Don’t Let Me Sleep (Part 1)

To celebrate Halloween, we’re going to be playing Call of Cthulhu using the characters I stated up. I had the liberty of statting up just one more character, who you’ll see as we begin the game. For this kind of game, we’re going to use the ever so trusty CRGE-Kai, but we’ll use the Horror variation of the Mythic Fate Chart. The major twist about this is that Chaos Factor can only go up. Scene Events are also changed. Instead of Odds and Evens to determine scene alterations or interrupts, 1 to 3 are alterations whereas 4 to 9 are interrupts. With this in mind, let’s begin! Continue reading

Doki Doki Curse Club

Erm… Hello.

I know you’re expecting the Voyager to write this but he’s been too busy with his new girlfriend. So he had me write this Actual Play up. M-my name is Enterprise, and I… Um… Well… I like more nicer RPGs. Something that doesn’t require killing. L-like My Little Pony…

Anyway! I was told that I need to play a H-Halloween game… and it’s kinda disturbing. It’s called After School Curse Club a-and… Look, I’m gonna be honest. Halloween scares the crap out of me. Everyone makes creepy videos and talk about creepy stuff. I just want to play something nice and fluffy. But no!

Still… I’m only doing this for the sake of my friend. So… Here goes.

The game’s plot is that the school’s local occult club ended up summoning something called a Yurei into their realm and the aim of the game is to banish her because if you know anything about Japanese horror, you know they’re just one neck rotation away from killing everyone in the room. You do this by going around the room, kinda like Clue.

So, the game can be played with one to four players, so I’m deciding to play with three. The names I’ll go with are Sayori, Yuri, and Natsuki. Next, we need to find out what skills they’re good at. We pick one for each and they get a +2 bonus. So, I’m going with Sayori having Spirit, Natsuki having Will, and Yuri having Investigation.

After marking off the grayed-out markers on the map, we roll to see where our characters are. After rolling, we see Natsuki is in Commons while Sayori and Yuri are in the Gym. And now we roll for Initiative. It seems Natsuki’s going first. Continue reading

Oh No! I’m A Werewolf!

Normally I only do one Halloween game and leave it at that, but I was informed of two Halloween themed games on top of the one I had planned. One of which is the newest game from Penguin Comics: Random Solo Adventure: Halloween II – Oh no! I’m a Werewolf!

Given how small the book is and the fact that it’s a gamebook, expect either a short game, me dissecting the book (and thus spoiling it), or both. As such, if you have any interests in this game, this is your last chance before I dive right in. Continue reading

Bowsette The Beast

Now, before, I had stated that I wouldn’t play The Beast because of how unsettling it was. Well, I took a closer look at the cards in the game and realized there were some pretty safe for work questions that I could tackle. So, I’ll throw caution to the wind and play through The Beast.

For this Beast… I have had quite an idea. Thanks in large part to all these memes that kept floating around, today’s guest will be none other than Bowsette! You can thank various people who posted videos of her for giving me this idea. Let’s begin!

Her smell is akin to brimstone. Her skin, while smooth to the touch, does leave behind an impression of scales. I hide her in my computer. I am attracted by Bowsette’s height, though repulsed by her arrogant personality. And I already know she’s a she so… Yep. Well, that’s Day 1 done.

Not sure how the numbering will go given how I’m skipping all the sex-related questions, but here goes! Continue reading

The Solo RPG Voyages Quarter Quell #3

So, here we are. 75 sessions of Solo RPG Voyages. And we’re finally here. The 3rd Quarter Quell. Alright, what game will I play this time?

The RPG is… Combat Leader!

The Engine is… CRGE-Kai!

And the Drivers are… I Ching and Insta NPCs!

Oh, wow. The last time I played Combat Leader, the entire area was lit on fire… And the last time I used I Ching, it was based around working with the very being that sunk Atlantis. So… What happens when you mix fire and water? Well, let’s find out! Today’s leader is Serov. Continue reading

Omegazone II: City of the Apes

So, I kinda lied. I’m gonna stick to Omegazone for just a little longer before going into Call of Cthulhu. The reason being that I haven’t covered other parts of the Omegazone Deck that I wanted to show you guys. Not only that, but there’s also a supplement to the deck that tells you a little bit more about the lore of Omegazone.

It turns out to not be the Mad Maxian setting that I made it out to be in the first post, rather the opposite. Nature has grown out of control, plant life growing everywhere. Then aliens and radiation took hold, effectively turning the world into the hot mess we’re in. The lack of communications results in the fact that rumors are now truth.

There’s a large, in depth story about how the world became the world we know now and why the game’s called Omegazone. If I were to summarize, aliens known as the Kreen invade Earth. The resulting battle and breaking out of the OmegaForce (think of them as a sort of X-Com task force) caused the world to change, ground zero being L.A., now known as the Omegazone.

That’s the basis we know now.

Instead of resuming our adventures with Dr. Wheeler, I’m instead gonna focus on a new character. A cat-spider hybrid named Spicat, who lived in the Vineland, a city overrun by vines and ruled by gorillas. It’s there that we see Spicat catching and killing a strange panther that, up to this point, had been evading her by teleporting away. It had teleported up to a roof, to which Spicat invokes her Super Sticky Skin. Continue reading

Halloween Ghost Story

Happy Halloween! So, instead of doing something embarrassing like use an Engine to simulate a Jenga tower only to that it falls easier every single roll, I decide to do a gamebook. This one’s entitled Halloween Ghost Story. Like the other two games I played, this also follows the HP + WM system of combat. Alright, big finish, let’s do this.

So, we stand by the grave of an old enemy as we pay our respects to him. I feel like he’ll be the ghost of this game. An old lady then approaches me and gives me an empty warning. I decide to leave… but I am lost. I wander about and attack a ghost.

After a fight that I finally broke out Roll20 and made a macro to better keep track of the fight, I beat him. I then get a knife that adds +1 to my strength. The old lady approaches me again and it turns out she’s a witch. She warns us that we must face a spooky ghost.

I stumble into a zombie and beat him with a bit of difficulty. After more exploring, I end up getting some candy. Eventually I come across a ghost who asks me for some candy. I just so happened to have some and so…

Huh. The game’s over. The ghost goes away and I am able to go back home. I don’t even get a sad ending like I did with the other games, so that’s cool. Okay. Quickest game ever and I didn’t even need to TPK.

By far, this is the best written gamebooks I played of the three. There’s no constant loops with a small chance of getting to the end. This game is very linear with branching paths and different endings. For instance, if I were to eat the candy instead, I’d be eaten by the ghost. If I got the necklace, I’d have to fight a monster with six health, meaning he would almost always have a chance to hit me.

The problem is in its length. The other games, while repetitive, had some length to be had. This game can be played in ten minutes. Despite that, I say check it out.

Well, happy Halloween.

The Cave and the Treasure

It’s the middle of the month, which means another Gamebook. This time, it’s the Cave and the Treasure. Definitely not Halloween themed, but outside of the pinball game, there were exactly three pay-what-you-want games and this is one of them. It follows the same combat rules as Ghost Manor, HP + weapon dictates the threshold you must roll to inflict damage.

No plot here. There’s a cave. There’s also a treasure chest outside the cave. I decide to explore it and pry it open with the dagger, since I feel like this is the same situation as the lady at the manor, someone who might give me a powerup. I pop open the chest, and a snake pops out. I get hit for one HP because I failed to dodge him. Now the first fight begins. Continue reading

Ghost Manor

Halloween is upon us. Which is why I decided to do three solo gamebooks within this month, two of which are dedicated to this hallowed holiday. These gamebooks are made by Penguin Comics, the same people who brought us the pinball game that I liked.

The first of the three is Ghost Manor. Let’s hope our dive into this haunted mansion doesn’t involve Eddie Murphy. Continue reading