb Be In D&D? Let’s Found Out!

So I’ve been playing D&D lately, and I always noticed a rule of thumb when doing combat. Each round of combat represents six seconds in time. I always find this funny, since sometimes, in less than a minute, everybody who isn’t a hero is disemboweled and dead on the ground. Even more so when we have lengthy combat discussions outside of character, and yet the entire combat took place in a tenth of that time.

It doesn’t really do the epic fantasy battles justice, right? Well… I decided to take a few battles across various fantasy genres to see how well they fare in terms of combat timing and D&D rulings. D&D’s most common inspiration, Lord of the Rings, will be saved for last. However, we’re gonna look at two aspects of combat, a more grounded in reality version of combat and a more fantastical version.

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Let’s Finish Avalon Quests

Alright, I think it’s time for me to bring closure to one of my RPGs: Avalon Quest. When we last left our heroes, they stopped for the night at a meeting spot deciding on who to save, a messenger who might be long dead or a village that might be long raided. Either way, goblins are dying.

So, there’s something I want to be honest about, I’ve been relying on Mythic too much and not on Avalon’s own system. So, here’s what I’ll do: If Mythic has an altered scene, I will use Avalon’s event system. If Mythic reports no scene change, I will check on Avalon. Alright, lovely. We had just killed three hyenas, it is now morning, and now they will depart… Continue reading

Let’s Attempt Avalon Quests

I love solo RPGs. I really do. I joined up with a Solo RPG group and got linked to a Solo RPG called Avalon Quests. This is no ordinary Solo RPG as I found out. Basically, it’s Pathfinder but made for a solo gamer. Upon reading it, I… got a little confused with some aspects. But hey, this is why I’m making an Actual Play out of this, so that people will see me struggle with Avalon Quests and tell me where I went horribly wrong. Who knows, maybe I’ll figure it all out in time.

Oh, and let’s spice this up, shall we? I have with me the Mythic GM Emulator to provide even more randomness to this Avalon Quest that I shall partake in. Now, the game advises me to make six characters, but I decided to skimp out a little. See, I made six characters, but only three of them can actually count as such. The other three are their animal companions. And no, only one of the characters’ class features allows them to have the companion. So basically I’m bending the rules a bit. Since they technically count as half the required party of six characters, I bumped their levels up by two. If I discover this unbalances the game, they’re in for a magical debuff.

So, let’s meet our players, shall we? Continue reading