We Live In Omegazone

Settings in Fate seem to be very easy to make. Every so often, Evil Hat comes out with a free setting book bringing about a new era. Other times, though, some other company will make a setting for it. Today will be the latter, and for Fate’s more… accelerated rules.

Yes, today we’ll look at Fate Accelerated’s game and how it plays in a post-apocalyptic setting on par with Gamma World. Thus, let’s play Omegazone. The setting is shown through cards and this is how you both create characters and get a gist of the setting. However, there’s also a setting book for you. For this game, we’re gonna go without one.

Character creation is pretty easy. It’s akin to Gamma World where we mash up two different things together. In this case, I’m mashing up an Atomic Construct with a Brain in a Jar and a Bio Capacitors mutation. Already, I’ve decided that this man is Dr. Wheeler, a scientist from the World Before who achieved immortality by placing his brain in a jar and putting it in an atomic construct. His high concept is that he’s a Super Smart Scientist, but his Trouble is that his robot is ridiculously aged. His other Aspect is that he has a Historically Accurate Mind.

Of course, I’ll use the Fate Solo Engine to play this game. Our scenario opens up with Wheeler on an active patrol looking for a means to reach a place called the Bibliosphere. There, he finds a place called the 405, a road that can get him to anywhere in the world. Unfortunately, bandits on motorcycles are riding all around the place and patrolling it. The situation aspects are Speed Limit and Noisy Road. There’s two zones as well. Off Road (the grass), Road, and Ramp.

Wheeler is gonna try sneaking by the Cycle Gangs, which is a sneaky approach.

[Approach Check: -2. Since Wheeler is sneaking by a Noisy Road, it gets bumped up to 0.]

Okay, they have a chance to spot me.

[Approach Check: 0. At the same invocation, the Noisy Road is difficult for them, so it’s bumped down to -2]

They’re too busy driving around and Wheeler goes by unnoticed. That’s good and all, but he has to get to the Bibliosphere. He’ll need to think of a way to go around this. When characters are created, they start with three premade stunts depending on the cards they drew. In this case, Wheeler triggers the Construct’s stunt of knowing technology from the World Before, which is once per session.

He knows that motorcycles can run out of gas eventually. He also knows that they can blow up. So, what he can do is line up a shot (with his laser wrist) at one of the tanks and blow it up. He’s already Stealthed, so he can do this easily.

[Approach Check: 2, +2 from the Aspect to modify to a 4.]

Although the gangs are very fast, Wheeler manages to land a shot, causing the bikes to explode. This creates the aspect of Fiery Chaos which Wheeler takes to his advantage.

[Approach Check: 0, +2 from the Fiery Chaos to make a +2]

[Approach Check: -3, -2 from Fiery Chaos]

Perfect! So I sneak past the bikers.

[Q: Does the fire spread? Odds: Good. A: Yes +]

[Surprise?: -2, none.]

So the fire does indeed spread out and thus Wheeler would have to get away from the fire as fast as he could. The scene ends there.

[Scene Roll: 2 Blanks]

Event time.

[Event: Something positive happens to a thread but closes or delays it]

I’m gonna pick Fiery Chaos. Wheeler is far away from the flames now. But now has the problem of walking on the road, since more Cycle Gangs could lurk by. I’m gonna roll a Fate die. If it’s minus, he meets a Cycle Gang. If it’s a blank, he meets no one. If it’s a plus, he meets someone new.

[Roll: -]

Welp, he meets more Cycle Gangs.

[Q: Do they know about the fires? Odds: Great. A: -2, Yes –]

Oh yeah, they know. They’re pissed.

[Surprise?: -3 & -2]

Yep. Welp, time to fight! The bikers decide to run me over with their bikes and I try to roll out of the way.

[Quick vs. Quick Approach: +3 vs. -2. Five Shift Difference]

Crap. Well, I’m taking five points of stress. One of them will be taking a Consequence: Broken Legs. However, because of the Aged Technological Robot trouble, I get compelled (for a Fate Point) that it bumps up to a Moderate Consequence instead of a Mild Consequence. The rest is taken as three stress. However, I decide to blow up their bikes by shooting at them. This is gonna be pretty flashy.

[Flashy vs. Quick approaches: 3 vs. 0. Opposing forces invoked a Boost Aspect, Too Fast for the Robot’s Eye, to get two on their roll. One Shift Difference.]

I end up creating another Fiery Chaos aspect, but this time I’m in the Fiery Chaos and I have to maneuver to get out of the fire.

[Careful Approach: 5 vs the difficulty of 2. Three Shift Difference]

And I manage to do so, escaping yet another barrage of bikers. Scene ends.

[Scene Roll: – and +, no scene twist]

Finally, after making it through the fire and the flames (booo!), Dr. Wheeler managed to get through the middle of the 405. However, by compelling the Broken Legs consequence, some bikers manage to catch up to Dr. Wheeler.

[Q: Are they led by a leader? Odds: 50/50. Roll: No +]

No, but that makes them pretty easy to get away from.

[Surprise?: 4, minor surprise]

Actually, they don’t want to fight. Instead, these are a splinter group who believe the 405 should be without any sort of highwaymen. They’ve heard the commotion from all the fires and found me. Putting two and two together, they realize Wheeler needed to get somewhere and people were in the way. So, they offer to drive me to the Bibliosphere and, if there’s any more bikers in the way, then we can fight them off.

With that, the scene ends.

[Scene Roll: – and -, Scene Event]

[Event: Positive NPC or Positive Thread leading to the creation of an NPC or Thread or the progression of a Thread]

On route to the Bibliosphere, the group managed to pick up a fellow biker, Axe Wheels. Axe leads the rebellion against the other highway gangs and, once she heard the news, is more than willing to help us. We ride towards Bibliosphere where our final battle will await.

[Scene Roll: 0 and -, no Scene Event]

Just before we get off the 405, the leader of the gang arrives. He demands we get off his turf as soon as possible. Luckily, that’s what we were gonna do, but…

[Q: Does Axe Wheels want to fight the leader? Odds: Good. A: -1. Yes -]

So while Axe Wheels knows she wants to take out the leader, she knows that by doing so, she’d be at a disadvantage because she’s Surrounded and Outnumbered. So, she decides that she’ll go hold off the gang while Dr. Wheeler runs off.

[Sneaky + Quick Approach: 2 vs the Difficulty of 2. Invoking the situation of Axe Wheel’s Battle to add 2 to the total. Two Shift Difference]

And Wheeler ends up off of the 405, just another step closer to Bibliosphere. And that is where I’m gonna end this session.

I really like the way the cards are used to create characters. It definitely leads to a fun and creative experience. Well, out with one batch and into another batch. Bon voyage, gamers!

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