Vacation Announcement

This is gonna be an announcement. I’ve said this before, but I am going to be going under a semi-hiatus mode. After I do the fan-voted Quarter Quell and the Solo RPG Appreciation Month, I’ll be going into a full on hiatus. We’re approaching the holidays, and as such, I won’t have time to make a weekly post. Now, starting October is kind of early, you may ask. Indeed it is. See, I’m also taking time off to work on a new edition of the Battle Royale Week in January and also the Valentines Special, which I’ll confirm that it is indeed Bliss Stage.

The Battle Royale Week will be doing a different theme. Snakes on a Plane will be used as the system like before, but instead of comparing Engines, they will examine the Insta-NPCs from Moebius Adventures. That isn’t to say that this will also pit the Engines head to head. Fate Solo, CRGE, Tiny Universal, and the Game Master’s Aid will get their chance to shine in this run through. The fifth Engine will be a mystery.

That isn’t to say that I might not post until the New Year. If I find an easy to play RPG (one of those one-page RPGs like Lasers and Feelings) then I’ll throw together a brief actual play to bridge the gap. Until we meet again, Bon Voyage, gamers!

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