We’re Playing FATEL.

Screw it. I can’t play FATAL. The rules are so broken and crazy that I have no idea why I even thought this was a good idea.

Which is why I’m instead going to be doing FATEL: “Far Away Tales of Epic Legends”. It, obviously, uses the Fate Engine. Now, obviously this means I’ll use Fate Solo, right? Nope! Instead, I’m going to merge that with CRGE-Kai Ni. Not only that, but I’m also fusing a bunch of other Engines like Tiny Universal, Tiny Solitary Soldiers, Oculus, and a plethora of other systems to create the CRGE-Kai Ultrazord. As for Drivers? ALL OF THEM!

We begin our game with having to change our Anakim character into the heroic Orc fighter Mercedes Benzon and the Elf Thief Michael Jord Ang.

Let’s randomly generate our opening scene on a random opening scene generator.

[Roll: 66]

Oh no! Mercedes is tasked with killing his old master, Hatch Sedan! He can’t go through with it… But…

[Deceive Roll: 4]

[Empathy Roll: -1]

Michael convinces him that his master is a bit of a jerk and burnt down his home. Maddened by his betrayal, Mercedes goes on the warpath to kill his master. End scene, Chaos goes up by one, Turmoil goes up by two, Trouble goes up by three, and Cheese goes up to four.

[Scene Roll: + & +]

Scene Event Time!

  • Event Focus: 55 = Close a Thread
  • Event Meaning: 51 & 41 = Overindulge Advice

Turns out he doesn’t need to kill his master because he just overindulged on Michael’s advice and now he’s wanting to instead start from the bottom up to get more experience before defeating his master. So he starts with the younglings.

It was at this point Michael realized he screwed up and so he’ll try to stop him by deceiving him yet again.

[Deceive Roll: 6]

[Empathy Roll: -2]

And he easily believes in the fact that the younglings aren’t worth his time, as they’re training to not be fighters, but rather clerics.

[Q: Does Mercedes believe everything Michael says from now on? Purpose: To Conflict. Odds: 50/50. Strangeness: Positive. Status: Single. A: 1 Triumph and a Queen of Spades]

Yes, but so long as Mercedes doesn’t succeed on his Empathy check. If that is the case, he’ll realize that Michael’s lying. With that done, next scene.

[Scene Roll: × & ÷]

Aaah! I rolled the rarest symbols on the Fate Die! That means not just a scene change but also a game change to! I now need to consult the Soloist’s Genre Generator for this!

[Roll: 6 & 6]

We’ve gone from a high fantasy to an espionage game. Now Michael and Mercedes are agents of the Foundation for Overtly Optimistic Losers Society. There they must help Agent P thwart the evil machinations of Doctor Doofenshmirtz and…

Okay, I think this has gone on long enough.


It was probably obvious from the very beginning, but I had this weird idea that I wanted to play around with that I couldn’t just put it down. Not sure if I should make April Fools a tradition where I play with loonie games, but we’ll see.

Bon Voyage, Gamers!  

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