Let’s Finish Fate Solo

Alright, so I have a laundry list of games I need to finish up before we move on to new RPGs. One of them is Paige’s Fate, a Fate RPG using the setting rules of Save Game yet in a new setting. Long story short: Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny have a war over who’s the better mascot and they’re dragging Nintendo and Sony IPs into the mix. One person is stuck in the middle, a rogue AI named Paige who is on the run, and has decided “screw the war, I fight for myself”. Now he has rallied the troops to take out Zarok from the game Medievil, including a member of Warner Brothers’ group, Foghorn Leghorn.

So, let’s begin.

[Scene Roll: + and +]

Oh snap, Scene Event.

A Positive PC Event, a Negative NPC Event or a Negative Thread Event happens that leads to the destruction or disadvantage of something.

Hm… I’ll roll the dice to see what happens.


A Positive PC Event leads to the destruction or disadvantage of something.

Hm… I think it’s time to unlock my seventh and final Aspect. In Save Game, you get a unique aspect to yourself, which comes in the form of items. You generate this by rolling Fate Dice and using words to form your character. So, let’s begin…


[One Cross]

My aspect is King. I can immediately relate that to his rallying of the people. And so, The Makings of a King is now my Signature Aspect. But how to make that lead to a disadvantage?

Well, let’s start by getting completely lost and being attacked by zombies. Now is the time for me to bring in my parter, Foghorn Leghorn. I’m statting him up in the traditional Press Start fashion so he’ll be weaker than Paige is, but I’ll give him his Signature Aspect from the word go.


[Three Crosses, One Dash]

My words are Angel, Parrot, Violet, and Kaiju. Well, now the question is…

[Q: Is Foghorn a Shifter? Odds: Even. A: No ++]

He isn’t, but he can summon a giant Parrot Angel Kaiju named Airborne Featherthorn. Let’s see our character, shall we?

Foghorn Leghorn's Sheet

Pretty good. Let’s do this! Foghorn has a fair Run as well. Zombies have terrible so I’ll go first, then Foghorn, then the villagers, then the zombies.

[Superb Shooting vs. Terrible Jump. Roll… 7 vs. -3. Success, Ten shifts]

[Q: Does that kill all the zombies? Odds: Good. A: Yes -]

As Paige and Foghorn led the crowd, Paige led them astray as a bunch of zombies attacked them. While Paige shot at them, the villagers began to get Scared.

Well, that’s going to bring up some Flight or Fight approaches. So I guess the scene ends. Zarok’s probably further away now.

[Scene Roll: Cross and Blank. No Scene]

Alright, so we make it to where I last found Zarok.

[Q: Did he get away? Odds: Good. A: -1. No ++]

He’s actually standing there, unaware that an angry mob’s formed to kill him. That can only mean one question.

[Q: Is he guarded? Odds: Great. A: Yes]

And I think I know who he’s protected by…

Paige notices that Zarok is sitting, meditating. Seemed he was preparing his spells. Paige went in, but before he could fire, a grenade came by.

[Testing Jump: 4. Success, two shifts]

Paige jumped out of the way. As he landed, he noticed that Zarok wasn’t alone. A woman with long black hair came onto the scene, gun in hand. He recognized her: The Gunner from Haloid.

Well, new initiative and new character to stat out, which means a Signature Aspect to uphold.


[Two dashes, one Plus.]

My results are Pistol, Ice, and Hamburger. So, it’s a Hamburger-themed Pistol that shoots Ice. A Hambuster.

The Gunner's Sheet

So the order’s now Me, Gunner, Foghorn, the villagers, and Zarok. I’m gonna shoot at the Gunner while he’ll use his Bubble Shield.

[Superb Shooting vs. Good Item. Roll… 6 vs. 4. Success, two shifts]

Even though Save Game doesn’t have Consequences, I’ll give one to the Gunner: Damaged Shields. Now the Gunner will try to shoot. I’ll keep on shooting to deflect some of the bullets.

[Superb Shooting vs. Great Shooting. Roll… 1 vs. 6. Failure, five shifts.]

I’ll exchange Fate Points with myself. I use a Fate Point to compel Hambuster (it’s a pistol, so it’ll have short ammo) and the Gunner will be out of a gun. At the same time, the Gunner will give me a Fate Point for compelling my AI is a Crapshoot aspect, since Paige is programmed in and out of the game Haloid to hunt down and kill the Gunner. Naturally, Paige is gonna fight Gunner and ignore Zarok.

Within a matter of a second, Paige fired his gun at the Gunner. She slammed down and created a shield that blocked several bullets from hitting her. The shield broke away and pierced through some of her armor and damaged her shields. Bullets sprayed across the field as the two shot at each other, none seeming to scratch them.

[Q: Will the Scared aspect get invoked? Odds: Good. A: Yes -]

The villagers begin to run off, so Foghorn had to go and calm the group down.

“Now I say, I say, calm down! You’re gonna be running around like chickens without a head if you run into danger!” There was a pause before Foghorn spoke up. “Now that there I say is a joke, son! A joke!”

[Jolly Jokes Stunt Invoked. Chat Roll: 3. Success, one shift.]

The villagers try to calm down a bit. A few of them fire arrows at Zarok.

[Average Shooting Vs. Fantastic Magic. Roll: 1 vs. 5. Failure, Four Shifts]

But Zarok throws up some shields to block the arrows.

“Pitiful…” Zarok said. He threw up his arms and flung a fireball towards them, some of them being the very arrows they fired.

[Fantastic Magic vs. Good Run. Roll: 5 vs. 4. Success, one shift]

While they ran, the fireball exploded and caught at least one of them on fire.

[Q: Is the person dead? Odds: Good. A: 0. Yes -]

Yes, and this causes the Scared Aspect to be compelled… No amount of jokes will get them to stay.

The group ran off, leaving it between Paige, Foghorn, Zarok, and the Gunner. Paige will try to overwhelm the gunner.

I’m going to freely invoke the Damaged Shields aspect consequence. He’s gonna try and run from me.

[Superb Shooting vs. Good Run. Roll: 5 vs. 4. Success, one shift]

And the Gunner will take a hit. If I remember correctly, that means the gunner has three hits left and Zarok has…

Ah crap. Seven.

Foghorn’s gonna invoke his Signature Aspect and summon Featherthorn. It’s gonna use its Epic sized punch against Zarok.

[Featherthorn’s Epic Punch vs. Zarok’s Fantastic Magic. Roll: 8 vs. 4. Success, four shifts]

Nice, there’s only three health left.

[Q: Does Zarok concede now? Odds: Good. A: Yes -]

Zarok leaves, but not without compelling Paige’s Streak Killed.

Foghorn summoned a giant violet chicken to come over and punch Zarok in the face. Despite putting up magic shields, he was hit pretty hard. He ran off, but not without giving a scathing remark.

“You may have won, but I have the last laugh! Your villagers will be aphetic to my plans!” Zarok said as he teleported away.

Realizing what he meant, the two bolt to the village.

[Q: Will the Gunner interfere? Odds: Good. A: Yes -]

The Gunner fires at Paige.

She invokes the AI is a Crapshoot Aspect to force Paige into fighting her.

“… Foghorn, go. I have to settle the score.” He said. Foghorn nodded and ran off. Paige turned to confront the Gunner.

“And so… the last soldier of Zaplas…” The Gunner readied not her Hambuster, but rather a light saber. “Will die by my hands…”

“I’m no longer a member of Zaplas.” He said.

“No. You’re nothing more than a Fugitive.” She said.

[Superb Shooting vs. Good Run. Roll: 7 vs. 3. Success, four shifts].

Ouch! I say she’s down and out.

The Gunner ran towards him as he simply shot at her feet. To his surprise, the damaged shields helped cripple her severely. She fell onto the ground in pain. Paige walks over to her, gun in hand.

“Go ahead, kill me.” She said. Paige points the gun at her. His finger struggles with the trigger.

Alright, she’s offering me to compel the AI is a Crapshoot trouble. I want that juicy Fate Point so badly… Eh, screw it.

Paige sighs and fires at the Gunner, killing her. He just hoped that she can respawn. In the end, he’s was a fugitive from his game. A nameless NPC aimed at killing the protagonist. He walked over to the village where Foghorn and the others were.

Alright, scene end. New scene.

[Scene Roll: + and Blank. No new twist]

Paige returns to the village, where several defeated people resided. Foghorn looked to Paige and nodded. Paige, for the first time in his life since escaping Haloid, had no idea what to do. He just looked at the village, then to Foghorn.

“Leave them be. They’re not soldiers.” He said.

“I say- I say, I agree with you, boy! They’re not so clear cut for this fight.” Foghorn said. Paige looked at the crowd again. He stepped forward.

“If you don’t wish to fight, then don’t fight. We won’t involve you in this war. I won’t involve you all. You all suffered war. I don’t wish for you to endure that again. But if you want to fight for yourself, then I won’t stop you.”

I’m gonna roll a speech check to see if I can rally people up for a reprise.

[Roll: 2]

DC was Five. I’m gonna invoke the Makings of a King to reroll.

[Roll: 2]

… Okay, screw it, they’re scared.

Paige sees the villagers were scared. He walked away.

“Now boy, now I say, boy, we’ll meet again!” Foghorn Leghorn said.

“Yeah. Hopefully in a less hostile environment.” And with that, Paige leaves.

And that is the end of Fate Solo. What did I think of the game? I like it. Granted, I may need to read up on some of the rules again to refresh my memory and probably play it standalone without any settings to modify the rules, but still it works.

This session taught me just how much I missed the Surprise System in the Quarter Quell. With only a third of a hundred percent chance to get a random scene, it’s hard to get those plot twists that really keep a game going. If there’s one thing I like about the game that I said before, I really liked the Aspects. It’s because of them that I’m considering rereading the book and doing a vanilla session.

Next time, we’ll try to help get people to put down those roses and show Venkman that you don’t need nuclear laser beams to bust ghosts, just letting your emotions out and moving on. That’s right, we’re going to return to A Flower For Mara.

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