[SGAM 2015] Let’s Play Braunstein! Part 3 – Chit For Chat

Alright, so this is going to be a brief session. A conversation between five people. Skyla, Drake, the Assassin, the Wolf, and the DJ. How the hell will all this work out? Let’s find out.

  • Wolf’s Conversation Mood: (Obviously he’s pissed at Skyla, so his relationship will be lowered to Hostile): 10 = Withdrawn
  • Wolf’s Bearing: Judgment
  • Wolf’s Focus: Equipment

Wolfe Icon You’re acting pretty out of line right now with that apache attack.

Drake Icon Holy crap! Did you seriously just fire into a crowd of people!?

Skyla Icon Hey, those stupid rats are everywhere now!

v icon Hm… Seems we have a rat infestation here too, it seems.

Sagara Icon What’s this guy on about?

v icon Where I’m from, rats have been infiltrating my city as well.

Sagara Icon And your city is…?

Drake IconSomewhere in Banannia, apparently.

Wolfe Icon That’s beyond the point. The point here is that our general of the air force got pretty reckless with her apache!

Skyla Icon Well, too bad we don’t have a mayor to say whether or not this was illegal.

Wolfe Icon Yes, how unfortunate. Well, it seems that I’ll have to step in then.

Sagara Icon Hey, hey, hey. I’m pretty sure I’m more capable for being the mayor than you. I practically know everyone!

Drake Icon Oh no, if anyone’s taking the spot, it’s gonna be me.

Skyla IconLike hell you are! I saved the mayor’s butt back in the war with Farben.

v icon And now I slip into the dark.

[Q: Do the others see this? A: 5]

Wolfe Icon Oh hell no, you come back here!

{The Wolf pulls him back.}

Drake Icon So… Shall we go to war over who will be the mayor?

Skyla Icon Gladly. I’ll be happy to wipe that smug grin off your face.

{The two go off to war}

Wolfe Icon Hey! Get back here! You still need to pay for your apache attack!

{The Wolf runs off with them}

Sagara IconWell…

[Q: Would the DJ know something with the Assassin? A: 6]

Yes… and

Sagara Icon They seem to be off to the races. Just like you said.

v icon Yes. Have you found out who killed the mayor yet?

Sagara Icon Oh, not only do I know, I have every little detail.

v icon Well, let’s turn it in and make him see justice.

Sagara Icon Afraid it won’t be that simple, considering who’s running the scene right now…

{And with that, the DJ walks off.}

v icon I knew it…

And that’s the end of Part 3. I’m gonna work on Part 4 soon.

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