RPG Derailment

Hello. You might be wondering what this page is about. Well, I have noticed a running trend in my sessions. Every RPG I play, I tend to mess up something about the setting. This may be either deliberate or accidental. Whatever the case, the RPGs I play may have different themes to the RPGs you play. This will be a list showing you which RPGs I’ve unfortunately derailed.

  • Kantai Collection is a game where you play as cute shipgirls doing cute things while fighting surprisingly cute monsters of the abyss, death and WWII resemblances vary from writer to writer. Kan Colle Knights is a game where I play as a black market dealer with cute shipgirls doing drug trades and arms dealerships while fighting cops and surprisingly cute monsters of the abyss, death and Breaking Bad references vary from session to session.
  • Press Start is a Fate-powered setting where glitches are corrupting video games and it’s up to a bunch of heroes to stop the glitches and save the video game world. I used a bit of the setting and pretty much made it “Mickey Mouse vs. Bugs Bunny up to eleven” and involved Sony and Nintendo into the mix.
  • Attack on Titan is a popular anime/manga series about humanity being on their last legs, fighting the monsters known as Titans, uncovering the secrets that have been held by royalty and cults alike, and trying to make it past today, since death is a high risk. Greek Titan World, surprisingly keeps a bit of this, except that humanity has a slightly better chance. Slightly. Titan Shifters, sadly, won’t be humanity’s salvation this time around. Also, Greek mythology is heavily involved.
  • A Flower for Mara is a sad and depressing RPG about a family grieving for the loss of the titular character and the fallout between family members as it happens. Sadly, I wound up messing with the game and ended up turning it into a paranormal drama about a man who resolves to bring closure to the grieving family, all while the titular character’s mother is a manipulator of ABC Prime proportions.
  • Braunstein is one of the, if not the, first RPGs to be ever made. Made during a time where wargaming was popular, this game was pretty much “play as people other than commanders in this village”. For Solo Gaming Appreciation Month, I wound up causing it to be Game of Thrones meets Dawn of the Planet of the Rats.

And there will be plenty of more RPGs to be derailed if I keep it up.

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