Halloween Ghost Story

Happy Halloween! So, instead of doing something embarrassing like use an Engine to simulate a Jenga tower only to that it falls easier every single roll, I decide to do a gamebook. This one’s entitled Halloween Ghost Story. Like the other two games I played, this also follows the HP + WM system of combat. Alright, big finish, let’s do this.

So, we stand by the grave of an old enemy as we pay our respects to him. I feel like he’ll be the ghost of this game. An old lady then approaches me and gives me an empty warning. I decide to leave… but I am lost. I wander about and attack a ghost.

After a fight that I finally broke out Roll20 and made a macro to better keep track of the fight, I beat him. I then get a knife that adds +1 to my strength. The old lady approaches me again and it turns out she’s a witch. She warns us that we must face a spooky ghost.

I stumble into a zombie and beat him with a bit of difficulty. After more exploring, I end up getting some candy. Eventually I come across a ghost who asks me for some candy. I just so happened to have some and so…

Huh. The game’s over. The ghost goes away and I am able to go back home. I don’t even get a sad ending like I did with the other games, so that’s cool. Okay. Quickest game ever and I didn’t even need to TPK.

By far, this is the best written gamebooks I played of the three. There’s no constant loops with a small chance of getting to the end. This game is very linear with branching paths and different endings. For instance, if I were to eat the candy instead, I’d be eaten by the ghost. If I got the necklace, I’d have to fight a monster with six health, meaning he would almost always have a chance to hit me.

The problem is in its length. The other games, while repetitive, had some length to be had. This game can be played in ten minutes. Despite that, I say check it out.

Well, happy Halloween.

2 thoughts on “Halloween Ghost Story

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