Tales of the Winter Scout

Alright, so, when we last left off the game, we had our protagonist leave Petey to endure the remaining 10 days until Christmas unintentionally. Now we get into the meat of the game, in which anything goes regarding the game. Scenes will be rolled, lives will be lost, and everything is on the line. For those curious, I will be using this chart to determine scenes. Without further to do, let’s continue the adventure.

Additional recapping, Petey took a scrape during the fight with the German army, so he’s starting off with one health and hope less than the starting amount. We’re also starting on Day Three, since it took two days for the Main Character’s story to unfold. Let’s begin.

Health: 9 Hope: 9 [ ] [ ] [ ] Day Three – Morning

Relief Roll: 2, Petey’s coming home by the end of the day.

Scene Roll: 9 = Survival

Survival Roll: 12 = Success!

It had been a few hours since the raid on the German camp. We won that section, but reinforcements will come. I’ve been told relief will come. Good, I can see my family again. Two people remained at the base, me and the sole survivor of the Delta Ambush Squad. We decided to dig a fox hole and hide out for a while until reinforcements arrive. So we did. And by golly it was the best fox hole we’ve made so far. We hid out for a good chunk of the time.

Because this would put Petey in a hopeful situation (so long as he stays put in the hole, he can live to see tomorrow), I decided not to deduct hope from him.

Health: 10 Hope: 9 [ ] [ ] [ ] Day Three – Afternoon

Scene Roll: 6 (-1) = Volunteer Scene

Survival Chance: 6 = Cold… So Cold…

The officer came by and noticed us hiding out. He told us that we made a good choice of digging a hole at that location, as it was a secret tunnel to the true German base. He commands us to go investigate and dismantle the base once and for all… But the place is so cold… It’s colder underneath… I don’t know if I’ll survive…

Aaaaah crap. I was afraid of this. Volunteer scenes are very risky as there’s a 75% chance you will have a game over.  The chance your character isn’t killed in the process also high. Of the 9 possible Game Overs you have, only one of them results in your character living. The So Cold ending, however, does allow you to play a little bit longer, but when you do relief, you instead do game over. As such, I’m continuing until the end of the day.

Health: 10 Hope: 8 [ ] [ ] [ ] Day Three – Night

Scene Roll: 0 = Violence

Harm?: 2 = Physical Violence

Part of the tunnel was caved in thanks to John’s attack on the base yesterday, though it proved problematic to us, since it made our time getting there that much longer. By that point, the freezing cold nipped at us so hard, my partner got frostbite. He told me to go on without him, but I couldn’t bear to leave him to die, so I carried him. Without any way of defending myself, as my hands clung to him, I notice two German soldiers digging their way out. Seemed they were trapped as well. How they survived is a mystery. One of them noticed me and shot at me. The bullet dug into my shoulder and I let go of my friend.

Well, that’s the end, now the finale.

Health: 9 Hope: 7 [ ] [ ] [ ] Day Three – Midnight


Left with no choice, I fired at the Germans with a pistol, though they had the better weaponry: machine guns. I held them off, ma, I really did, but they were too strong. Too quick. Sometimes I wonder if they too had families to fight for. Might be sad if they did. The tunnel began to cave in once more, trapping me and the Germans, though by that point, I can safely say I wasn’t going to make it…

… Well, that… That was a quick death. This game is fun if you like meat grinders. I particularly enjoyed it myself. I hope you all enjoyed it. Happy Remembrance Day.

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