Some Men Just Want To Watch The World Burn

Alright, for this year’s Memorial Day special, we’re going back into Minden Games where I will play Combat Leader, one of their mainstay series next to Battle over Britain. I have got the solitaire rules for it as well, so I can play it right out of the gate solo. However, I’m going to add some roleplaying to the mix.

Each unit I will play as will have some sort of character to them and bonds between each other. I’ll ask narrative heavy questions to the TSS system and only narrative heavy questions to that system, as well as use the Mythic Solo Wargame system to drive up some more narrative.

I’m going to be playing Scenario 1: The Clash of Squads, which I will explain in the narrative below from the perspective of Peter Petrov, leader of the Russian Squad. Continue reading

[SGAM 2016] Let’s Play Chainmail! Part 1 – The Siege of Bodenberg

Alright, so we’re gonna commence this year’s SGAM Campaign. The RPG we’re playing is another war game. This one is yet another precursor to D&D: Chainmail.

Chainmail was made by Gary Gygax and was pretty much a medieval wargame that, with some tweaking, led to the creation of Dungeons and Dragons. Whereas Braunstein gave D&D its fluff, Chainmail is crunchier. Sadly, in the path of the voyager, even the crunchiest of games will become fluffy.

I’ve already thought of a starting scenario for this campaign. It’ll be the Siege of Bodenberg, the game that started the entire RPG genre in the first place. Long story short, Gygax was inspired to do Medieval wargames thanks in part to the game Siege of Bodenberg. So what better way to pay homage by playing out a scenario loosely based on it?

And I say loosely in the loosest of terms, as redundant as that sounds. My character will be the leader of a small peasant uprising. And by small peasant uprising, I of course mean in the two dozens. The scenario’s simple: peasants are pissed that they’re treated unfairly, and they turned to me to kick start the revolution/reign of terror. Continue reading

Maybe I’m A Lion

So, I like to call this month the Month of Origins, since the next few RPGs I’ll be playing will have something to do with the origins of Solo RPG Voyages. Bliss Stage unintentionally became part of it, since the major idea was to get around to playing Bliss Stage to get an idea of how to play it and maybe even write a story by writing up how I played the game. Hence why a good chunk of my early stuff was done in written prose.

Today, we’ll look at one of the very first sessions I made for this blog: Once Upon A Mythic Time. A brief recap. A while back, I wanted to make a solo RPG based entirely around using the plot devices from the Once Upon A Time card game and through some trial and error, I ended up creating a system doing exactly that.

I’ll be doing this system for the newly released Animal Tales expansion and only the expansion. I’ll be playing the game out of the box without shuffling. Let us begin.

My ending card is “With the beast’s true identity known, the family could live peacefully.”, so I need to reveal the true identity of a beast and protect a family. I don’t know if I’m the beast, but this is a question I wish to solve as I play. I will draw five cards and of those cards, I’ll play a lion. The Aspect Card reveals that I’m a lazy lion and that my items are my tail, paw, and fur. What makes it dark is that my fur and tail can be removed because they can interrupt/veto events.

My beginning scenario is that he’s riding inside of a nest. Both of these are interrupts as well. Continue reading

The Solo RPG Voyages Quarter Quell #2

Alright, it’s time for another Quarter Quell. Recap for those who don’t know what it is: Every 25 sessions, I go through RPGs I’ve played through previously, reusing engines that I have used and drivers that I have also used. Time for the quelling!

Our RPG for this round is… BLISS STAGE! Yeah! This game was fun and I said before how I wanted to play it again!

Our Engine for this round is… TINY SOLITARY SOLDIERS! Okay, I can work with this.

And Our Two Drivers will be… THE LOCATION CRAFTER AND THE RANDOM CULT GENERATOR! Okay, so we’re obviously going for a cultish feel here. Continue reading

Swords, Six-Siders, and Suicude Squads

Alright, so we’re going to begin playing Swords & Six-Siders. I have my character sheet ready to go and my dungeon is made from Wizardawn. So, without further to do, let’s just go ahead with this dungeon delve!

So, allow me to bring up the basic idea of this game: Orcs kidnapped party members, it’s up to Bartholomew to kick ass and chew bubble gum.

We begin in Room 1, where we find some writing in ancient dwarven. I’ll take advantage of my character’s wildcard language ability and have him read it. It says that there’s a treasure hidden somewhere.

Continue reading

In Which I Write A Letter

Alright, so finally, we’ll begin playing those two games I statted for. The first will be Quill, which is pretty easy to play. First, we just need to get a scenario. For this game, I’ll be doing the Archduke’s scenario. In his scenario, his sister died and the player character (that’s me) had a history with her as children. As such, they want to write up a letter expressing their deepest condolences.

This scenario actually benefits my character, who is a Courtier. It gives her an extra Heart Die to throw around. On top of this, we are also able to roll around an extra Penmanship Die. I figure I’ll go about the first paragraph giving you guys a heads up on how to play the game. Continue reading

Putting D20 Through A Testament (Part 2)

Alright, so when we last left off our heroes, they entered a temple, hoping to find the prince Amel-Marduk. Along the way, they got up to some… questionable floors. The recent rooms and trials in particular just rub Zerubabel the wrong way as he and his Sin Dragonborn enter the next trial of the fourth floor:

A chute drops off tons of food. It has a lot of rotting flesh. The two are able to overcome the smell and find a strange, fat demon feasting on the flesh. Zerubabel, with his newfound knowledge of exploring these dungeon like temples, can identify it as a troglodyte. Yes. This is what happens when you do D20, guys. Continue reading

Putting D20 Through A Testament (Part 1)

Alright, so now it’s time for me to finally play Testament, the biblical roleplaying game. I’ll be using Mythic for this game. However, I’ll have a bit of a twist. The game follows D20 rules. This theoretically means it’s compatible with the GameMastery Plot Twist Cards. The way this will work is that each character will get one Twist Card, when they expend it, they get a new one after three scenes.

So, let’s open this game with a bit of a recap: Zerubabel is a Royal Astrologer working for Babylon. He gained his magical spells through a pact with Tiamat, who is now looking to cash in on the deal. In helping with that, she sends Dracoiel, her Sin Dragonborn Blackguard, to help him fulfill a task for her. This task? I’m not sure, but according to the stars, it has something to do with not forgiving and forgetting something.

And so, Zerubabel and Dracoiel head off on a journey. GME, if you would? Continue reading