Update on Injawara

I just got Injawara going again, so let’s see what I can do with this game. I’m going to take the game nice and slowly. Each action will have its own paragraph as I carefully plot this out. So right from the start, there’s two challenges needed to be solved. If I’m gonna Sophie’s Choice this, I’m going to tackle the HIV/AIDs problem first.

I get a question regarding Malaria and I answer wrongly… Huh, could have sworn it had decreased in the last few decades. With the maternity problem now on the doom clock, I decide to tackle that next. Thankfully, I managed to answer correctly. Doing so unlocks Education’s special power. I then get another question about HIV/AIDs which I also answer correctly.

Now I must start moving the resources around to solve more challenges. Unfortunately, I fail to answer several questions about education, even using the powerup I got. I use another powerup to buy myself some time to answer more education questions. Thankfully I managed to answer the next question. I then began to answer questions willy-nilly before I failed each one.

So far, I am having fun and learning more about the situation at the same time. I do like a bit of foresight on the developers’ part. One of the questions asks “what is the most deadliest year in terms of international conflicts” and one of the options is 2001. People are bound to pick that without having studied the topic because of the infamous War on Terror kicking off in 2001. And yet, spoilers, it’s not the correct answer. That’s clever.

I soon managed to solve the problems of all eight regions in the game and won with a hefty 227 points. That said, I couldn’t play the game again. But, I managed to play it again and beaten it. That’s all that matters.

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